Victorian Stained Glass Panels

What would you say about these stained glass panels? This might be the first time that you see so many interesting shapes, sizes and colours, so try to get to know all of them and tell us what you like most. Even the most demanding ones have picked something for themselves.

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Victorian stained glass panels 1
Roberts Isabelle

Solid and attractive stained glass panel with attractive pattern based on geometric shapes. Durable metal frame finished in black color perfectly matches any window stylization. Solid glass finished in many colors is durable and attractive.

Victorian stained glass patterns

Windows and doors are undoubtedly the place where we put stained glass most often. Glass stained panels - like this victorian one. The main role plays a green, delicate background. In contrast,the central flower has colors,dark blue,red,orange and green.

Stained glass window patterns victorian
Wright Stacy

This stained glass panel constitutes a Victorian masterpiece. Careful, detailed crafting created a fabulous mosaic that will embellish any traditionally designed houses.

Antique large period stained glass leaded window possibly tiffany studios

Antique Large Period Stained Glass Leaded Window Possibly Tiffany Studios WOW | eBay

Stained glass panel 8
Crystal Tur

Beautifully stained glass panel, made in the Victorian style. Interesting choice of colours makes it intriguing and stimulation, yet not overly complicated. We think that’s the way stained glass panels for ordinary houses should be made.

Victorian stained glass panels 2
Olivia Smithist

Do you want to change something in your home decor? So, you need to consider this Victorian panel window. It features the stained glass construction and blue color palette.

Stained glass sidelight patterns
Lambert Abbey

With this sublime and truly beautiful stained glass window your interior will gain on visual appeal almost instantly, as it will help the light disperse in various directions and provide all shades and colors to complete the look of your home.

Victorian stained glass
Tara Gosselin

Victorian style in any design. This glass panel includes attractive design with blue, white and green colors. This decorative element is made only of solid materials, so it is resistant for excessive wear.

Stained glass panel patterns
Coupe Andrea

I had never know that the glass panels, which are the part of the door, could look so amazing. The geometrical pattern in stained glass window could be the one and only decoration in the antechamber, because it is really amazing.

Original victorian stained glass front door
Bush Eliza

Original Victorian Stained Glass Front Door

Antique stained glass patterns
Diana Washington

With its ornate finishing, this antique stained glass transom window provides a high-quality decor accent to any refined space. Deriving from Victorian times, it maintained an excellent condition.

Victorian stained glass panels
Christine Wood

A fantabulous decoration for contemporary windows, that boasts with Victorian craftsmanship and bloomig rose theme in the center. The window panel has a wood frame with multiple shards of stained glass, forming a beautiful mosaic and warming the light.

Purples blue and green stained glass panel by goodgriefglass 59
Brittany Gree

Purples Blue and Green Stained Glass Panel by GoodGriefGlass, $59.00

Patterns for stained glass windows
Monica Phi

Today Victorian stained glass panels are not so popular decorations, but they still inspire and captivate. This one has a frosty style full of frozen, ice-colored silver and a light whorl. Its pattern and colors stopped the winter in the window decoration.

Patterns for stained glass panels

Good with everything but indoor style that lacks Victorian opulence? Grace your door with stained glass composition that immediately adds attitude to an otherwise dull interiorr with its tudor rose design and handspun rondels.

Antique stained glass window patterns

Every interior would be instantly more stylish with this sublime stained glass panel that sports the Tiffany styled, Victorian look to it and is packed with refined looks and charming, vibrant colors.

Stained glass patterns victorian
Courtney Brya

Depicting a characteristic, Victorian house, this stained glass panel can be a great addition to one's kitchen decor. It will allow some additional light into the pantry and help to show off your collection of dinnerware or herbs and spices.

Stained glass windows patterns
Craven Zoe

The interest in stained glass panels was born again in secession and in Victorian times - thanks to this we can admire its splendor in the form of a victorian stained glass window panel with painted irises, in blue color, accompanied by sea greenery.

Victorian glass windows

The beautiful and highly impressive decorative panel made of stained glass is a perfect way to make a nice decoration. Victorian design adds all character and is exceptionally impressive so that it can change the whole interior.

Stained glass door panels patterns

Featuring a simple red rose in the middle, this Victorian style stained glass panel enchants with its gentle, elegant character. A good way to accent your kitchen or dining space for example.

Victorian Mandolin Stained Glass Window

Victorian Mandolin Stained Glass Window
Allow your interior to truly shine with style by opting for this amazing Victorian mandolin stained glass window. It provides a boost of style and visual appeal and adds some colour to your setting instantly.

