Victorian Chaise Lounges

Epitomize the elegance with Victorian chaise lounges. Apart from being a comfy piece to relax on, a chaise lounge oozes chic and luxury by definition. Upgrade the space with one and create a sumptuous nook for undisturbed daydreaming.

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Victorian chaise lounges
Julie Jac

Make a chic statement even in a space-challenged apartment with this compact chaise lounge sofa brimming with Victorian glamour. Upholstered in cream fabric with delicate stripes pattern, it draws glances with carved elements of a frame.

Victorian chaise
Patterson Lauren

An amazing piece for vintage enhancement of your living room, this Victorian chaise lounge creates a flawless combination of gold and purple. Its wooden frame is beautifully hand carved, with comfy padding, purple upholstery, and stylish button-tufting.

Vintage chaise
Bianca Weberable

Victorian, luxurious sofa. Rich, red upholstery makes it comfortable and stylish. The fancy design will help you achieve a mansion-like design in your house. Just imagine sleeping on a sofa like that – star-like feeling guaranteed.

Vintage chaise lounge
Stacey Mor

If you are a fan of sophisticated style, you have to choose this antique fainting couch. It has the black velvet upholstery and silver frame, with beautiful floral details.

Antique chaise
Joanna Lew

A lovely enhancement for your living room or bedroom, this Victorian chaise lounge drowns in elegance and sophistication. A beautifully hand-carved frame holds a stylish seat and button-tufted back, both upholstered in a white fabric. 1 matching pillow included.

Victorian chaise lounge
Gonzales Colleen

Not only does that piece sport the stunning fringe that fits the overall design seamlessly, it is also beautifully upholstered in a charming-looking material. It will make for a perfect addition to your originally-styled living room.

Victorian chaise lounges 1

Victorian chaise lounge with a beautiful creamy upholster and dark brown frame with sophisticated carvings. This kind of furniture can be a real daisy for every Victorian style living-room. Its half shiny and half matt pattern is a beautiful addition.

Victorian chaise lounge for sale

The chic is still being created from scratch. Whether on the streets of fashionable Paris or stepping back to Victorian times. Today, such a Victorian chaise lounge with bright powder pink quilted upholstery will be a determinant of style.Frame made of walnut.

Victorian chaise lounges
Julie Rus

This beautiful Victorian style couch/chaise is a wonderful combination of a narrow, beautifully decorated wooden base and beautiful satin upholstery in a stylish design. The whole is presented stylishly and stylishly in every decor.

Victorian chaise lounge 652 1
Amber Gre

Highly ornamental, combining silver and gold, this chaise lounge oozes with the gorgeous climate of the Victorian age. Nicely curved backrests and equally intricate side one will fit into the most sophisticated spaces.

Antique chaise lounge sofa
Lindsey Ward

A stunning chaise lounge that sports the off-white finish of both its frame and the matching upholstery, while at the same time sporting the charming shape of the structure that will remind you of the French styled furniture of 19th century.

French chaise lounge sofa
Hughes Jasmine

Sporting a truly lavish and sophisticated look, this Victorian chaise lounge is the most fitting addition to your antique styled interior and thanks to its velvet red upholstery it becomes a sure focal point of any space.

Antique chaise longue

Rist it was a love seat, than chaise lounge, and than became a colonial double ended chaise lounge, upholstered in black velvet in very Victorian style. Richly craved legs, made of wood - painted in black color. Black chick set of vicotrian furnitures.

Victorian chaise lounge sofa 1
Ross Krystle

A lovely Victorian chaise lounge, dated for end of XIX century, covered with the elegant cream leather. The base was made of the delicate birch tree covered with white varnish. Each wooden element had been handcarved.

Classic chaise lounge

This beautiful pink chaise lounge constitutes an antique masterpiece, embodying the best features of the Victorian age. Its French-style, ornate silhouette shall appeal to, who look for glamorous forms of adorning their living rooms.

Vintage chaise lounge for sale
Laura Mitchell

This Victorian chaise lounge constitutes a fantastic way to add some traditional refinement to your living room. Covered with an ornate patterning, this navy blue piece of furniture embodies elegance and chic.

French chaise lounge
Krystal Phi

This lovely couch in antique Victorian styling is a combination of beautiful cherry wood base and rich light upholstery with a stylish quilt and roller cushion. Beautiful finishes make the decor take on a unique style.

