Vintage Wall Clocks

How about having one of these wall clocks? As a matter of fact, there are various interesting types of such vintage clocks, and all of them are worth attention. If you still have any doubts, we encourage you to spend some time here and tell us about your final decision.

Big Vintage Fleur De Lis French Country Tuscan Style 29" Large Paris Wall Clock

Vintage wall clock with multicolour face - each number has a different colour of the background it is printed on. The clock attracts the attention with outstanding design, mixing new and old, and distressed finish.

Vintage wall clock red general electric

Vintage Wall Clock Red General Electric
A vintage, electric wall clock that looks as if it was taken form the 1950's bar. It has a distressed, red frame and a simple dial with numerals and hands. All the imperfections give it a funky, natural appearance.

Vintage wall clock

Item C6004 Vintage Victorian Style Pink Roses Clock (10.5 Inch)

Inspired by vintage Victorian style, this 10-inch diameter wall clock is hand-crafted, including a round MDF frame, black metal hands, and Arabic numerals. The clock also provides an accurate quartz movement and is easy to mount.

Grape wall clock

Collections Etc - Vintage Look Apple Kitchen Wall Clock

Apple clocks are a classic accessory, indispensable in a vintage-stylized kitchen! This apple wall clock features red bezel, black Arabic numerals, nostalgic print on the white face and Victorian-inspired black hands.

Vintage wall clocks 2

This big vintage wall clock, dramatic and beautiful at the same time is for sure a piece of furniture, that you cannot just pass by. It will enhance your house with some intriguing character.

Coca Cola Coke Vintage Double Neon Wall 15" Clock/ Vintage Lady

Contemporary look of this wall clock mingles with vintage image of CocaCola logo. It features high polished chrome finish, red neon ring on outer edge and high-quality battery operated quartz clock mechanism.

13" Vintage UK British Flag Keep Calm and Carry on Cafe Dela Tour Wooden Quartz Wall Clock

This charming wall clock is the true beauty when it comes to design. Not only will it prove a stylish addition to the decor, it will also look amazing with the British flag on the face of the clock with the slightly distressed finish and the "Keep calm and carry on" text.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Vintage wall clocks

We do not need much money to have a medieval vintage clock hanging on our wall. Here we have all the gallerie- compass-shaped, stars shape, classic with a white dial. Tic toc. Also ceramic retro wall clock - or made of iron. It's your choice!

Classic Kit-Cat Clock Size: Large

This large wall clock features a lovely kit-cat design, with a wagging tail and revolving eyes. Available in two sizes (large and small), the clock features a durable case, and an oval dial with white hands and Arabic numerals. Requires 2 C batteries (large), or 1 AA battery (small).

Manual Woodworkers and Weavers This is The Day The Lord Hath Made Vintage Wall Clock, 11.3-Inch

This 11.3-inch diameter wall clock is handcrafted from quality material and covered in a pink finish with floral patterns. Includes Roman numerals, black hands (no second hand), and a decorative sign that reads: This is the day the lord hath made.

Vintage wall clocks 3

Totally vintage, retro style vineyard kitchen wall clock, with artistic grape pattern and elements. It has roman style digits and beautiful yellowish color of clock face. Great for idyll households, especially when you're a wine lover.

Vintage Style Oval French Wall Clock Galerie du Gaston

Pulled out straight from the bag of vintage French wonders, this wall clock is inspired by an old pocket watch design, with distressed face covered by glass. The clock includes Roman numerals, and inscription that says "Galerie du Gaston", "798 Boulevard Raspail", "1885".

Bulova C3260 Whittingham Clock

This 18-inch diameter wall clock is designed in an antique style with a decorative fruit pattern in the center of the round face. Also features a laminated antique dial, Arabic numerals, and black metal hands with no second hand.

Fleur de Lis French Vintage Art Burlap Black Color Wall Clock Decorative 10 Inch , Personalized Wall Clocks ,Large Numbers

Strongly inspired by vintage findings, this wall clock provides a beautiful accent in a traditional themed setting. What's interesting about its design is the burlap background of its face, printed in black details.

Bulova Mosaica Wall Clock - Burnished Bronze Finished Case - Mosaic Inserts

Wall clock having 19 inch in diameter and featuring raised mosaic hour markers, glass tile inserts and metal case with burnished bronze finish. Additionally, the clock requires a battery for operation.

