Wall Mounted Trough Sink

For a chic and functional bathroom choose a wall mounted trough sink which is a nice alternative to a double sink. It offers more washing space and comes in a variety of designs from traditional styles to solid natural stone ones.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Wall mounted trough sink

If you are opting for a country bathroom or laundry room, you may want to check this trough sink with double faucet design. It has a size of a smaller bathtub, excellent for handwashing and soaking your laundry.

Double faucet trough sink
Kathleen Barnes

Wall mounted sink for each bathroom according to taste and need. It is fitted with soap dish. Simple form and functional design for each home.

Metal trough sink

A splendid alternative for vintage bathroom with less space to spare. The wall-mounted sink is beautifully accentuated by a black bottom part and streamlined design, holding two stainless steel faucets and a compact shelf for a soap dispenser.

Double trough sink
Jennifer Butler

A simple aesthetic wall-mounted trough sink featuring a rectangularish basin with rounded front corners. It's of white ceramic. It has a quite high backsplash, 1 tap hole and 1 drain hole but has no overflow.

Wall mounted trough sink 1
Jenna Delicata

The beautiful styling of this sink fixed to the wall makes it a unique style. The impressive taps in one large sink are incredibly stylish. Background with interesting wallpaper and paneling creates an old school vibe.

Wall mounted trough sink 2

Modernize the bathroom and bring some simplicity, with this contemporary minimalist sink, with neutral design. It's wall mounted and suitable with gray or beige color palette in the interior.

Small trough sink
Lindsay Hal

This wall mounted utility sink adds a vintage appeal to one's bathroom. Two coloured and two-compartment combines style and practicality. Also available in four- and five-foot lengths.

Vintage wall mount sink
Perez Alexandra

Trough sink designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of high quality ceramics and fitted with soap dish. Perfect solution for large bathrooms according to taste and need.

Wall mounted trough sinks for bathrooms

Very heavy and durable, this rectangle sink is made of concrete and comes with a wall mounted faucet. It's mostly suitable for basement laundry rooms and it keeps its balance thanks to 2 solid wood legs.

Vintage trough sink for sale
Laetitia Zernike

This trough sink with two faucets undergone a considerable change, having its underside repainted from matte black into a grey or silver, which provides it a fresh and happy appeal.

School sinks
Margaret Carter

We all know that the bathroom is a utilitarian space - so this place sometimes needs such a wall mounted trough sink in vintage style. It has a large 1-chamber character, with blue bottom slightly shaded black.In addition, matching towels were hung on strings.

Vintage trough sink
Jenna Delicata

Beautiful rustic sink. Resembles an unpolished stone, which gives it a raw, natural appeal. Combined with wooden bathroom, it makes this bathroom feel like a sauna more than just an ordinary bathroom!

Double sink trough
Tara Robi

This contemporary bathroom owes its awesomeness to the combination of an antique mirror and grey Carrera marble with white walls. Floating, wall mounted, double sink turns the attention from the traditional character of marble, creating a modern item.

Double trough bathroom sink

An interesting sink that will effortlessly add a SPA-like vibe to your bathroom. Just place a couple of white, fluffy towels on the side and there you have it – your own rejuvenation sanctuary, right at your house!

Vintage school sink
Thomson Marisa

The oldschool wall mounted trough sink. I am not a fan of such solution, because it look like taken from the last century. The simplier form is simplier to keep it clean and that's my main priority at home.

Vero Console Bathroom Sink Set
Lopez Erica

Vero Console Bathroom Sink Set
Opt for this utterly beautiful and stylish console bathroom sink set that offers the wall-mounted structure and ensure a significant boost of practical use. It comes with two taps to make it easier to use in shared spaces.

Trough double sink
Thomas Vanessa

My fav bathroom layout... All kept bright and crisp. Contemporary wall sconces and unique faucets add some zest to the white interior. I also appreciate the double wall mounted trough sink - practical.

3 faucet trough sink
Alicia Howard

Being an adorable alternative to double sinks, this one plays a bit with common trends and features two taps in one sink. It is perfectly complemented by two mirrors, which nicely emphasize the original idea.

Trough sink with 2 faucets
Diana Flor

A lovely solution for kitchens, and bathrooms that are in need of a larger sink. This wall-mounted, trough sink has a beautiful light blue finish and streamlined shape, holding 1 chrome stainless steel faucet.

Vintage wall sink
Olivia Smithist

Gathering industrial inspirations for one's bathrooms, the photos here present how marvellous items you can create from metal. The double faucet wall mounted sink will add a cool, industrial vibe to any space.

