Wall Mounted Display Shelves

All those who have been searching for wall mounted display shelves, will probably find something for themselves here. This collection presents various designs, shapes and colours of such shelves so nobody should complain about the choice. Check it yourself if you still don’t believe it, and feel free to get inspired.

Wall mounted display shelves 1

Display shelves suitable for wall mounting. These small shelves provide space for small-sized decorations, photos, etc. Durable wooden construction is finished in neutral white color, so it matches any interior design.

Wall mounted display shelves 19

These wooden shelves create incredible cozy atmosphere.Maybe it is thanks to a warm shade of oak wood, maybe because of different length. 2 short and 2 long one.Are a great chance to expose items in your living room, or your shop. Construction is made of iron.

Wall display shelves for collectibles

Black bathroom furniture 18

Stunning dark cherry stained wall 3

Stunning Dark Cherry Stained Wall
Stunning wine shelves, made of hardwood, colored with classic dark cherry color. It has three shelves for your favorite wine bottles. Specially made with a small lip on the front.Additionally, you can hang 8 glasses and use its other capabilities.

Wall mounted display shelves 2

Wall mounted glass shelving unit

White wall mount shelves 2

Plywood wall shelves

Wall mounted display shelves 11

Wall mounted display shelves 4

White wall mount shelves

Retail wall fixture

Retail Wall Fixture
These display shelves are wall mounted and construct of solid wood. The industrial and rustic design fits perfectly to the brick wall, just like this one. They add enough display space for your books and favorite accent pieces.

Wall mount display shelf

A wonderful shelf that every sportsperson will find useful. It's a simple, wooden construction with plenty of hooks where you can nicely hang all of your medals. The top of it features an extra shelf to display even more of your awards.

24 black wall mount sunglasses display shelf eyeglass rack storage

24 Black Wall Mount Sunglasses Display Shelf Eyeglass Rack Storage Organizer
Have you ever wondered where to keep your sunglasses? Try to get yourself this black wall mounted sunglasses display shelf. It's a really clever way of keeping sunglasses. Made from wood, it's really light and suits every interior.

Sunglasses shelf

In a small or large enterprise, or office or public space it may be useful - a wall mount display for brochures, leaflets and other promotional stuff. Clearly visible thanks to the glass panels of the shelf, whose back base is made of light alder wood.

Wall mounted shelving

Wall mounted display shelves 13

Wall mount display shelf 2

These sleek shelves offer the styled and mounted literature dispenser and are just perfect for having all the magazines and books visible, while the glass front makes it easier to display all of your favorite positions.

Sunglass holder for wall

Durable wooden display shelf finished in black color. This wall-mounted element provides plenty of space for CDs, DVDs and other multimedia or decorations. Neutral color and simple lines look good in any interior design.

Wall mount display shelf 1

If you simply don't have enough space to conveniently organize your shoe collection then maybe this wall mount shoe storage will be a nice option, allowing you to reorganize your closet and keep everything in check.

BLUETTEK Classic Black Wall Mount Jewelry Holder, Jewelry Stand Shelf for Earrings / Necklaces / Brecelets

Now being organized can be a pure pleasure. 10 hooks of this unique wall mount jewelry holder - bracelet hooks and ring-shaped rings are made of metal and painted black to create a swirling composition.

White wall mount shelves

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Industrial decorative shelves made of oak and strong black metal - this is a great solution for a teenager's playroom. Metallic pipes, perfectly match the rebellious soul, young music - hence the hooks on the guitar.

Wall mounted display shelves collectibles

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Heaps of photos on display. No holes in walls sound cool? These beautiful whitish wall mounted decorative shelves rock! You could use shelves for other items too, not just photos. A half length version of this'd be ace!

Ashland 16" Display Shelf

Ashland 16" Display Shelf

Display shelves wall 1

Wall mounted shelves in the shape of books. Ideal for display decorations or storing needed stuff. Great addition to the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Wall mounted display shelves 17

Decorative ledge

Open shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Great for display photo frames or decorations.

Wall mounted display shelves 3

White wall mount shelves

A nice wall decoration that also plays a functional role. It includes plenty of space for books, decorations, etc. Its white color will be great in any type of decor. This application is good for home libraries.

Wooden display shelves

Display shelves wall

This fantastic display shelves wall is a good solution for all tiny spaces, where every meter counts. It takes considerably less space than a traditional bookcase, offering wide storage area for your favorite books or albums.

Wooden display shelves

Arianna display shelf white contemporary display and wall shelves

Arianna Display Shelf White Contemporary Display And Wall Shelves
I needed a sleek geometric shelving unit to match my contemporary styled living room. I stumbled upon these display cubes. Decorative cubic display compartments provide a wide range of opportunities to show souvenirs off. Crisp white finish emphasizes the modern feel.

Cool shadow boxes

A simple, but attractive stylization that decorates empty walls. This frame serves as a storage or display shelf for many decorations. Its wooden construction in a white color also plays a decorative role.

Tv floor stand mount

This is a product that brings the elegance to the living room. A professionally crafted TV stand is a product made of MDF and composite wood, so the whole construction is very solid, stable and safe for the equipment.

Small wall curio cabinet

Jewelry wall storage

Shelf designed for mounting on the wall. Includes hooks and rectangular top. Ideal for storing books or display decorations. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Wall mounted display shelves 5

Wall mounted decorative shelves 1

Do-it-yourself idea is nice! Especially when you wanna create your new wall shelves! This fantastic wall mounted decorative shelves are super easy to do it yourself! It can be either used as your new display spot, or as a place for books.

White tv wall mount 1

Display shelves wall 3

Wall mounted shelf for storing books, display decorations and more. It is made of wood with rustic finish. It has screw holes for easy assembly. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Space wall decal

Book shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for storing books, magazines and more. Neutral and functional design for each place as needed.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 2

A cozy and welcoming arrangement of a living room with a comfy sofa in a contemporary design and a small ottoman that serves as a coffee table. The room features also simple floating shelves that act as a display area.

Hanging display shelves 1

If I knew anyone that collects cups, I'd absolutely recommend this storage solution to him or her. White shelving unit (wall hanging) has multiple cubic compartments, each single one showing off another cup!

Display shelves wall 4

These hanging display shelves make for a nice choice for your kids' room or even the entryway, providing a simply great place to organize your shoes or display some decorative items, while the pastel colors of the finish make them look adorable.

Rustic kitchen pantry

This amazing kitchen storage will make for a nice addition to any decor that is in need of a rustic boost of charm and would provide a stunning amount of space for your spices and food containers.