Vinyl Patio Chairs

Vinyl patio chairs is a wide range of outdoor furniture that is both functional and easy to take care of. Browse the collection below to find the perfect design for your garden. One that will introduce some vibrant colours and make the afternoon lounging in the green enjoyable.

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Vinyl patio chairs 35
Vinyl patio chairs

White and yellow vinyl strap arm chairs - remember the design? It's all 60s and 70s! Irreplaceable when you wish your patio or yarn attain a vintage vibe at low cost. Additional seats are also welcome, of course.

Vinyl patio chairs 26
Vinyl patio chairs

This vinyl cord amchair embodies what's best in vintage design. Deriving from the 1950s, you can sense the retro vibe in each inch of this construction. An ideal addition to your patio or garden space.

Vinyl patio chairs 1

A retro outdoor chair that will give the space a vintage character. It is characterized by a metal base in a white color and a kind of strapped upholstery made of turquoise vinyl material. It features a cool, beach-like look.

Vinyl patio chairs 14
Vinyl patio chairs 7

Vintage-looking and comfortable. This folding lounging chair is not only a stylish addition to your patio, but it creates a comfy spot to relax and enjoy the weather. Its solid construction withstood the test of time.

Vinyl patio chairs 5
Vinyl patio chairs 5

Rhese vinyl patio chairs offer an example of true comfort with their strong and durable frames, making for a real no-brainer, when it comes to choosing your outdoor setting. The white finish will also compliment any decor choice easily.

Furniture Desert Outdoor Chair

Furniture Desert Outdoor Chair
Awaken your senses with this stone outdoor chair applied in unique design. It has been carefully stained to give the appearance of age. It is Lightweight, extremely durable, less fragile than concrete. Reinforced with a fiberglass backing.

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Vinyl patio chairs 24
Vinyl patio chairs 33
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Vinyl patio chairs 4

In these times-we can also repair something, rather than throw it out. Vinyl patio chair-is resistant to many weather factors-but after some years it need some refresh. You can remove the old strapping of this white vinyl chair and enjoy it for another years.

Vinyl patio chairs 38
Vinyl patio chairs 2
Vinyl patio chairs 2

Concha chair made from galvanized steel and vinyl. Realy awesome orange finish of its backseat looks like the huge sun. Would look really cool, when you put it in your hallway, surrounded by cool vases with flowers.

Vinyl patio chairs 25
Vinyl patio chairs 34
Vinyl patio chairs 6
Vinyl patio chairs 8
Vinyl patio chairs 12
Vinyl patio chairs 40
Protective Covers Weatherproof Single Chaise Lounge Cover, Gray

Practical and lasting, the Weatherproof Single Chaise Lounge Cover in Gray color is going to protect your furniture with great effectiveness. Velcro drawstring makes this cover not to be blown by wind. Plus, the cover is also UV-treated to withstand even the hottest sun.

Vinyl patio chairs 17
Vinyl patio chairs 27
Vinyl patio chairs 21
Vinyl patio chairs

If you're looking for patio chairs then you certainly need to go by comfort and convenience first - and these offer the style anyway. They come with the sleek, vinyl-mesh butterfly design to allow your back to fully rest.

Vinyl patio chairs 3

Comfortable, solid and stylish patio chairs made of vinyl and webbing rolls. Their durable frames provide resistance to wear and negative weather factors. Each comfortable seat includes a durable backrest support.

Vinyl patio chairs 9
Vinyl patio chairs 10
Cielo Patio Chair with Cushion

Cielo Patio Chair with Cushion
It is a beautiful patio chair that has got a cushion and is available in two colors: ivory and orange. It is easy to care for, waterproof and has got an amazing design. You will be impressed how comfortable this chair is.

Vinyl patio chairs 20

With their sublime style and charming looks these armchairs that sport the 1960s design in the style of Vladimir Kagan will be a wonderful choice for your interior, especially with their turquoise finish of the new upholstery.

Vinyl patio chairs
Vinyl patio chairs 28
Vinyl patio chairs 29
Vinyl patio chairs 30
Vinyl patio chairs 31
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Vinyl patio chairs 36
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