Victorian Beaded Lamp Shades

If you're looking for a decorative piece for your home, here's a suggestion which is sure to draw the attention. Victorian beaded lamp shades are far from plain designs and you have to use them carefully and with moderation. The effects can be stunning, though! Check my collection.

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Victorian beaded lamp shades 1
Alexis Hallify

Phenomenal table lamp in Victorian style. Lampshade is decorated with interesting ornament and finished with fringes. Stylish accent for each place according to taste and need. Classic form and elegant design.

Victorian lamp shades
Tara Gosselin

Stunning table lamp with antique Victorian shade made of silk and adorned with beads. The shade was dyed to achieve ombre effect in different tones of blue, from teal and violet to midnight blue (similar to peacock colors).

Vintage victorian lamp shades
Abbey Kowalski

This type of lampshade is dedicated for everyone who wants be original - it is inspired of oriental, Asian style! It is hand-made and decorated with hanging beads. This lampshade is intended to floor lamps.

Beaded lamp shades
Meghan Wils

Elaborate floor lamp from Victorian era. Tall metal base features romantic swirls and climbing roses detailing. The shade features rose pattern and is finished off with a fringe of colorful beads. A stunning antique.

Cheap victorian lamp shades
Cassandra Patterson

This gorgeously made antique lamp on a metal base impresses with its exceptionally colorful and stylish lampshade. The whole is phenomenal, thanks to which the interior takes on an exotic, slightly oriental climate.

Cream Scallop Dome Lamp Shade 6x17x12x11 (Spider)
Lauren Martinezify

Lamp shade made of durable and attractive materials with decorative, floral themes. This element of home equipment is covered with creme fabric that looks very good in any indoors. It can be used with different types of lamps.

Fringed lamp shades floor lamps
Diaz Mary

Designed in Victorian style and embellished with a bunch of sparkling beads, this lamp shade can elevate your home decor in a blink of an eye. The shade effectively blocks most of the light, creating warm and cozy atmosphere.

Victorian beaded lamp shades
Robinson Susan

This extraordinary table lamp in Victorian style is a real treat for antique lovers and the original details of the interior design enthusiast. The gorgeous lampshade with the subtle beads is incredibly stylish, and the solid metal base adds all the stability.

Victorian lamp shades for sale

Vintage design for a shabby and chic table lamp in an antique style. The frame of the lamp is made out of wrought glass with a variety of pastel layers of paint, and the lampshade is fitted with a lot of decorative beads which give a unique finish.

Victorian Beaded Lamp
Jenna Edward

How to choose a lamp to emphasize the spirit of interior design? For lovers of classic France-we return to the Victorian era thanks to a beaded lamp with a golden carved base and a traditional lampshade of warm orange color with crystal tassels.

Beaded lamps
Mackenzie Milani

A great antique lampshade for floor or table lamps. It has a form of a flower bud in green tones with red petals and beautiful colourful floral patterns. Rich long fringes and shorter tassels at the bottom part are beaded. It's crafted of cotton.

Victorian style lamp

Floor lamp in Victorian style. Richly decorated lampshade is finished with tassels. Base is made of metal. Perfect as additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Fringed lamp shades

Antique take on a Victorian style floor lamp with a hanging design. The floor lamp is fitted with a beaded lampshade with red crystals hanging from the bottom, which nicely fits in with the colorful material of the shade.

Victorian lamp shade
Julia Lambertify

A quintessence of feminine appearance, this cottage lamp in Victorian style is going to make your home shine like never before. It has many different decorations, such as delicate laces, blooming florals and beaded trims in pinks whites and ivories.

Vintage style lampshade
Roberts Isabelle

This Victorian beaded lamp shade with the hanging bead trim enchants with the flower and dragon pair composition. Its shade is ombré dyed from dark coral to bright teal blue with black, burnt orange and green accents.

