Wall Hugger Recliners

You'll never feel too comfortable in one of the hugger recliners below. Designed with wide squashy seats, padded arm rests and gravity operated reclining mechanism. Check the upholstery and designs below to choose the perfect one for you home.

Madison Walker Interior Design Expert
Wall hugger recliners 1
Leather wall hugger recliner

This wall hugger recliner will add a soft touch to the space, literally and figuratively. It enchants with its warm and cosy appeal, resulting from the use of a red and beige checkered pattern.

Wall hugger recliner 4
Alexandra Morr

A comfortable and space-saving wall hugger with smoothly-working reclining mechanism. Includes leather upholstery, nail head trim, rolled arms, a soft seat cushion and over-padded back.

Wall away recliners sale

Double seated, this wall hugger recliner delights with its functional design, providing a good leisure spot for you and your companion. It features two convenient cup holders.

Leather wall hugger recliners
Cynthia King

If you need a good support for your back, that is supporting you every day, and something stylish to your apartment - here you have a wall hugger recliner in shades of red and faux leather upholstery. It features also folding footstool.

What is a wall recliner
Alexis Milani

Offered in hundreds of leather finishes, featuring a semi-attached seat back and a high resilient foam seat. It stands on a solid pedestal base. An ideal to add your living room a smooth, warm appeal.

Wall recliners

Comfortable and beautiful recliner. Not only healthy for your back and comfortable to sleep in, but also stylish because of the leather upholstery. Easy to operate, it’s a perfect chair for people with back problems and of older age.

Wall hugger recliners 2

Add comfort, style, beauty and unique look to your apartment, and choose this recliner. It features the skirt, patterned wall hugger and cushioned seat. It fits to any style and decor.

Katherine Jone

A very nice recliner chair that supports different, comfortable postures. Its mechanism works in a very reliable way. The seat assures softness and it is supported by a comfortable, relaxing backrest and solid arms.

Swivel wall hugger recliner

Lazy lounger swivel armchair covered with the cappuccino leather. Equipped with the additional cooling pad, what allows you to work a long hours sitting on it with comfort, without any danger for your laptop.

Chairs that recline paloma wall hugger recliner by bradington young
Jenkins Katie
Small wall hugger recliners sale
Bianca Weberable

Make sure that you can simply always relax in your household by opting for this gorgeous and utterly comfortable lounger/recliner. It comes with the white finish of the high quality leather upholstery and can move to various positions for more functionality.

Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Recliner combines both Comfort and Space Saving to provide the Ultimate Sofa replacement. Perfect for a small Dining room or even a RV
Lauren Martinezify

Wall hugger recliner perfect for smaller spaces, because it only needs four inches of clearance from the wall to recline. It features sturdy hardwood construction, sinuous spring seating, full chaise pad and cushions with high density foam.

Catnapper Templeton Power Wall-Hugger Recliner - Hershey

It is a wall-hugger recliner that has got a padded seat for enhanced comfort of use. It is great for elegant living room and family room area. You will be impressed how comfortable and nicely finished this product is.

Recliner power wall hugger recliner art van furniture
Jenna Edward
CATNAPPER 647114264639 Peyton Musk Power Wall Hugger Recliner
Ashley Mar

Big boy wall hugging recliner with lever operated reclining mechanism, perfect to take a nap or cuddle in with a book. Generous overstuffed backrest and armrests create a cozy and comfy feel. The green toned upolstery resembles velvet.

Wall hugger recliners on sale
Emily Mitchell

Classic wall hugger recliner. Swivel construction with rocking option. Fitting perfectly in tight spaces (requires only 2 inches clearance behind to fully recline). Quality USA make, produced by Amish craftsmen.

Wall hugger recliner in oak
Alexis Robe
Wall hugger recliners 4
Cintia Kowalski

This wall hugger recliner constitutes a perfect way to add your interiors a classic touch of elegance. Smoothly built-in wooden boards, serving the role of tray tables, the leather seating offers various regulation and adjustment mechanisms.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner in Black Renu Leather
Michele Turn

It is a power wall hugger recliner that has got a black renu leather upholstery, elegant design and very comfortable seat. This product is nicely finished, high quality and perfect for your everyday relax.

McHenry Recliner

McHenry Recliner
A great piece for contemporary interiors, this comfortable Recliner features a sturdy wood frame, and quality fabric upholstery. Also includes a smoothly-operating reclining mechanism, generously padded head cushion, stable legs, and footrest.

Wall hugger recliner 7
Wall hugger recliners 3
Jasmine Hayes

An elegant contemporary recliner with a wooden frame and a smoothly working mechanism. It has a tall split back with a headrest, rounded cushioned arms and a deep seat. It's foam-padded and upholstered in light beige leather.

