Vitra Plastic Chair

If you are searching for functional plastic chairs, this is the site to see. More than that – the offers that you are about to see, all have their own charm and they have proved to be an inspiration for quite a lot of previous customers. And are you ready to make your choice?

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Vitra plastic chair 3
Kristina Tho

A modern arrangement of a dining room, which can also serve as a working space. The room is characterized by white, glossy furniture and a simple, black table for a few people. Vintage, plastic chairs are a cool accent of the room.

Vitra plastic chair 2

The willow-green modern chair on the wire base. The sitting made of durable molded plastic. Legs formed of metal. Could be used in the dining room, or in waiting room in the public space. Only for industrial interior.

Modern Tufted Dining Chair in Orange Velour
Christine Car

It is a very nice and elegant upholstered chair. It has an orange color. It is an excellent decorative element that animates the room, cheers them and adds shine. The chair is comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Vitra plastic chair 9
Christine Lee

Comfortable chair with solid wooden legs and plastic construction. Its well profiled sitting space is supported by a backrest and arms. Straight wooden legs include small metal supports in black color.

Vitra plastic chair 8
Adriana Andersson

Scandinavian style will never disappoint those who value quality, minimalism and good style. Wood will always be classic - hence the base of vitra plastic chairs is made of warm walnut wood. Seat simply white, without unnecessary upholstery.

Vitra plastic chair 25
Puro estilo nordico en noruega estilo nordico blog decoracion muebles
Jaclyn Price
Vitra plastic chair 6

Original, comfortable and ergonomic dining chair with durable plastic seats and backrests. Their white finish is neutral, so it matches any interior design. These chairs stand on solid metal frames for additional stability.

Vitra plastic chair 4
Jenna Edward
Vitra plastic chair 24
Vegetal Chair - a Stackable Chair by Vitra by Vitra, color=Cream; glides=Felt (for hard floors)
Kathleen Rodriguez

Vegetal style chair in white. This stunning piece was designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec brothers. The seat has cutout branches-inspired pattern. The chairs are stackable, three pieces at once. The legs have felt glides.

Vitra plastic chair 12
Thomas Meghan
Vitra plastic chair 18
Cooper Jennifer
Vitra plastic chair 7
Mendes Natasha
Vitra plastic chair 5
Cintia Kowalski
Melody Plastic Tablet Arm Chair

Melody Plastic Tablet Arm Chair
With the four stack bumpers under seat and 97 degree bandpitch this arm chair offers a stunning choice for your interior. It comes with a durable polypropylene contoured for extra comfort and a black frame and seat.

Vitra plastic chair 16
Lily Cravenable

This project was first shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.This plastic vitra armchair is available in a completely plastic seat. Here we see a set of white, with the base made of lacquered wood reinforced with metal bars painted on basic dark color.

12.25" Plastic Classroom Chair
Alyssa Wilsonify

12.25" Plastic Classroom Chair
Spice up your classroom, kindergarten, or playroom, with this cute Classroom Chair in Green Finish. Includes durable polypropylene construction, stackable and lightweight design, 1-piece shell, and 176 lbs of weight capacity.

Vegetal Chair - a Stackable Chair by Vitra by Vitra, color=Mauve Grey; glides=Felt (for hard floors)
Murphy Julie

A stackable chair made of polyamide in mauve grey finish, inspired by the world of nature and plants. Very interesting and outstanding design. Legs have got fleece glides to protect hard floors. Will look nice in any kind of interior.

MODIKIN Panton Style KIDS S Chair (Blue)

This glossy chair is made from solid plastic. Perfect piece for kids room. Nice blue color and futuricstic design. Very convenient - this piece is lightweight what makes it easy for moving. Comfort of using is provided by futuristic shape ,curved specifically to fit your kid.

Kids 5 Piece Plastic Table and Chair Set
Jasmine Par

Kids 5 Piece Plastic Table and Chair Set
An excellent decorative and functional addition to any kid's room - this table and chair set of five will provide the suitable place for your kids to play and work both indoors and outdoors, while its plastic construction ensures years of utility.