Red beaded lamp shade
Kristen James

Table lamp in Victorian style. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with decorative tassels. Richly decorated base is made of metal. Elegant addition for each place.

Fringe lamp shade
Bianca Noorda

Give your home a truly antique look, deciding on this Victorian shade with floral pattern and decorative beads that surround the whole shade. Its fashionable silhouette and multicolored design make this addition a one impressive masterpiece.

Beaded lamp shade

If you want to spice up your home with antique flavor, you should check this flower garden lamp shade, inspired by Victorian style. The shade is made of quality fabric with floral patterns, and then, embellished with lovely beads and fringes.

Beaded lamp shades for table lamps
Smith Jamie

An adorable stylish lampshade with a bell frame and a finial of metal. It has curved bottom edges. A canopy of fabric in creamy-tinged orange hues is adorned with lace overlay and braiding, big tassels, fine fringes, strings of clear acrylic beads.

Victorian beaded lamp shades 2

Tasteful lamp shade in Victorian style. It is covered with fabric and finished with floral theme. It is compatible with standard lamp. Elegant design for each place according to taste.

Fringe lamp shades
Monica Coop

A characteristic feature of the Victorian style is eclecticism, glamor and rich ornamentation - all visible on the example of this victorian beaded table lamp with a large umbrella-shaped lampshade with golden, copper fringes and embroidered blue material.

Antique lamp shades ebay
Alexandra Wood

Luxurious antique fabrics play the most important role in this Victorian beaded lamp. They magically combine with golden fringes or embroideries in rich decorations. In this case, the navy blue fabric is also decorated thanks to the base carved in brass.

Vintage victorian lamps

This beautiful Bella Rose table lamp from Night Shades enchants with its detailed ribbonwork, from an antique French pelmet. Multiple tiny crystals in shade constitute another delighting element.

Capodimonte lamp
Fringe lamp shades victorian
Gray April
Gothic lamp shades
Meghan Ros
Victorian lampshade with antique french embroidery 1
Natasha Kell
Antique fringed lamp shades
Alexis Millerism

Elegant table lamp with bell lamp shade made of fabric and decorated with sophisticated ornament. Richly decorated base is made of metal with antique finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Cameo victorian lampshade with rhinestones from christine kilger nightshades this
Yulia Thompson
Victorian fringe lamp shade
White Stephanie
Victorian beaded lamps
Butler Crystal
Victorian table lamp shades
Lamp shades with beads
Isabella Martinable
Lamp shades victorian style
Davis Courtney
Ornate lamp shades
Susan Mitchell
Vintage pendant chandelier wrought iron cage beaded fringe crystal net
Nicole Powe
Beaded glass lamp shades
Vintage lamp shades fabric
Laetitia Anderson
Victorian lamps
Alexis Millerism
5" Fabric Bell Lamp Shade
Alexandra Hall

5" Fabric Bell Lamp Shade
This beautiful lamp shade is designed of fashionable white fabric, with silver embroidery and beige braided trim. The bell shade includes a clip-on, and suits perfectly contemporary living rooms and bedrooms.

Small lampshades available for ordering in any color scheme please
Anna Richardson
Beaded lampshade
Natasha Kell

Lovely table lamp mounted on richly decorated base. Bell shade is covered with fabric and finished with decorative fringes. Great addition as additional source of light in the living room, bedroom and more.

Chandelier shades with beads
Victorian lamp shade spearmint
Mendes Natasha
Replacement Shade WHITE Globe 6" diam Pink Red FLOWERS Glass Scallop Beaded Fringe
Krystle Jam
Antique floor lamps beaded victorian lamp shades by hd wallpapers
Ross Krystle
Reserve for randy do not buy gothic heraldic by peacockgypsy
Crystal All
Beaded victorian lamp
Moe bridges aqua and gold metallic lace hand beaded lampshade
Kelly Morgan
Lamps shades victorian lamps double fringes
Michele Mitc