Wall Mounted Decorative Shelves

Shelves can be useful in various situations. Now you can also see that they can also look well – the arrangements that you can have a look at below, differ when it comes to different features but they are all innovative and elegant. Take a look at all of them and decide which one is fine for you.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 1

Do-it-yourself idea is nice! Especially when you wanna create your new wall shelves! This fantastic wall mounted decorative shelves are super easy to do it yourself! It can be either used as your new display spot, or as a place for books.

Reclaimed scaffolding boards and steel 1

Reclaimed Scaffolding Boards And Steel
Wall-mounted decorative shelves are an excellent combination of functionality and attractive appearance. Robust wooden shelves based on a solid steel base fascinate the details. Great place for your favorite books.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

A charming, DIY shelving unit in a minimalist design. It features several dark, wooden planks and metal posts mounted to a wall. It will accommodate a lot of books or decorations and with an old-fashioned chest it gives the room a nice, rustic flair.

Scaffolding boards and dark steel pipe

Scaffolding Boards And Dark Steel Pipe
Need an industrial accent piece and display zone? We suggest you this wall mounted and floor standing bookcase. It features the scaffolding boards and dark steel pipe construction with industrial design.

Wall mounted glass shelving unit

Bermondsey Stepped 6 Cubby Decorative Wall Shelf

Bermondsey Stepped 6 Cubby Decorative Wall Shelf
A decorative wall shelf with six cubbies to make sure you get to fit all of your books or magazines or even some decorations. while the simple design allows for a nice accent to the interior and an elegant one.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Here we have all known furniture from a popular Scandinavian store. In essence, it is a free-standing white shelf that can have many functions. As it turns out, you can also turn it into a hanging wall mounted bookcase. Just need a little creativity.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 1

Wall mounted decorative shelves

This flat screen TV is very big, but it found its decent place in a contemporary shelving unit. Multiple floating shelves surround the TV in the centre. There's a neat media storage cabinet under the TV. Brown is the dominating hue here.

Small wall mounted bookshelf

Looking for additional storage in your house? Install some wall mounted shelves! These here are decorative and beautiful. Metal frame together with the wooden construction of shelves themselves ensures stability.

Wall mounted bookshelves for kids

If you need some extra storage for your kid's books you would love this solution. Wall mounted bookshelves are easy to install and don't take too much space. Solid wooden construction painted on white color looks great and suits any room.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Rustic wood wall shelves wood rustic wall mount shelves furniture

Floating circle wall mounted concealed mounting shelf storage display

Wall mounted decorative shelves 4

Wall mounted decorative shelves 5

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Small wall curio cabinet

This incredibly original bookshelf is a great piece of interior design. The beautiful frame of the shelves adds a whole refined style, and at the same time presents itself exceptionally. Practical shelves are perfect for storing books and other trinkets.

Wall shelves with drawers

A set of four, floating bookshelves that can be easily mounted to a wall. They feature a universal and timeless design and color, thus, they will suit almost every room. You can put books there, but it might also be a nice display area.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Diy wall mounted nightstand

Take some old wooden boards and metal brackets and combine these two to make a brand new rustic creation of DIY shelves. Though simple, they prove to be very decorous, especially in industrial interiors.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 1

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Industrial decorative shelves made of oak and strong black metal - this is a great solution for a teenager's playroom. Metallic pipes, perfectly match the rebellious soul, young music - hence the hooks on the guitar.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Conceal Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

Conceal Floating Wall Mounted Shelf
Great shelf to make impression on your friend and guests. Metal shelf of floating type, perfect for books: slide one cover in a smart catch and then put other (preferably smaller) books on top of it.

Wall mounted nightstand diy

Corner shelf in modern style. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for display decorations or storing small items. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Wall mounted bookshelves for kids 1

A nice way to accommodate kids' rooms with something functional and beautiful. Those capacious bookshelves are crafted of sturdy wood in a white finish, offering plenty of space for books, magazines, comics, etc.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 2

A cozy and welcoming arrangement of a living room with a comfy sofa in a contemporary design and a small ottoman that serves as a coffee table. The room features also simple floating shelves that act as a display area.

Assa Design Decorative Shelf Kit, One Wall Mounted Bamboo Shelf with Vertical Mounting Brackets, Bamboo

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Heaps of photos on display. No holes in walls sound cool? These beautiful whitish wall mounted decorative shelves rock! You could use shelves for other items too, not just photos. A half length version of this'd be ace!

Stunning dark cherry stained wall 3

Stunning Dark Cherry Stained Wall
Stunning wine shelves, made of hardwood, colored with classic dark cherry color. It has three shelves for your favorite wine bottles. Specially made with a small lip on the front.Additionally, you can hang 8 glasses and use its other capabilities.

Rustic weathered grey stained wall

Rustic Weathered Grey Stained Wall
Rather simple rustic style wall-mounted wine rack. Its open body is made of wood with a grey-stained finish. It has a decorated back of chromed metal mesh. It has 3 shelves for lying bottles of wine and 2 racks with holes for stemmed wine glasses.

Wooden wall mounted bookshelves

Lovely and clever storage solutions for an entry hall. They include a rack for coats made of an old, wooden plank with a distressed finish and open shelves created from old trunks. Filled with storage baskets, they are a nice accent of the room.

Kids wall mounted bookshelf

An instruction on how to construct white shelves with crown molding for books and magazines in kid's room. Narrow white boards prevent books from falling. 3 to 4 books can be stacked deep, one behind another.

Wall mounted wine rack free shipping

Wall Mounted Wine Rack Free Shipping
Open shelf designed for wall mounting. It is completely made of wood. Ideal as wine rack, storing books or display decorations. Neutral design for each place as needed.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Wall mounted corner shelf retro 1

Wall Mounted Corner Shelf Retro
A geaometric design of this shelf makes it a perfect addition for a living room's corner. It's wall mounted and made of natural-finished wood. Features 4 square shelves (8'' x 8'') for decorated them with your knick-knacks.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Wall mounted bookshelves

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White wall mount shelves

Wall mounted display shelves 2

Simple and narrow floating shelves which are just perfect for displaying pictures or photos. Black, wooden shelves ideally match black frames of the photogaphs. It's a much more functional idea than hooks as you don't need to ruin the walls.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 1

DanyaB Home Decorative Accessories Set of 2 Reversed Criss Cross Black Shelves

New horseshoe wall mount floating chain shelves rustic western decor

New Horseshoe Wall Mount Floating Chain Shelves Rustic Western Decor Metal Art
This horseshoe wall mounted floating shelves will enchant all enthusiasts of rustic design. It evokes associations with saloons and western style. A recommended position for all, who appreciate handmade products.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 3

How to make a modern industrial diy mounted shelving unit

Front facing bookshelf ikea