Vintage Ride On Toys

I have a sentimental fondness for vintage ride on toys, and I think it’s kinda sad they no longer make such toys today. My inner child wakes up every time I see those distressed rocking horses, time honored fire tracks and wobbly bikes with chipped paint. Return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear in this collection.

Amanda Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Vintage ride on toys 4

Hand-made riding toy dedicated for younger children and toddlers. It is made of plastic sledge and six wheels. It will play its role good in the garden or playground, but it is intended especially to riding on sidewalk.

Inchworm riding toy vintage
Christine Hayes

A cool authentic retro pedal-powered cabriolet batmobile for 1 kid ages 3 and up. It has a sturdy steel frame, a black-painted body, lots of details. It has a pedal drive adjustable to kid's height, rubber tyres, an easy-controlled steering wheel.

Vintage toy horses
Cintia Brook

A fine piece of vintage pedal car for children, who are interested in more old-fashion rides. Crafted of quality metal and finished in red, the car features large wheels, a working steering wheel, and a comfy seat upholstered in a white leather.

Antique riding toys
Patterson Gracie

Vintage and practical toy for children. This horse looks very natural and it inludes a very solid frame made of metal. This construction includes special springs and four legs that assure good strength and stability.

Green inchworm riding toy

Straight from the vault of vintage vehicles, this 1970s tyke bike can be a nice change for your little ones. It's made of wood, plastic, and metal, along with chromed handlebars, classic wheels, and an oval seat.

Vintage ride on toys
Lambert Abbey

The modern and functional nursery at the same time is a perfect solution for the toddler and his parents. Bright colors, roomy drawers for small items, changing, and baskets for toys, etc. trinkets blend exceptionally, giving the interior comfort.

Antique ride on toys

With this old-fashion pedal car from 1950s, you can be sure you are getting a genuine vintage piece of weathered vehicle for your children. It has metal construction with a red steering wheel, light blue paint job, and large, classic wheels.

Vintage ride on firetruck
Mackenzie Poly

This remake of an original pedal car is going to put a wide smile on your kid's face. The car is 18'' wide and 36'' long, with adjustable seat upholstered in RECARO cloth, a honky horn, chrome wing mirror, a steering wheel with an electric horn push, and working lights.

Amloid Krazy Kar Ride-On

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining toy for a kid, take a look at this vintage, old-fashioned Krazy Kar ride-on, which provides a lot of fun to kids of all ages and helps toddlers learn how to walk with ease.

80s ride on toys
Meghan Rodriguez

Straight from the 1960s, this vintage toy is going to bring your little ones many smiles. The toy was manufactured by Marx Toys, and now, it can be a nice change from all the regular toys available on today's market.

Vintage ride on toys 5
Bush Eliza

They can be associated with horror when it will be like garden gnomes. The vintage ride on toys boy will make the child carefree. It was made in Spain, it can function as an ornament in a child's room - or a garden. Made partly from ceramics and hand-painted.

Vintage ride on toys 7
Mary Pow

Ride on toy in Vintage style. It is made of metal with antique finish. Neutral design for boys and girls.

Vintage batmobile pedal car
Robinson Layla

Unique plant stand in the shape of fire truck. Designed for indoor use. Dedicated to large plants. Effective Christmas decoration for each place.

Vintage 1960s ride on rocking horse
Vintage ride on toys 6

If you’re looking for a unique and unusual toy for your children, take a look at this vintage ride-on toy train. The toy train is made entirely out of painted pressed steel and has a hand crank with a little bell in the front.

Playskool ride on worm
Peyton Donaldson

With this vintage car, your little one will have a stunning work of an old-fashion piece of art, on which he/she will be able to ride like Fred Flintstone. The car has large wheels with slim black tires, leather seat, and a "No.1" sticker on each side.

Vintage ride on toys
Laetitia Anderson

Anyone that loves retro products shouldn't miss this lovable green tricycle. A ceramics decoration doubles as a toy. For an unparalleled vintage accent, it is irreplaceable. Black-green classic pottery is now within hands reach.