Vintage trough sink bathroom
Jillian Gon

Cottage in the Swiss mountains, idyll, and rusticity that penetrates the bathroom. However, the star of this space is unbelievable in its elongated shape and form - the wall mounted trough Castiron 4' sink. Traditionally white but high and unique.

Narrow trough sink
Harris Kelly

A nice way to accomodate laundry rooms, and smaller bathrooms. The wall-mounted trough sink boasts of streamlined design and a bit weathered, durable construction, and it comes with a stainless steel faucet.

Vintage wall mount bathroom sink
Lambert Abbey

Wall mounted trough sink which allows you to turn your ordinary bathroom into a SPA-like sanctuary. The white colour is typical for bathrooms and keeps it elegant. Just throw a couple of fluffy white towels and make yourself at home!

Dual faucet trough sink

An extra large mirror like this one will give you an illusion of having a more spacious bathroom. Maintaining a modern feel, the round mirror sits tightly in a steel frame, and can be quite easily mounted on a wall.

Wall mounted trough sink 7
Martinez Marisa

Farmhouse bathroom with white subway tiles on bottom wall, dark honeycomb tiles for flooring and funny doodle print wallpaper on upper part of the walls. Large wall mounted trough sink also draws attention.

Trough double sink bathroom
Emily Pri

Trough style sink displayed on a repurposed vintage wooden desk. Wall mounted faucets were affixed to white subway tiles covered wall, with a no-frame oval mirror that furtherly highlights the raw rustic look.

Wall mounted marble sink
Anderson Marisa

Traditional Bath Photos Small Bathroom Remodels

Antique trough sink

white subway tiles + white trough sink. Wall mount faucets. Vintage 3 panel mirror

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Wall mounted trough sink 8
Liliana Gadjus

Trough Sink Wall Mount Mounted

Wall mounted trough sink
Vanessa Diaz

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Wall mounted trough sink 6
Cassandra Pric

Consider an oversize double sink for your shared bath! | Photo: Thibault Jeanson |

Wall mounted trough sink
Abbey Kowalski

... this wall- mounted vintage trough sink with a step stool underneath

Wall mounted trough sink 1

... Stone Sink, Trough Sink, Minimal, Wall Mounted Faucet, Bath Fixtures

A feature wall of tile around sink area cool idea
Allen Jasmine

a feature wall of tile around sink area?? cool idea... love the sink and other choices here.

Double trough sinks for bathrooms
Laetitia Kloss

Beautiful contemporary bathroom. Travertine wood-grain tile, mosaic wall, floating trough sink, wall mount faucets

Double trough sink bathroom

A Beautiful bathroom is the dream of all of us, and the melting of the wall-mounted sink from the cabinets is a perfect combination. The modern and traditional solution in one beautiful arrangement. Dark vanity wood is fantastic.

Wall mounted trough sink 7
Carter Julia

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Double trough sink vanity

green vanity with double trough sink | Young House Love #green

White subway tiles
Roberts Isabelle

White Subway Tiles

Blue master bath design with smokey blue walls paired with
Wright Stacy

Blue master bath design with smokey blue walls paired with blue ...

Trendy white vintage trough sink with stainless faucet and floral
Craven Rachel

Trendy White Vintage Trough Sink With Stainless Faucet And Floral Wall ...

House of turquoise southern tides tybee island georgia part 2
Carmen Milani

House of Turquoise: Southern Tides - Tybee Island, Georgia - Part 2, trough sink, black and white floor tile

Love the sinks exposed plumbing horizontal lines make the space

Love the sinks, exposed plumbing, horizontal lines make the space feel wider, the storage lockers behind... good idea to make up the storage lost without bathroom cabinets... but could get rusty? Replace with wood? Feel sa little too... beach-house than c

Vero Bathroom Sink

Vero Bathroom Sink
Contemporary wall mount bathroom sink, made of ceramic, consisting of a single rectangular bowl with elegant white finish. It has a pre-punched faucet hole, overflow and tap platform. Faucet is not included.

Stainless steel wash trough

Stainless Steel Wash Trough

Bathroom white base with a soft touch aesop products
Tara Zucker

Bathroom | White base with a soft touch | Aesop products

Trough sinks

Trough sinks

281 wall mounted bucket sink
Bianca Noorda

281 Wall Mounted Bucket Sink

Trough sink 1
Sara Nels

Trough sink