Victorian Folding Chairs

Every space needs an accent feature. How about Victorian folding chair? Its elaborate wood carvings and lush upholstery will be an awesome addition to the interior. Check the examples below and find some inspiration for your home.

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Antique rocking chairs 1
Mackenzie Poly

Add this sublime, antique rocking chair to your home decor and enjoy a design straight from the early 1900s that will surely catch your guests attention, while ensuring utmost class and durability for your home.

Victorian folding chairs 13
Bianca Noorda

If you are fan of vintage style and you always dreamt about rocking chair, this unique piece of furniture is dedicated special for you. This antique chair inspired of Victorian style. Frame is made of mahogany wood and seat is covered with soft cloth.

Antique victorian wood folding rocking chair antique is a bit
Patricia Riv
Velvet Upholstered Folding Chairs SET OF 4 CHAIRS

This set consist four folding chair in European style, features a solid yet lightweight metal frame in old gold. Seat and backrest are padded and upholstered with bright red vinyl. It can be easy storage even in small space.

Antique folding rocking chair
Jenna Daviesful

Folding chair in Victorian style. Richly decorated frame is made of wood. Seat and back is upholstered with fabric and finished with sophisticated ornament. It folds flat for easy storage. It is highly rated by customers.

Victorian folding chairs 16

Comfortable chair that brings a nice Victorian stylization into the house. Durable wooden construction is folding, so it assures space saving storage and transportation. Comfortable sitting space includes a nice floral pattern.

Victorian folding chairs 10
Mackenzie Milani

Exotic and oriental design for an antique folding carpet rocker made out of walnut wood with colorful, fabric-upholstered seat and back. The folding frame of the rocking chair makes it easy to move and store when not in use.

Antique mahogany folding rocking chair with floral patterned seat and
Erica Rodriguez
Victorian folding chairs 1
Ramirez Mary

This beautifully decorated folding chair decorated in antique Victorian style is a beautiful piece of furniture for every stylish interior. Beautiful floral motifs and an interestingly finished steel base together form a beautiful whole.

Victorian folding chairs 4

The folded version of the chair is more modern because it was created from the need to save space, which in modern homes is often quite limited. It is hard to believe that it can take the form of a wooden Victorian chair, with a seat and a wicker backrest.

Victorian folding chairs

This antique carved wooden folding chair in Victorian style is an unusual piece of furniture for the original interior. Beautiful engraving on the admiration delight and soft seat cover makes a rest very easy.

Victorian folding chairs 2
Erika Young

Baby chair in Vintage style. It is made of wood and mounted on wheels for easy movement. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. Sophisticated accent for baby room and more.

Folding antique rocking chair
Victoria Washington

Folding chairs are very practical. These here are wooden, with a vintage vibe. Solid wood makes them durable and light, so you won't have any problems folding them when you don't need a place to sit. Brown and white colour, to match any interior.

Antique folding rocking chair value

A charming Victorian folding chair of wood in browns. It has X-legs, sloped curved arms. A tall backrest has side rails with ball finials, a slatted up lower part and a scroll top. A seat and a back upper part are of fabric with floral designs.

Victorian folding chairs 11
Ebony Hil

Folding chair in Victorian style. It is mounted on wooden frame and upholstered with richly decorated fabric. Back consists of horizontally arranged strips. Received very good recommendations from customers.

Victorian folding chairs 17
Liliana Gadjus

This lounge rocking chair is a unique construction, which enchants with the inimitable design, combining antique and steampunk inspirations. Equipped with wheels, it offers full mobility and easy transport.

Victorian folding chairs 7

A stylish folding chair with a blue frame of faux bamboo. It has 2 X-legs, upright posts with ball finials, a backrest of ornate vertical rods. A backrest onlay and a squarish seat are of carpet fabric with geometric motifs in prevalent browns.

Vintage folding rocking chair tapestry sewing nursery victorian wooden rocker
Mitchell Stacey
Old folding chairs
Cintia Kowalski

Victorian furniture is upholstered with expensive materials and decorated with dark wood. This characteristic is fulfilled by the presented folding chair made of dark wood wenga and with red upholstery hand-embroidered, with falling fringes from the seat.