Wall clocks vintage

Vintage wall clocks

Vintage wall clocks 5

Clocks retro vintage wall clocks wall clock lavender bundle

Laundry Room Clothespin Clock

In case of some accessories, you just know that their user has a good sense of humour. This, well, wall clock, is just a perfect piece to enhance the decor of a laundry room, but not exclusively. It has clothespins instead of hour marks.

Item C1100 Vintage Victorian Style 10.5 Inch Pink Roses Clock

Inspired by vintage Victorian style, this 10.5-inch diameter wall clock is hand-crafted, including a round MDF frame, black metal hands, and Arabic numerals. The clock also provides an accurate quartz movement and is easy to mount.

Vintage wall clocks 10

Vintage wall clocks 9

Limited Edition Lady Kit-Cat Clock - Emerald Green

It is a lady kit-cat clock that has got a fantastic design, rolling eyes, wagging tail and emerald green color. It adds beauty and style to any living room, kitchen, kids room, bedroom and other.

This extraordinary and very atmospheric vintage clock is a real treat for lovers of original accessories for the home. Neon clock setting gives the unique atmosphere of the whole interior. A striking frame suitable style.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Kit-Cat LBC-30 Honeysuckle Pink Lady Clock

Adorable and fun-looking pink lady cat clock featuring the famous rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile. Operates with high quality quartz movement with analog dial. Runs on 2 C batteries, not included.

Vintage wall clocks 1

John Deere 15 Inch Double Neon Wall Clock - Genuine Parts Theme

This 15-inch diameter shiny neon clock is equipped with AC adapter, and requires 1 AA battery. The clock includes a round face with Arabic numerals, and two neon rings - a green outer ring and white inner ring.

6" Metal Clock in Dark Blue

With the vintage style of this metal wall clock and the distressed dark blue finish this piece looks truly stunning and will allow you to add some retro style to the interior, while still providing its functional use perfectly.

Vintage wall clock made

SEI Ojeda Wall Decor Clock, Multicolor

Simply breathtaking - this wall decor clock offers the multicolor finish with the large clock face surrounded by bold, colorful rays. It features the large, Roman numerals making it easy to read and practical.

Sports wall clocks

Trademark Miller High Life Girl In The Moon Vintage 14 Inch Neon Clock, Black/Red

Contemporary look fo this wall clock mingles with vintage image of "Girl in the moon". It features high polished chrome finish, red neon ring on outer edge and high-quality battery operated quartz clock mechanism (battery included).

Home home and garden home accessories clocks vintage style wall

Vintage wall clocks 4

IMAX Large Red Wall Clock

This refined large wall clock accentuates any space with one-of-a-kind vintage appeal. Antiqued red and gold face of the piece is inspired by glamour of a grand hotel. It measures 29-1/4-inch in diameter and runs on one AA battery, not included.

Manual Woodworkers and Weavers Live by Faith One Day at a Time Butterfly Wall Clock, 15 by 10-Inch

With this wall clock you get the charm and warmth to the interior instantly, while the butterfly theme and the enchanting cursive of the text allows for a truly beautiful addition to the decor that still proves utmost reliable.

Vintage ships seiko wall clock no2

Vintage wall clocks 8

Karlsson Wall Clock Vintage Glass, Black

This vintage 14-inch diameter wall clock is designed in retro style, and requires 1 AA battery. The clock includes a square shape black dial, chrome Arabic numbers, and brushed metal hands.

Vintage wall clock kitchen red general electric

BOB DYLAN Vinyl Record Clock

Wall clock with design resembling vinyl record of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 1 or 2. It requires one AA battery for operation, which is included in the set. The clock is a great idea for birthday gift.

Wonderful vintage wall clock by class deco

Item C1551 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Halloween Spider Clock

With this Spider & Spider Web Clock your Halloween will be even scarier. The clock is made to look old and used, pulled out straight from some haunted mansion. The clock features an uncovered face, Arabic numerals, and quartz clock movement.

Westclox wall clocks

Straight from a high shelf of vintage classics, this sunburst wall clock looks really impresive. Its off-white, round dial is secured by a thick glass and features Arabic numerals with metal black hands along with a second hand.

Vintage wall clock 1