Wall hugging recliners 4
Evans Liliana

This wall hugger recliner from Bradington Young combines a delightful, ornately-patterned upholstery with classic design, being an embellishing accent to most of the decors.

Lambright lazy relaxor swivel wall hugger recliner best seller lambright
Lane Journey Wallsaver Recliner - You Choose the Fabric
Barnes Maria

This fine recliner sports a style that is unpretentious and unobtrusive - just a well-known design that has been popular for many decades back until now. Plus you may choose the fabric it will be padded with.

Home chairs wall hugger chairs pride pride wall hugger
ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Recliner, Crimson Red

ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Recliner, Crimson Red

Handy Living ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner

This cozy wall hugger is equipped with a lever action steel reclining mechanism, allowing you to kick back and relax. The recliner features a hardwood frame, 100% polyester microfiber upholstery, and high-density foam padding. There's also a comfy pad between chair and leg rest.

Leather wall hugger recliner chairs

Chairs that recline are really pactical and useful idea to consider while re-making your home interior's image. This cool reclining chair made from thick dark leather is the example of how you can change the look of your living room.

Catnapper Hogan Inch Away Wall Hugger with Oversized X-tra Comfort Footrest in Camel
Laetitia Anderson

It is a Hogan Inch Away Wall Hugger that has got an oversized x-tra comfort footrest that has got a camel color and very soft upholstery. You will be impressed how amazing and nicely finished this product is.

Wall hugger recliner in blue
Laetitia Kloss
Renew Chaise Recliner

Renew Chaise Recliner
Amazing recliner chair designed to provide ultimate comfort and support. Features solid frame made of wood and steel, generously padded seat and back in durable leather fabric, and easy to use reclining mechanism.

CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner, Crimson
Alexis Hallify

Embrace your comfort level with this recliner made of solid hardwoods for long lasting durability. Features also memory foam and easy to clean upholstery. This piece is a comfortable choice for adaptable, timeless living.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Khaki Mcrofiber Recliner

This large and very comfortable recliner is a beautiful and robust construction. Stylish and very pleasant to the touch with microfiber upholstery, solid steel base, and adjustable setting, makes it a perfect piece of furniture to relax.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner -
Laetitia Zernike

This comfy wall hugger has an action knob that activates a smoothly-working reclining mechanism. The chair is upholstered in sage microfiber and excessively padded, including a comfy seat, tufted back, plush armrests, and functional foot rest.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Recliner, Khaki

A perfect choice for people who love superior comfort and support. It is a recliner chair that has got a very solid reclining mechanism made of steel. This chair features solid arms, a supportive backrest and a comfortable seat cushion.

Catnapper Teddy Bear Inch-Away Wall Hugger Recliner: Hazlenut
Megan Russell

This hazelnut padded recliner is so puffy that I feel like sitting on a cloud everytime I use it. Last but not least, it allows to save some space, as it may stand close to the wall and the reclining mechanism still works.

Lane Zip Wallsaver Recliner in Champion Chocolate
Brittany Walk

Kick back and relax using this wallsaver recliner that is generously padded with soy-based foam, and upholstered in a durable brown fabric. The recliner provides multiple lounging positions, ensured by an efficient recline mechanism - supporting your neck, legs, and back.

Red leather reclining sofa
Olivia Smithist

Finished in red leather, this fabulous recliner can be a great accent in one's living room or home office. Distinguishing itself with the vibrant red colour, it is transpierced with a beige strand.

Catnapper Vista POWER Chaise Wall-Hugger Recliner - Port

It is a power wall hugger recliner that has got a polyester and soft chenille fabric upholstery, pillow back and elegant design. You will be impressed how comfortable this recliner is.

Leather wall hugger recliners
Wesson Jessica
2015 wall hugger recliners 1
April Ande
Wall hugging recliner
Laetitia Anderson

This wall hugger recliner is a proposition for those, who deal with small living room or bedroom spaces. With its soft padded arms, it will be a perfect proposition for an afternoon relax.

Wall hugger recliner chairs recliner small wall hugger recliners wall
Brittany Joh
Lambright lazy relaxor swivel wall hugger recliner best seller
Stacy Martin
Lazy boy recliners wall huggers
576 94 recline designs doom wall hugger recliner 2815
Adriana Andersson
Wall hugger recliner
Thompson Alyssa
CatNapper 4418-4-Hershey Templeton Bonded Leather Inch Away Wall Hugger Recliner - Hershey

This comfy wall hugger is overstuffed, and upholstered in bonded brown leather and vinyl match, including a triple pub back, wide armrests, and double footrest. The chair reclines easy, and is decorated with contrasting stitching.