Vintage Shower Curtain

Shower curtains can be a good thing to have even if you think otherwise. Maybe you like vintage style so we invite you to browse through these colours and designs, all of which have their own charm. What is your opinion about all this? Make sure to see all the models.

Vintage shower curtain 3

Shower curtain can be often a funky element of your decor. This is the case also with this "Get Soaked" vintage curtain. Sanitized to resist mildew & fungus, 12 reinforced metal grommets, size 72x 72. Features 100% polyester and 150% punk rock!

Sourpuss mermaids shower curtain nautical rockabilly vintage

Sourpuss Mermaids Shower Curtain Nautical Rockabilly Vintage
A funny contemporary shower curtain of moisture-resistant polyester in a light bluish tone adorned with graphics of seductive mermaids, sculls, anchors and the like pirate and sea attributes in a greyscale. A liner has holes for hooks.

Roll top bath with shower curtain

Old-fashioned bathroom. It has floor made of old wood and walls covered with white, painted rocks. There are vintage toilet, mirror with gold-plated frame and ceramic bathtub with bookcase and canvas shower curtain.

Vintage shower curtain

Richly decorated shower curtain in vintage style. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. It is completely made of waterproof polyester. Elegant accent for each bathroom.

Shower curtain vintage

Traditional, rustic setup for an elegant bathroom with a classy set of towels and cloths matching the simple, Mickey Mouse shower curtain. The primitive, rough wood desk provides a nice contrast to the white medicine cabinet.

Vintage shower curtain 30

Vintage looking shower curtains

Vintage shower curtain 14

Vintage shower curtain 18

Vintage shower curtain 2

Close retro blue squares circles bathroom bath shower curtain 51

Vintage shower curtain 27

Download retro shower curtain 86

Sourpuss Best Ride Shower Curtain

Art gifts art bathroom decor vintage butterfly shower curtain

Vintage mermaid shower curtain

Black and white bathroom 6

Shower curtain for roll top bath

Vintage french shower curtain

Vintage ruffle shower curtain 72w x 76l

Vintage Ruffle Shower Curtain 72w X 76l
This ruffle shower curtain will be a magnificent proposition for all vintage lovers. It has the standard size of 72 inches wide and 76 inches long. Elegant grey finishing will fit into most of the bathroom decors.

Cotton vintage shower curtain 31

A pretty vintage traditional shower curtain crafted of durable water-repellent cotton fabric. It features a white and mid grey horizontally arranged zigzag pattern. It has narrow reinforced hems and hook holes.

Vintage shower curtain 25

Antique shower curtains

A shower curtain is one of the most visible elements of the bathroom decor, so it should always look impeccable. This white light, frilly cotton vintage shower curtain only emphasizes the romantic shabby bathroom decor.

Cotton vintage shower curtain 32

An interesting vintage novelty shower curtain crafted of plain white moisture-resistant fabric. It features a large circular schematic map of the sky in a light blue shade with marked in black constellations and their names. IT has hook holes.

Antique shower curtain

Cotton vintage shower curtain 4

Also for a free-standing bathtub, a shower enclosure will be a necessary addition. The shower curtain must stick to something. This white cotton vintage shower curtain with graphics of an ominous octopus - is hung on a special metal bar.

Vintage Map Shower Curtain

Vintage Map Shower Curtain

Cotton vintage shower curtain 19

A classy shower curtain and a valance of plain white water-repellent fabric. They feature waved edges with subtle intricate lace inlays in white and grey shades. A curtain is adorned with a grey lace medallion encircling a black stylised monogram.

Cotton Paisley Shower Curtain

Cotton Paisley Shower Curtain
Shower curtain designed for residential and commercial use. It is made from cotton. Machine washable. Sophisticated pattern gives a positive touch to any bathroom. The use according to taste and needs.

Vintage style shower curtain

Vintage Aviator Shower Curtain

Vintage Aviator Shower Curtain
Is the shower curtain to be boring? Not at all. This veil is a great departure from the typical bathroom decoration. The veil is decorated in planes which proves its abnormalities and uniqueness. Of course, it does not stop at the same time to perform their practical functions.

Ankara Cotton Shower Curtain

Ankara Cotton Shower Curtain
Shower curtain made of high quality cotton. Machine washable. Geometric pattern adds taste and elegance to any bathroom. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Hotel Cotton Shower Curtain

Hotel Cotton Shower Curtain
Aesthetic stylish shower curtain made of white cotton decorated with 1 bottom and 2 top straight horizontal grey lines. It has reinforced hems and hook holes. It is machine washable and tumble dryed.

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain
Aesthetic modern shower curtain made of pinkish-beige cotton with a beautiful delicate colourful floral pattern. It has a reinforced top hem and 12 hook holes. It can be machine-washed and tumble-dryed.

Woodland Cotton Shower Curtain

Woodland Cotton Shower Curtain
Enchanting contemporary shower curtain handmade of quality cotton. It features a charming trees design in greens and browns on both sides against an off-white background. It has button eye holes of white cotton.

Belcourt Cotton Shower Curtain

Belcourt Cotton Shower Curtain
It is a very nice and extremely decorative shower curtain. It was made in blue tones. It has a very attractive patterned decorative motifs. It is ideal for anyone who wants to use a curtain in his bathroom.

Cotton Shower Curtain

Cotton Shower Curtain
Aesthetic traditional shower curtain manufactured of quality off-white cotton featuring a textured mini-dots pattern. It has a reinforced upper hem with round metal grommets for hooks and can be washed.

Mariah 100% Cotton Shower Curtain

Mariah 100% Cotton Shower Curtain
Gorgeous shower curtain made of quality cotton fabric, offering water repellent and easy to wash construction, fantastic floral pattern print, and solid buttonholes for added convenience. Very durable and stylish bathroom item.

Summerset Cotton Shower Curtain

Summerset Cotton Shower Curtain
Pastels and stripes are the perfect solution for stylish bathroom. This beautiful shower curtain is not only practical but very decorative element of the decor of your bathroom that will give it a unique character.

Vintage shower curtain 23

Vintage shower curtain 24

Vintage Jade Cotton Shower Curtain

Vintage Jade Cotton Shower Curtain
Shower curtain 100% made of cotton and featuring patchwork construction. This item was designed for use with waterproof liner which has to bought separately. The curtain also features colorful pattern.

Vintage Map Shower Curtain

Vintage Map Shower Curtain
This shower curtain features eye-catchy pattern of a vintage map sporting lots of details - it looks decorative and adds a surprising accent in a bathroom. The curtain is made of water repelling material.

Vintage shower curtain 26

Vintage shower curtain 1

Antique shower curtains vintage floral

Gifts classic bathroom decor vintage ivory lace shower curtain

Sourpuss Hold Fast Shower Curtain

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Vintage hankie shower curtain