Vinyl Wall Clocks

It's time to add a decoration feature to the interior. How about a vinyl wall clock? They come in every style under the sun so finding a piece that completes your space will not be a challenge. Just have a look below and browse the options.

Paige Walker Interior Design Expert
Vinyl wall clocks
Joanna Bennett

Decorous and crafted skillfully from an old vinyl record, this reclaimed vinyl wall clock brings both practical and aesthetical advantages to your interior ambiance. It's, of course, black; the vinyl was cut out to form a romantic lady's profile.

Handmade The Beatles Band Vinyl Wall Clock
Morgan Monica

This handmade vinyl wall clock will be attractive not only to The Beatles fans. Each element of the clock has been precisely designed and handcrafted. Red hands make a nice contrast with a black background. It's silent, not emitting any ticking sound.

Decorative Unique Modern Wall Clock Vinyl Record KISS Band Collection

Kiss fans will love this original and incredibly stylish wall clock. The modern and unique form with the vinyl pattern and the band's characters are exceptionally efficient and looks great in modern interiors.

Silent sweep wall clock

Make a grand impression with this the Beatles van Anantalo vinyl wall clock. Trust me, everyone will tell you how cool this product is. Get it for yourself, or buy it as a gift.

NIRVANA Vinyl Record Clock (Bleach)
Carmen Milani

And so: " Where did you sleep last night" would ask Curt Cobain in other Universe. For all fans of this kind of music, or lovers of Nirvana bend, we present a vinyl wall clock, with metal, gold dials, and numbers. But most importantly with Nirvana sticker.

Vinyl wall clocks 1
Julie King

A unique wall clock of black and white vinyl. Most of face shows vinyl with lettering 'Foo Fighters'. A band's black logo against red is in the middle, imagery of 5 band's members - up. There are no numbers. Hands are white but a red second hand.

THE BEATLES Vinyl Record Picture Disc Clock (Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

A decent wall clock for true music fans: original Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl by legendary The Beatles group was used to make this battery-operated wall clock. Fun and stylish, and it brings memories back!

Vinyl wall clocks 2

A fantastic wall clock for vinyl lovers and Star Wars enthusiasts. The clock is easy to mount and made of a genuine vinyl record, featuring Arabic numerals, black hands, and a red second hand.

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Vinyl Record Clock (Big Whiskey And The Groo Grux King)
Tiffany Jame

Trying to find the interesting, nicely finished and accomplished wall clock? Try this one! It features the vinyl record shape, shiny effect and Big Whiskey And The Groo Grux King theme.

Vinyl wall clocks 5
Tara Zucker

I love old vinyls. Also I'm a big music fan. So I know what I'm saying when I recommend this vinyl wall clock as a gift for a music lover. A cutout DJ's hand motif makes it even more unique, a customized wall art in a way.

Elvis presley vinyl record wall clock black home decor decoration
Powell Danielle
Vinyl wall clocks

The striking combination of functionality and style in this beautiful vinyl wall clock is an excellent way to create an original interior design. The plant motif with the bird adds all uniqueness and style.

Vinyl wall clock
Angela Ada

This revolutionary wall clock in a vinyl-shaped retro style is an original and very glamorous piece of decor. Beautiful finishes, large Arabic numerals, and interesting watch tips make the room perfectly highlight the unique design of the playroom.

PEARL JAM Vinyl Record Clock (Ten Redux)
Rebecca Rive

This is a very nice and interesting clock for any music fan. The clock is constructed on vinyl. Every true music lover, do not resist such a prey. The clock is a combination of decoration and utility.

Vinyl wall clocks 6
LED ZEPPELIN Vinyl Record Clock

Sophisticated, classy vinyl record clock, that will make a perfect gift for every Led Zeppelin fan. It features battery powered quartz clock movement, shiny metallic gold numbers and hours and minutes movement. Second hand is bright red.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Melissa Turner

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Wall Clock
Russell Amanda

Wall Clock
It is an amazing wall clock that has got a black finish and white numerals. It is an fantastic decoration and addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other.

Re_vinyl wall clock bomb
Stacy Bennett
Vinyl record wall clock
Yulia Thompson

An innovative design of this untypical wall clock makes it perfect for those, who can't live a day without listening to all kinds of music. The clock uses 1 vinyl record for a dial and 12 recycled CD's for numerals. It comes with a second hand.

Vinyl wall clocks 1
Craven Rachel
Home garden clocks mirrors clock vinyl record recycled wall 1
Batman Glow In The Dark Vinyl Wall Clock Decorative Unique Handmade Home Living Decor
Andrea Youn

A very original and decorative type of equipment. This wall clock features a Batman glow in the dark stylization. It has got two arabic numbers that shows two hours (3 and 9). Its mechanism works without problems.