Victorian stained glass door

In the bathroom door there are often gray matte glass panels that are not very decorative. Instead, you can use victorian stained glass panels in the Tiffany style, with many shades of purple like this one and with an iris in the middle of a green background.

Tulip stained glass
Lambert Abbey

Let the light filter in through the intricate stained glass, creating a charming Victorian appeal. Ideal for a classic or shabby chic kitchen or dining room, it will create a magical glow inside the space.

Stained glass victorian
Hayes Krystal

A Victorian window can be achieved by simply hanging a panel such as this in an existing window. Such a feature prominently displayed in a typical paledian window in the upper story of an open foyer can become a striking feature from outside.

Ebay stained glass window
Jessica Zernike

Now you can bathe your room with colorful beams of sunlight, thanks to this gorgeous Victorain panel. The window panel comes with a powder-coated metal frame with the pieces of stained glass embedded in it.

Victorian stained glass 1
Ebony Gar

Works of art such as stained glass, illuminate the most beautiful rooms since centuries. This one has a victorian character, with a simple orange tulip, in a pink glass frame. This stained glass panel could add an antique look to your window.

Victorian stained glass windows

Victorian Stained Glass Panels | Home Glass Window Panels Birds Stained Glass Window Panel

Victorian Lady Slippers Stained Glass Window
Lauren Martinezify

Victorian Lady Slippers Stained Glass Window
It is an amazing and fantastic Victorian lady slippers stained glass window that has got a solid brass frame. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful it looks in your home. It is a very good choice.

Tulip stained glass pattern
Jennifer Turner

beveled glass panels doors | leaded glass door panel restored and re leaded

Stained glass tulip pattern

Why I like Arts and Crafts Style...A simplistic approach...The Arts and Crafts Movement was a reformist movement that influenced European, Canadian, and American art, architecture, furniture, and decorative arts. The movement came toward the end of the ni

Victorian stained glass window

Antique Victorian Tulip Stained Glass Stainedglass Leaded Window Red Green B | eBay

Modern stained glass patterns
Krystal Hall

Glass Gallery Stained Glass

Victorian stained glass windows for sale
Holly Cook

Victorian Glass Window Panel 20x32 Victorian Stained Glass Stuncatcher:

Stained glass door patterns
Sarah Ashleyist

Victorian Octagon stained glass window

Tiffany style victorian design rectangular stained glass window panel
Watson Colleen

Tiffany-style-Victorian-Design-Rectangular-Stained-Glass-Window-Panel ...

Tulip stained glass window
Robinson Layla

Awesome bathroom: wainscoting, claw-foot tub, hardwoods, pedestal sinks with an antique cabinet, and a stained glass window!

Stained glass panel 1
Jennifer Will

Simple panel with stained glass is a beautiful way to decorate. You can use it as a decoration element for doors, windows or walls. Beautiful Victorian styling captivates with details and colors.

Victorian stained glass window patterns
Stephanie Pow

victorian-stained-glass-front-doorsvictorian-edwardian-7-panel-stained ...

Stained glass panel patterns free

Anheuser Busch Original Stained Glass Window from The Brew House Circa 1890 | eBay

Victorian Spiral Stained Glass Window

Victorian Spiral Stained Glass Window
If you're a fan of extraordinary stylish solutions and intriguing design, check out this amazing glass window. You're gonna fall in love with its extraordinary style and an amazing look brought to your house.

Antique vintage stained glass window vibrant colors ebay
Zernike Laetitia

Antique Vintage Stained Glass Window Vibrant Colors | eBay

Leadlight victorian heritage stained glass front door window hand crafted
Wilson Gabrielle

Leadlight Victorian Heritage Stained Glass Front Door Window Hand Crafted | eBay

Art deco rose window hanging 119 95
Jenna Delicata

Art Deco Rose Window Hanging $119.95 @

Stained glass roses patterns free

Victorian tulips -stained glass window panel

Antique american victorian stained glass window
Kimberly Pat

Antique American Victorian Stained Glass Window

My only regret with the door is that we didnt
Jenkins Diana

My only regret with the door is that we didn’t do it sooner – but ...

Tiffany style window panel
Tiffany Wood

Victorian Style Panel - Delphi Stained Glass

Victorian Evelyn in Lapis Transom Stained Glass Window
Jenna Reed

Victorian Evelyn in Lapis Transom Stained Glass Window

Architectural artifacts inc store stained glass american victorian stained glass

Architectural Artifacts, Inc. | Store | Stained Glass | American Victorian Stained Glass Window

Victorian beveled stained and jeweled glass double entry doors 3

... / Victorian Beveled, Stained and Jeweled Glass Double Entry Doors