Vertical Address Plaques For House

Here’s my selection of vertical address plaques for house entry. Wooden, metal or ceramic, vintage or modern, a nice address plaque will make a fresh first impression when people come over with a visit. The choice is really overwhelming, so sit back and look for a plaque that will most beautifully enhance your front doors.

Vertical address plaques for house

A classy and elegant, vertical address plaques that you can attach to your house or mailbox. They are made of metal with beautifully curved numerals. They can feature either a golden or silver finish. They are resistant to sun rays or water.

Modern home address advantage numbers 4 1

Modern Home Address Advantage Numbers 4
The house numbers made to order. The simple metal plate with the convex numbers in bronze patina finish. Such a colors looks great on the stone made fence or house's fasade. Mounted on screws drilled into wall.

Vertical address plaques for house 1

Making the first impression about the house and the owner, plaques can distinguish your home from your neighborhood. This unique combination of wood and metal embodies the best features of modern, minimal style.

Vertical address plaques for house 7

A personalizes, vertical-oriented house number sign meant to be placed on the front porch of the house near the entrance. The sign is made out of stainless steel and is rust-resistant, making it viable for any weather.

Atlas adds vertical plaques house number plaques and address plaques

Hesperis Vertical Address Plaque 5# 5x25 - Raised Bronze Patina Coated

This handmade, vertical plaque with your house number or address will add some dignity to the facade of your house. It's made of a special type of plastic that is resistant to rain or sunrays. It features a nice bronze finish.

Custom modern layered floating house

Custom Modern Layered Floating House
An aesthetic modern house number plaque crafted of aluminium with a glossy finish. Numbers are of black acrylic. As the numbers are arranged vertically, the rectangularish plaque has to be mounted vertically as well.

Address plaques custom euro style floating house numbers vertical

Swirls on the vertical address plaque 1

Swirls On The Vertical Address Plaque
This vertical address plaque delights with its ornate appeal. Finished with silver nickel, it provides style and chic, distinguishing your house from the others. Measures 4 x 20 inches.

Vertical address plaques for house 3

This vertical address plaque for house will help you distinguish your parcel from the neighbourhood. It features antique brass numbers on a stylish navy blue background.

Vertical address plaques for house 6

Vertical Magnetic House Address Plaques constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to distinguish their outdoor space a bit. Whimsical in its form, its vertical numbers are available in white or golden finish.

Pine Cone Vertical Address Plaque 6.5x19.5 - Raised Bronze Coated

Vintage address plaques

Modern house plaques

Vertical hesperis address sign in bronze patina with raised numbers

Vertical address plaques for house 2

Edgewood Vertical Lighted Address Plaque

Edgewood Vertical Lighted Address Plaque
This address plaque is a bit different than others, as it is not only rectangular but also oriented vertically! A nice option when a surface you want to mount it on is somehow narrow. The frame is resistant to peeling and cracking!

Hesperis vertical address plaque

Celtic knot address plaque house numbers

Celtic Knot Address Plaque House Numbers
Celtic knot address plaque that shows house numbers. Made from oil rubbed bronze vertical plate with dark background and silver/goldish numbers on it. Looks especially nice against wooden backgrounds.

Frank lloyd wright vertical house numbers

Vertical address plaque

House numbers designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of metal and is mounted on wooden strip. Classic form and modern design.

Home address plaques vertical address plaques 3

Vertical address plaques for house 2

Richmond Vertical One-Line Address Marker Sign for Wall

Vertical house numbers

House sign! Light things are cool but you can try something darker/clearer for our address numbers, currently brass on a grey-beige house. You can also just oil-rubbed-bronze spraypaint them! Super visible numbers.

Vertical address plaques for house 1

Contemporary brown metal address plaque 1

Contemporary Brown Metal Address Plaque
Contemporary brown metal address plaque makes an interesting proposition for all who want to distinguish they modern houses. Will not tarnish in salt air climates, thanks to sold, 1/4" thick material.

Vertical poppy address plaque vertical numbers house address plaque

Plaque house

Shell vertical home address plaque. Standard size with personalized design can hold up to five 3 inch numbers or up to seven 1 3/4 inch chara. All materials are weather tested to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and provide a lifetime guarantee.

Beaded Vertical Wall Address Plaque - Improvements

Just address plaques

Hesperis Vertical Address Plaque 4# 5x20 - Raised Copper Patina Coated

Vertical house number signs

To leave no doubt what is the number of your house - choose vertical address plaque for your house. That's creative idea for dysplaying it. With a wooden in warm shades base - huge, red numbers are perfectly visibile.

Hy-Ko Plastic Numbers Reflective 6 Silver Black Nail-On 4"

Vertical american craftsman home numbers 1

Vertical craftsman style address plaque in bronze patina with recessed

Vertical address plaques for house 4

Fitzwilliams Wall 2 Line Arch Address Plaque

Fitzwilliams Wall 2 Line Arch Address Plaque
Add this amazing piece to your household and give your home a beautiful twist, letting you express your personalized taste. It will give your let you put the address number of your home perfectly displayed.

Vertical address plaques for house 3

Hand Painted House Address Plaque Number: 1

Vertical American Craftsman 5 Number Squares Only 6x30 - Raised Bronze Coated

Hesperis Vertical Address Plaque 5# 5x25 - Raised Pewter Coated

Image of vertical address sign create your own house number

Vertical address plaques for house 6

Address plaques address numbers rustic house numbers

Modern layered floating house numbers vertical offset in aluminum

Montague metal pcs 34 oblong column vertical address plaque

Vertical wrought iron address plaques mediterranean house numbers

Home address plaques vertical address plaques 1

Modern prairie vertical plaque