Vinyl wall clock u2 1490 00
Wesson Jessica
THE BEATLES Vinyl Record Clock (Apple Label)
Jenkins Jenna

Sophisticated, classy vinyl record clock, that will make a perfect gift for every The Beatles fan. It features battery powered quartz clock movement, shiny metallic gold numbers and hours and minutes movement. Second hand is bright red.

Toprate(TM) Red and Silver Rounds Wall Clock Mirror Wall Clock Modern Design Removable DIY Acrylic 3D Mirror Wall Decal Wall Sticker Decoration
Aloma Garcia

If you like to rearrange your room decor often, you'll probably appreciate this freedom-styled Polka dot wall decal in red, with mirror elements. There is a round mirrored clock with big black hands, too.

PINK FLOYD Vinyl Record Clock (The Wall)
Melissa Wat

Do you love Pink Floyd? If you already have all of their records in your collection, you probably won'tmind having another one on your wall, serving as a decorative piece and a clock at the same time!

Handmade recycled retro record clock dachshund by iburnthings 35 00
Coupe Andrea
Toprate(TM) Black and Silver Rounds Wall Clock Mirror Wall Clock Modern Design Removable DIY Acrylic 3D Mirror Wall Decal Wall Sticker Decoration
Margaret John

Do-it-yourself wall clock - all creative people will be glad to have it around - it gives you arrangement freedom, you can stick the mirrored Polka dots all together or scatter them on a wall here and there.

The BEATLES 7" 45rpm Record Clock "Let It Be" (1970)
Griffin Natasha

This type of product is a wall clock that has got a round shape and a vinyl record stylization. It is a hand-crafted product that is equipped with a very convenient mechanism. The clock measures 9 x 9 x 4 inches.

RUSH Vinyl Record Clock
Lauren Martinezify

This clock is a great gift idea if someone you like has all the records of rock band Rush, but he or she needs a wall clock! This is like two in one, a wall clock that's made of vinyl record (genuine Rush album).

12" Ribbon Wall Clock
Susan Wal

12" Ribbon Wall Clock
Wall clock in the original shape. It is made of stainless steel and equipped with quartz movement powered 1 AA battery. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients.

Oversized 49" Postema Wall Clock
Sarah Bro

Oversized 49" Postema Wall Clock
Modern take on the classic oversized clocks' style. The clock has an espresso finish and round shape, it is made from wrought iron with retro accents. Features roman numbers with antique gold finish. All for interesting and still contemporary look.

ROLLING STONES Vinyl Record Clock
Mendes Natasha

Jazz your interior up and bedeck it with this stylish wall clock, looking exactly like a vinyl record (yet wemust admit that vinyl records usually do not have hour marks). The center of the dial features songs list!

BOB DYLAN Vinyl Record Clock
Cintia Kowalski

Wall clock with design resembling vinyl record of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 1 or 2. It requires one AA battery for operation, which is included in the set. The clock is a great idea for birthday gift.

A unique gift for yourself or your loved ones will
Craven Zoe
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Vinyl Record Clock (Live, 1975-1985)

If you're a music fan, you'd probably like the idea of expressing your passion also through house decor. This wall clock is a subtle, yet unambiguous clue that you love rock music. It's made of a genuine Bruce Springsteen's vinyl.

Vinyl wall clock girl 1100 00
FRANK SINATRA Vinyl Record Clock
Carmen Milani

Stylish wall clock for a music fan: this piece is made of an original Frank Sinatra vinyl. Just choose your favourite one to bedeck your wall, and on top of that you'll be always able to stick to your daily schedule!

Handmade cats vinyl wall clock 3
Victoria Washington
Vinyl record album lp into decorative wall clock
Jamie Simmons
Coavas® Personalized DIY 3D Fashion Circles Polka Dot Decorative Wall Clock Modern Mirror Wall Clock Wall Deor House Wall Decal Silver&Red
Aloma Garcia

This kind of wall clock is a high quality product that has got a functional and decorative character. The product has got a very convenient mechanism that shows current time without problems. Solidity is the most important advantage of this element.

Recycled vynil record clock 22 decorative objects ideas using old
THE BEATLES Vinyl Record Clock (Love Songs)
Hill Courtney

Here is a decent gift if the recipient is THE BEATLES fan! This clock is made from an original vinyl disc, with The Beatles album "Love songs"! The numbers and hour-marking dots are painted in festive gold.

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Vinyl wall clocks 8
AC/DC Vinyl Record Clock (Highway To Hell)
Cintia Brook

Highway to Hell is an evergreen rock tune. You probably already have it in your discography, but why not show everyone how you love AC/DC and hang this ultra-special vinyl record wall clock on your wall? (Yes, it's a real record)

For the music lover in your upcycled vinyl record turned
Powell Dominique
Re_vinyl wall clock frankfurt
Craven Zoe
Super cool wall art from old vinyl records plus finely
Stone Caroline