Wall Mirror With Jewelry Storage

Say no to tangled necklaces and don’t ever wonder where all the odd earrings that lost their better halves go to! As a sworn jewelry lover and organization freak I am telling you – there’s no better invention in the fashion and beauty department than a wall mirror with jewelry storage. With multiple notches, hooks and divided trays, it will be a sleek, space-saving and super functional addition to your bedroom.

Wall mirror with jewelry storage

A practical solution for larger bedrooms, this jewelry storage comes with a large door that reveals a functional inside with black velvet backing. The storage is accommodated with numerous natural-wood shelves for displaying your precious blings in a proper way.

Hidden jewelry storage mirror

Wall mount mirror with jewelry holder

Wall Mount Mirror With Jewelry Holder
A high quality, multi-functional piece of furniture that provides a storage space and decorates indoors. It is a large mirror with a jewlery storage. This wall-mounted product is made of MDF, metal and mirror glass.

Wall mirror with jewelry storage

Easy to install and practical in its usage, this wall-mount cabinet comes with a front door equipped with a mirror panel. Designed of sturdy wood, the cabinet features a well-organized inside that conceals 6 shelves.

Mirror with storage

A large jewelry with mirror for elegant homes, that ensures long-lasting usage and functional inside. The mirror is embedded in the front door that's made of espresso-finished hardwood, just like the rest of the frame.

Fremont residence traditional closet minneapolis

Fremont Residence Traditional Closet Minneapolis
This wardrobe offers a safe hide storage closed within an accessory closet. It's a nice spot to hide jewelry away and to organize it neatly. The doors are mounted on hinges and there's a handy mirror too.

Mirror with shelves behind

Mirror with built in jewelry storage

Wall mirror with jewelry storage

A perfect way for organizing jewelry. This wall mirror with jewelry storage is based on durable wooden construction. Spacious compartments provide plenty of space for different elements of jewelry. A mirror is functional and decorative.

Full length mirror with jewelry storage

Wall mirror that features a solid construction and simple, stylish design is also an element that provides storage space for jewelry. This simple, rectangular construction with white frame matches any interior design.

Free standing full length mirror with jewelry storage inside

Full length mirror with storage on the inside

A charming jewelry box that you can easily mount to a wall. It features a clever construction in shape of a mirror with shelves on the sides you just pull forward. They are equipped in special racks for necklaces and earrings.

Mirror jewelry storage

The transition to the chamber of secrets - you too can have them, by the occasion it can also be your mirror. Stylized for an antique, greek wall mirror with jewelry storage will move your entire home with uniqueness of sand color, corinthian carvings.

Wall mount white jewelry mirror 2

Wall Mount White Jewelry Mirror
When closed, this wall mounted jewelry box serves as an ordinary full length wall mirror. After opening the white case, the box reveals its content: multiple racks for necklaces and earrings, all exposed neatly on black fabric.

Wall mirror with storage

Diy jewelry armoire

This gorgeous floor mirror is a jewel in the arrangement of traditional interior. Wall mirror with jewelry storage:has richly craved, fluted pilasters and beautiful shade of cherry wood.It feels like it's not just a mirror, but another elegant door.

Floor mirror with jewelry storage

The captivating design of this wall mirror with jewelry storage is an interesting combination that blends the décor with functionality and style. The whole will hold many trinkets and is very solid.

Rhapsody Floor Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Rhapsody Floor Jewelry Armoire with Mirror
This awesome antique style armoire with mirror will amaze every fan of original and classical solutions. Don't hesitate, check it out and enjoy the extraordinary design together with a dose of comfort.

Full length mirror with jewelry storage inside

A creative way for having a practical jewelry storage on a bedroom wall. This fine addition comes with a set of steel jewelry hooks that you mount on a wall. The hooks will be covered by a large rectangle mirror with a white-finished wood frame, neatly hiding all the hooks.

Diy jewelry cabinet

Jewellry storage mirror

Mirror with jewelry storage

Are you looking for a jewelry storage cabinet for your apartment? We've got something interesting for you. This one features the built-in wall system, white color and plenty of shelves and hooks for necklaces, earrings and more.

Mirror jewelry holder

Jewelry furniture storage 3

A unique example of antique design (around 1880). This octagonal rotating cabinet can be a fantastic spot to store your jewellery. In the past, these wardrobes were used in hardware stores to sort bolts and screws. Features original porcelain knobs.

Mirror hidden jewelry storage

Full length wall mirror with jewelry storage inside 2

Jewelry furniture storage 5

An aesthetic practical traditional jewellery organiser made of wooden materials finished in white outside and in natural tones inside. It's equipped with lots of smaller and bigger shape-varied compartments.

Jewelry furniture storage 4

Jewelry cabinet designed for commercial use. It is made of wood and glass. It consists of a lot of compartments for storing all kinds of jewelry. Simple form and elegant design.

Wall mirror jewelry storage

ArtBin 4-Compartment Tarnish Inhibitor Large Box, Translucent Clear

Useful rectangular box with a lid intended for storage non-ferrous metals though other small things can be stored, too. Made of durable molded metal with a protective white layer. Practical, with 4 fixed compartments and 15 removable dividers.

Provence wall mount jewelry armoire with mirror jewelry organization storage

A piece of furniture that has got functional and decorative character. It is a jewelry box that offers plenty of space in its large drawers. Its wooden construction is very solid and it protects stored items from negative factors.

Mirrors with jewelry storage

Hidden jewelry box

Solid wooden wall storage cabinet for bathroom use. This element of furniture features a straight, rectangular shape and it provides shelves for cosmetics, toilet paper and many other useful bathroom items.

Jewelry storage mirror

Beautiful mirror with jewellery storage hidden behind it. We always say we love solutions that value space, so we love this mirror as well. Luxurious, shiny frameworks great in “glam” houses, as well as luxurious mansions.

Wall mount jewelry armoire jewelry organizer mirror jewelry box

Ellie Wall Mount Jewelry Box

Ellie Wall Mount Jewelry Box
A jewelry mirror combined with a storage box - great to immediately add up something trendy to an interior ambiance and to organize the jewelry in a feasible way. It is equipped with useful magnetic door closure.

Jewelry wall mirror

Body mirror with storage

Practical contemporary open organizer for jewellery and toiletries. It has a rectangular dark metal frame, an oval mirror and hooks on top and bottom edges. Both a mirror and 2 shelves with meshy backs have decorative scrollwork. It is wall-mounted.

Wall mirror storage

Mirrors with shelves

A pretty practical traditional wall mirror featuring a tall wide rectangular frame crafted of wooden planks with a bit aged natural finish. It's equipped with a hinged door (with a black vertical metal handle) and several inner shelves.

Floor mirror with hidden jewelry storage

Wall mounted jewelry box with mirror 2

A fantastic idea that every woman will just love. It's an elegant, long mirror with a black frame and a jewlery holder hidden inside. It features special racks for necklaces and earrings and a small mirror.

Birchfield Wall Mount Jewelry Box

Birchfield Wall Mount Jewelry Box
An elegant contemporary wall jewellery box featuring a door mirrored with bevelled glass and having an additional round mirror at the top. Both mirrors have frames of mirror glass tiles. This rectangular box is equipped with shelves and hooks.

Jewelry armoire modern 23

Full mirror with jewelry storage

Diy cheaper made with a medicine cabinet i could find

Diy over the door jewelry organizer

Full body mirror with jewelry box