Gold chaise lounge
Renee Butl

Made in French Victorian style chaise lounge is a beautiful accent ideal for beautiful interior design. Tufted finish in a modern version will bring to the decor a unique atmosphere and give it a remarkable character.

Vintage style chaise lounge
Aloma Garcia

Make a grand impression with this chaise lounge. It has got the luxury, glamour and sophisticated style, with Victorian design, bloody red velvet upholstery, button tufted back and amazing nicely finished frame.

Antique chaise lounge chairs
Adriana Andersson

The victorian chaise longue can take the form of a couch with a headboard and a backrest raised on one side (meridienne and fainting couch.) The upholstery matched to this piece has the color of the queen of elegance - black.

Chaise lounge antique
Caitlin Fost

Can traditions be combined with modernity? Yes, in a grand style, along with the traditional figure of a tufted Victorian chaise lounge chair with a gilded frame, where modern lint is white upholstery - unparalleled in the ancient designs of this couch.

Red velvet chaise lounge
Alexis Millerism

A stunning option for any antique styled household - this chaise lounge offers the Victorian design and comes with the soft, velvet upholsteted seat and back as well as the beautiful shape of its frame structure.

Antique lounges for sale
Alexander Jennifer

Place this modern chaise lounge in front of your fireplace and kick back with your favorite book. The sofa is upholstered in italian leather, beautifully button tufted, and has a hand carved frame made of high quality cherry wood. 1 matching throw pillow included.

Victorian style chaise lounge

Finished in navy blue, this Williams Earl Chaise constitutes an exquisitely stylish proposition for classic, refined interiors. Its sleigh design and button-tufted upholstery will enchant the most sophisticated tastes.

Fainting chaise lounge
Thompson Julia

This type of chaise lounge looks very attractive thanks to its red color and decorative accents. It looks great with a red carpet and other interesting accents. Of course it is very solid and comfortable.

Antique chaise lounge

A chic antique couch with a rather low wooden frame and turned legs. It features beautifully button-tufted both a seat (with bottom fringes) and a high rolled out headboard. Upholstery of soft intensely purple velvet is ideal for fastidious women.

Victorian chaise lounge 16
Renee Murphy
Furniturevictorian victorian chaise lounge 100
Perry Michelle
French style chaise lounge chairs
Katie Robi
Victorian style chaise
Shannon Gonz
Victorian lounge chair
Mega Leahbrown

Designed in vintage style, this Victorian chaise lounge is the thing to have in any luxurious living room. It has a gorgeously carved wood frame in a black finish, and red velvet upholstery with neat button tufting.

Victorian mahogany chaise lounge
Lily Cravenable
Chaise lounge french
Antique chaise lounge for sale
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Victorian chaise lounge a good quality victorian chaise lounge circa
Lauren Carter
White victorian couch
Jenna Daviesful
French style chaise
Lily Cravenable

A chaise longue that brings a touch of elegance into the living room. This kind of product represents a traditional style. Its frame is durable and its sitting space is filled with a high density polyurethane foam.

Edwardian chaise lounge
Alexis Hallify
Chaise lounge victorian
Natasha Wrig
100 antique mahogany empire recamier chaise lounge lot 100
Bianca Noorda
Antique chaise lounge chair
Campbell Tara

Chaise lounge that brings an attractive Victorian stylization into the house. Its soft and comfortable sitting space is covered with materials finished in neutral white and brown colors. Durable wooden frame is strong and decorative.

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Stacey Coo
Victorian style living room furniture victorian chaise lounge dormeuse
Jenna Daviesful
Victorian chaise lounge brown lacquer finish with red lily pattern
1890s victorian chaise lounge sofa sleeper
Classical victorian style gold chaise longue with castors fabric as
Victoria Mar
Deep buttoned chaise longue
Erica Rodriguez
1890s victorian chaise lounge sofa sleeper 1
Franklin Chaise Lounge

Franklin Chaise Lounge
Elegant chaise lounge with a carefully made carvings on the frame. It is padded durable material in a sophisticated pattern. It offers 2 extra pillows for comfort. Beautiful accent to any interior.

Sensational vintage victorian chaise lounges sofas with amazing round
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