Vintage wonder horse spring rocking bouncing ride on toy kids
Julie Gonz
Vintage ride on toys 13
Patterson Gracie

Everyone dreams one day about exotic trips and riding on an elephant. Now your children can has this adventure at his or her fingertips, without leaving the house. Made around 1900, this perfect vintage elephant pull toy will be a gorgeous kind of entertainment.

80s riding toys

Ride on car in Vintage style. Frame is made of metal. Neutral design for boys and girls. Excellent gift idea. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Vintage ride on toys 11
Thompson Alyssa

An attractive vintage muscle powered toy car for kids. It's modelled on a cabriolet from 1950's. It's made of wooden, plastic, rubber and metal materials in beige, black, grey, white and red tones. It has a steering wheel, bumpers, pedals, seats.

Ride on vintage car
Powell Emily

Characterized by a steel body and chrome accents, this ride-on car is made in shape of an old-fashion fire truck, along with a black steering wheel, a fire bell, a fire hose, and a leather seat. It moves on large wheels and has a short, wooden ladder.

Vintage ride on toys 10
Martinez Marisa

The two-seater tricycle, presented in the pic is a classic vintage style ride on toy - with leather seats and a spare tire in the back part. The round steering wheel mirror with the whole comes from the 1940s - from Belgium. It has a purely decorative value.

Vintage antique rare mobo rideon toy horse by merrilyverilyvintage 285
Valerie Powell

Improve your kids' room with this beautiful and vintage toy horse. Handcrafted from sturdy wood and hand-painted, the horse has a comfy saddle and movable legs, spicing your home with its truly antique appearance.

80s ride on toys 1
Alyssa Wilsonify

All Dutch people ride their bikes and this model of their bicycle became very popular among people who love a vintage ride on style. For an individual, a white seat decorated with graphic strawberries - may decide that he will often go to work by bike!

Playskool ride on car
Cintia Brook

This vintage bicycle will be a perfect gift for your child, making him or her the king of the street. Oldschool design and vibrant painting will make this machine the coolest in the town.

Vintage ride on car
Jenna Edw
Vintage kids car

A fine piece of vintage ride-on car for children, who are interested in more old-fashion rides. Crafted of quality metal and finished in silver, the car features large wheels, a working steering wheel, and a comfy seat upholstered in a brown leather.

Vintage antique rare mobo ride on toy horse 1940s england
Cassandra Kel
Antique horse toys
Nicole Thom

A wonderful army plane toy that will boost your kid's imagination. It's a solid toy made of sturdy metal that was precisely ornamented with army accents, such as stripes or identification number. No pedals for easier mobility.

Vintage ride on toys 3
Vintage ride on toys
Vintage toy horse
Playskool horse ride toy
Vintage ride on toys
Bryant Veronica

3 wheeled bicycle in Vintage style. Frame is made of metal. Carefully shaped seat has height adjustment function. Steering wheel is fitted with ring and finished with decorative frills.

Antique toy horses
Henderson Gina
Retro ride on car
Antique toy horse
Brittany Brow

An antique ride-on toy in shape of a lovely dog with a nice, pink bow tied around its neck. The dog is attached to a tubular steel frame with working wheels, representing a beautiful design of Victorian piece of art.

Vintage ride on toys 4
Thomas Colleen
Vintage ride on toys 12
Vintage ride on toys 7
Vintage ride on toys 8
Erin Butler
Whisper Ride Touring Wagon Push/Scoot Ride-On
Patterson Alexandra

Whisper Ride Touring Wagon Push/Scoot Ride-On

Vintage marx child ride on train pioneer engine 49 toy
Johnson Veronica
Steiff elephant ride on toy 33 h
Alexandra Her
Vintage ride on toy horse pony spotty great photo prop
Vintage wonder horse toy also came on the rack with
Rodriguez Leah
Vintage ride on toys 5
Weber Lily
Vintage riding toys
Susan Mur
Mercedes 12V Battery Powered Car
Thompson Alyssa

Mercedes 12V Battery Powered Car
This lovely and very smartly made Mercedes battery powered car is a sensational toy for each child. It has music and horn and also has an MP3 connection. Suitable for children from 2 years of age.