Lindsey Jame

Comfortable club chair designed to provide soft support thanks to generously padded seat, durable wood construction, and soft tweed fabric upholstery for your seating pleasure. Quality item with great sense of style.

Panton Chair by Vitra - Tangerine

Stylish dining chair with fancy futuristic shape based on original Verner Panton design from the 60s, once hailed as sensational. Molded plastic construction with smooth surface features matt finish in rich tangerine coloring.

Panton Junior Chair by Vitra, color=White
Jaclyn Morris

Panton junior chair, white. This ingenious and beautiful chair based on the design by Verner Panton will be your apartment's new main attraction. This chair is specifically designed for kids and its as much fun to play with as it is to sit in.

Panton Chair by Vitra, color=Chartreuse

High quality replica of a classic chair created by Danish designer Verver Panton. Enrich your decor with sixties vibe and add an eye-grabbing appeal to your decor with a drop of color (it's apple green here).

Panton Chair by Vitra, color=Basic Dark
Anna Howard

This chair is futuristi design and unique. This piece is completely made from wood in basic dark finish. This chairs design makes it unforgettable . This chair is outstanding and one in kind. If you are looking for furniture that offers unconventional solutions you must have thi one.

Panton Chair by Vitra, color=Classic Red
Bailey Elizabeth

Intriguing design, vibrant colors, a great addition to modern rooms - that's how you can describe this amazing chair. The chair is modeled on the famous The Panton Chair, which was a plastic chair from a single molding.

Panton Chair by Vitra, color=Ice Grey
Sarah Coll

Remember the chairs that were popular in sixties? They still add this extra something to your decor! This ice grey Panton style chair is sturdy, easy to clean, perfect indoors and outdoors, and it looks just amazing!

Panton Chair by Vitra, color=Tangerine

Tangerine Panton chair - if you are not already acquainted with this model, then you definitely should. These chairs have a wide range of virtues: they look stylish, are easy to clean, they are well-balanced, surprisingly comfy, and they work well indoors and outdoors.

Panton Chair (1999) by Vitra
Alexandra Wood

It is a very modern chair that is perfect for living room and dining room area. It has got an orange finish and it fits perfectly to modern spaces in your home. Everyone will tell you how amazing this chair is.

Panton Chair - Black
Tara Zucker

Modern one-piece chair. Made of polypropylene, dyed-through and black matte-finish. Great shape and comfortable place to sit. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. May be used outside but don't leave on the sun for too long as the color may fade.

Panton Chair - Red
Abigail Wrightful

Innovative form and bold color make tis chair unique. Made of dyed-through polypropylene in red, with matte finish. Soft to the touch and comfortable. May be used indoors or outdoors - the material is protected against UV fading.

Panton Chair - White
Jessica Zernike

Modern white chair, made of matte-finish dyed-through polypropylene. Very durable. Bold design makes it both functional and elegant. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. May be used indoors or outdoors.

Vegetal Chair - a Stackable Chair by Vitra by Vitra, color=Brick; glides=Felt (for hard floors)
Katherine Phillips

A set of bowl-seated chairs inspired by the world of vegetation (designed by Bouroullec brothers). The chairs are made of sturdy plastic in brick red. They are light in weight and stackable, so the style is not their only virtue.

Vegetal Chair - a Stackable Chair by Vitra by Vitra, color=Cactus; glides=Felt (for hard floors)

Stackable designer's chair in cactus green (which complements the style pretty accurately, as the design is inspired by the vegetation world). The seat has bowl shape and cutout elements that create branches pattern.

Vegetal Chair - a Stackable Chair by Vitra by Vitra, color=Chocolate; glides=Felt (for hard floors)
Amanda Mart

'Vegetation' chair designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec brothers duo. Here you get a piece in solid chocolate brown finish. The legs have felt glides and the chair can therefore be used on hard floors.

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