Victorian folding chairs 12
Rachel Massonable

A very dark beechwood has been used in a refined manner despite the fact that it is a folding chair. Instead of traditional upholstery, the chair has a woven backrest and a seat made of strong and light wicker.

Vintage folding rocking chair
Johnson Amy

Folding chair in Victorian style. Frame is made of wood. It is covered with fabric and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. It folds flat for easy storage. Elegant design for each home.

Old folding rocking chair

Thanks to this functional masterpiece from the past, your home will have a great, portable decoration. The chair features beautiful, aged wood construction, a wool tapestry seat, and a neatly-carved "crown" top. And it can be easily folded for storage or transport.

Free ship victorian folding chair antique tapestry by 86home 488
Alyssa Wilsonify

This antique masterpiece is a late Victorian era lawn chair. It features an intricately carved top back slat and folds in to be easily carried and for storage. Measures 39" x 23.5" x 17".

Victorian folding chairs 6

Go for an oriental choice for your decor with these amazing folding side chairs that come with the ebonized and turned wood structure to ensure more durability and offer the unique inlaid wood, metal and brass accents.


Heavy duty foldable chair with stylish X back. As a whole, it combines attainability and convenience of a typical foldable chair with an elegance of classic furniture. The seat is padded with black vinyl - you will clean it without any effort.

Antique victorian folding chair tapestry 1
Julie Perez

Who said folding chairs have to look modern and unappealing? This one sports the Victorian design and the antique look with its distressed frame and will make for the perfect combination of space saving and class.

Antique victorian folding carpet chair hand grained finish dolls bear
Jenna Delicata
Folding rocking chair antique
Jessica Pere

Designed in late 19th century, this beautiful arm chair can be easily unfolded for extra comfort. It not only reclines smoothly, but it also has durable construction that features a wooden seat, arms and back, and a curvaceous frame made of quality iron.

Victorian folding chairs 5
Jenna Delicata
Antique folding chairs
Elizabeth Wood

Victorian design was always elaborate, and this folding high chair is no exception. This beautiful antique baby chair, all wood with iron casters, has numerous carvings, spindle armrests posts and decorous back.

Vintage folding chair
Tara Zucker

Well-designed, vintage chairs can bring many benefits to interior decor, just as this hunzinger chair with exquisite seat and back. The frame is wooden and sturdy, with criss-crossed legs and fixed stretchers; however, the armrests are weathered, with a couple of small holes.

Victorian folding chair identification 9
Patterson Gracie
Antique fold up rocking chair
365 antique victorian folding rocking chair 1
Peyton Donaldson
Victorian folding rocking chair
Lauren Martinezify
Antique folding rocking chair wood
Anderson Marisa

You can easily improve your home with this vintage chair, made in Victorian style. The faux bamboo frame is sturdy and stable, and can be folded for storing or transport. The seat is round, and wrapped in a patterned fabric, while the back has a decorative emblem in the middle.

Antique wooden folding chairs
Sara Cole

Attractive and designed in the Victorian style, the chair is not only pleasant to the eye, but also quite practical in use. You can fold it down for easy storage and transport, despite of its quite heavy, wooden frame. The chair was created in 1880s.

Victorian folding chairs
Dana Mil
Antique folding wooden chairs
Leah Wood
Details about victorian folding rocking chair carved oak antiques
Jenna Edward
Antique victorian rocking chair rocker folding gothic faux bamboo
Maria Anderson
365 antique victorian folding rocking chair
Collignon folding rocking chair usa made victorian chair circa 1869
Thomson Marisa
Bianca Noorda

Sturdy foldable seat with padded backrest and cushioned seat, which make the piece more comfortable than typical foldable models. Its frame is constructed of heavy duty steel with horizontal stretchers that serve also as footrest.

Victorian folding chair identification 4
Elizabeth Coupe

It is a folding chair that has got a bamboo stylish design and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has got a comfortable seat and curved back. Everyone will tell you how amazing this chair is.

Folding tapestry rocking chair wood sewing nursing rocker victorian
Adriana Andersson
Pair of antique victorian grain painted folding chairs
Antique victorian folding carpet chair hand grained finish dolls bear
Jenna Delicata
194 antique victorian folding chair