Wall Mounted Wine Rack With Glass Holder

Do you happen to be a fan of wine? If you answered positively, you might find this collection of wall mounted wine racks interesting. You can feel free to pick from among different offers so take the time necessary to do it. Do you already know which one it will be?

Industrial rustic modern 8 bottle wall

Industrial Rustic Modern 8 Bottle Wall
A practical solution for smaller kitchens; this wall-mounted rack allows you to store your glassware and wine bottles, at the same time. Designed of hardwood, the unit offers a glassware for 6 wine glasses, and a wine rack for holding up to 8 bottles of wine.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder

Wall-mounted wine rack that provides space for many wine bottles. The upper part of this rack features a glass holder. The whole wooden construction provides good support for wine, glasses and other accessories.

Wall wine rack with glass holder

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 5

Stunning dark cherry stained wall 4

Stunning Dark Cherry Stained Wall
This rack for bottles and glasses constitutes a stylish way to display your collection. Wall mounted, lets you save floor space. It's raw, wooden design shall appeal to rustic or boho fans.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 5

Buffet wine cabinet

Practical, solid and stylish addition to any home decor. This dark brown wooden buffet cabinet includes top shelves. The lower one serves as a wall mounted glass holder. Simple lines are very aesthetic.

Corvallis rustic wall mount wine rack

Corvallis Rustic Wall Mount Wine Rack
A pretty rustic wall-mounted rack crafted of wood stained in warm browns. It has a rectangular top-shelf, thick curved sides and a bottom with slots for hanging 4 goblets. An open niche for 6 bottles has a wide front security rail.

Modern wall mounted wine rack

Rustic weathered grey stained wall

Rustic Weathered Grey Stained Wall
Rather simple rustic style wall-mounted wine rack. Its open body is made of wood with a grey-stained finish. It has a decorated back of chromed metal mesh. It has 3 shelves for lying bottles of wine and 2 racks with holes for stemmed wine glasses.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 6

Wall shelf wine glass holder

A simple contemporary wall-mounted rack for wine bottles and goblets. Its rectilinear body is made of wood finished in black. It has a rectangular top-shelf and a hanger (for 6 goblets with stems) underneath.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 7

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder

2 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack and Glass Holder

2 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack and Glass Holder
Cool contemporary holder for 2 wine bottles and 4 glasses. It has a shape of a guitar made of durable materials and having a finish in brown tones with a sunburst pattern. It's designed for horizontal mounting.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 15

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 3

Wood wall wine bottle holder 1

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 8

Stackable Cube 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Stackable Cube 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Industrial rustic modern 6 bottle wall

Industrial Rustic Modern 6 Bottle Wall
This is when industrial meets modern - this wall mount wine rack offers enough space for your collection and brings the stunning, handmade construction, making it ideal for any home, apartment or condo.

Wine rack and glass holder

Stunning dark cherry stained wall

Stunning Dark Cherry Stained Wall
This wall mounted wine rack includes shelves and decorative Mesh, wine and liquor shelf and cabinet. The wine rack does not need much space, and it can be mounted on the wall with 2 hanging brackets installed on back.

Wood bottle holder

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 8

Modern wine rack wall mount

Metal wine racks wall 1

Simple yet somehow truly appealing visually - this metal wine rack is a perfect idea, since it allows you to display what's most important, which is your sublime wine collection that will speak for itself.

Metal wine racks wall

A clever and functional solution for storing wine bottles. It's a simple, metal construction with racks which will let you store the bottles in a horizontal position. The unit doesn't need much space so it can be a vintage accent of your living room.

In case of emergency break glass wine

A stylish rack that features the best solidity and simple style introduced into the house. The large and solid hooks are suitable for holding wine bottles or drinking glasses. This element doesn't take too much space.

Metal wine racks wall 7

Wine rack made of metal and finished with leaves theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes glasses holders and 4 handles for bottles of wine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder

Practical and very stylish metal wine rack holder with glass holders is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates good liquors. The whole is presented in a stylish and very functional way interestingly managing the space.

Metal wine racks wall 6

The pipe-shaped wine rack made of the welded sheets of metal. Such an industrial decoration could be used in many types of interior. For my point of view it will look great as a decoration on the wall behind the bar - pretty and useful- isn't it?

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 13

Metal wine racks wall

27 bottle epic metal wine rack. Wall mounted label facing black design. Dimensions: 5.25"W x 12.75"Dx 35.75" H. If you're a wine lover this would help you to improve your bottled wine collection.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 9

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 1

Metal wine racks wall mounted

This wall-mounted rack is a practical item with four hangers for coats, bags, backpacks, etc. Upper shelves provide additional storage space. Durable construction of this rack is based on metal and wood.

Wine Rack Reclaimed Wood, Rustic Primitive, Handcrafted

Wine rack reclaimed pallet wood pallet

Wine Rack Reclaimed Pallet Wood Pallet
Another handy DIY solution, this time it’s for a wine rack/ glass holder. A unique look, made from reclaimed pallet wood. Cheap, easy to make and great if you’re looking for that austere, rustic look.

Distressed Weathered Wood Wine Rack Table

An antique console table that features a narrow top and a special rack for wine bottles. It's a stylish piece made of solid wood that features a distressed, weathered finish. It will be an eye-catching accent of your room.

Geometric right triangle 4 bottle wall

Geometric Right Triangle 4 Bottle Wall
Handmade wooden wall mounted wine rack. It provides space for four wine bottles and four glasses. Its geometric shape looks very interesting in any home design. Wooden frame is also resistant to overweight and damage.

Rustic wine rack made with horse shoes

Rustic Wine Rack Made With Horse Shoes
When a wine rack has horse shoes motifs, you might be sure it's downright Western in style. I guess it's a DIY project: the horse shoes apparently were simply attached to an old barn board. Nice country wine rack idea.

Wall mounted wine rack with glass holder 11

Country wine rack 5

Keep your wine glasses safe, secure and beautifully displayed at the same time with some help from this amazing wine glass rack. It will hold up to five or seven pieces, depending on size and offers a rustic aura to your home.

Silver wine rack

Rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of metal with antique finish. Includes 3 handles for storing plates, wine bottles and others needed stuff. Handy accent for each home.

White wall mounted wine rack

Metal wine racks wall 28

This cleverly designed wine rack enchants with its solidness and smooth, fresh design. Its simple, minimalistic shape will enchant all fans of the modern style. The combination of wood and metal constitutes a proven, solid construction.

Felderhoff wall mount wine rack

Felderhoff Wall Mount Wine Rack
Now you can store up to five bottles of wine in a fun and original way with this wine rack. It can transform wine storage into true wall art and offers the natural, wrought iron finish and a strong structure.

Wine rack with glass holders

Wall mounted metal wine rack

Are you a real oenophile? Or a regular wine lover? Either way, you need a place to store your precious bottles.Metal rods as a metal wine rack, fastened to the wall - firmly and steadily,of adequate length, evenly spaced-support your bottles in the right way.