Wall Lamp Cord Covers

Cords are not the nicest of sights around the house. Fortunately there are ways to cover them and here they are. Check out the collection of wall lamp cord covers - you'll be stunned with the ideas and products. Browse below to find out more.

Cord cover ideas

When you mount a lamp to the wall, a cord is often a problem as it usually looks unattracive running along the wall. You can quickly hide it thanks to this simple cord cover that can match the color of the wall.

Lamp cord covers silk

Offering the walnut or ash finish this wall sconce will become a finest choice for your interior, sporting the handmade design of the highest durability and quality, while the piece is just perfect for any hallway.

Wall lamp cord covers 1

This practical element is suitable for use with wall-mounted lamps. It can be used as a cord cover. This element is made of metal with antique brass finish, so it increases overall aesthetic value of a lamp.

Wall mounted lamp with cord

Wall mounted lamp that is suitable for bedroom applications. This reading lamp features a durable metal cord cover in attractive gold finish just like the rest of this construction. Its arm is adjustable according to specific requirements.

Wall lamp cord covers 27

Pendant light cord cover

Errol Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Errol Swing Arm Wall Lamp
This practical and very tasteful wall lamp has a practical movable handle Someone can set it according to your needs. Well made and durable at the same time gives a warm and pleasant light.

Pendant light wire cover

To deal with the exposed switch i decided to hang

Wall lamp cord covers 6

Bronze finish metal cord cover

Wall lamp cord covers 4

Wall lamp cord covers

Cord cover wall

Cord covers wall

This multi-functional decoration is made of wool painted on a lot of different colors. It can be used as a drapery to hanging on the wall or as a carpet. It will plays its role perfectly especially in cosy bedroom.

Wall lamp cord cover

Wall lamp cord covers 2

Silk Decorative Electrical Cord Cover

Silk Decorative Electrical Cord Cover
This type of product is a high quality element that plays a functional and decorative role. It is a cover designed for use with electrical cords. It is made of silk material that is durable and very attractive.

Wall lamp cord covers 17

Wall lamp cord covers 20

From my front porch to yours living room changes a

Wall lamp cord covers 10

2 pivoting swing arm pin up lamp with cord cover

Pendant cord cover

Wall lamp cord covers 13

Wall lamp cord covers 28

Cloth covered lamp cord

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home with an unusual, antique detail, take a look at this elegant lamp cord replacement covered with bakelite round plug, made in an elegant, dark brown color.

Wall lamp cord covers 12

Vintage lamp wire

If you afraid, that you pet or child will damagage wire, you should buy solid cover, which will protect this cable. This black plaitining cover made of nylon cloth will be perfect! It is very durable and looks good.

Bronze twisted 3 wire cloth covered cord 18ga vintage lamp

Bronze Twisted 3 Wire Cloth Covered Cord 18ga Vintage Lamp Antique Lights Rayon
Being a perfect addition to any lamp or small appliance such as fans and radios, this fabric covered electrical wire will smoothly replicate the characteristic vintage charm of the industrial age. It measures overall 6.5mm, or about 1/4".

Wall lamp cord covers 22

Rayon lamp cord 11

Any passionates of antique lamps here? A kerosene lamp with rayon cord isn't the most partical type of lighting in today's world, but vintage design enthusiasts still use similar lamps for decoration purposes.

Wall lamp cord covers 25

Wall lamp cord covers 15

Just cut to size, strip, and connect this cord cover to your wall lamp. This example is not boring at all, this makes the lamp a more fun and exciting dimension. It has rainbow colors, with very vibrant saturation. They blend well with the yellow lampshade.

David Easton Meilleur Swing Arm Wall Lamp

David Easton Meilleur Swing Arm Wall Lamp
It is a classic and elegant wall lamp that is perfect for stylish bedroom, living room and dining room. It has got a polished nickel finish over metal and white linen shade. It adds beauty to any home.

Wall lamp cord covers 9

Arch Large Swing arm Pin up Lamp

Home Office Double Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Home Office Double Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Double swing arm with wall mount. Additionally, it has simple design as well as classic black finish and white shades. It can accommodate two three-way incandescent bulbs, which are not included in the set.

Wall lamp cord covers 7

Blue electrical cord cool accessory to wall lamps instead of

Dainolite lighting dguw224 modern plug in wall sconce modern wall

Zutano Elephants Lamp Base and Shade

Wall lamp cord covers 8

Piece 30 long antique brass cord cover

Style lighting all products wall lamps nickel lamp cord covers

Wall lamp cord covers 11

Wall lamp cord covers 14

Modern solid brass swing arm wall sconce 3 way lamp

Wall lamp cord covers 16

White swing arm wall lamp with drum shade and cord