Velvet Stools

Would you like to have such a velvet stool at home? Even if you haven’t been considering a purchase of one of these, why not try to change your mind after considering all the designs, shapes, colours and other details that we have prepared for you. Which one will fit into your house best?

Velvet stools

Round contemporary stool that also serves as an ottoman. It offers a solid and attractive brass base. Upper part of this ottoman features velvet upholstery for more comfort and durability. Its grey color matches any design.

Green barstools

This set of wonderful green velvet bar stools represents a great example of modern design. They will embellish all modern dining rooms or kitchen, providing a soft, comfortable meal accommodation.

Velvet stools 8

Luxury leather bar stools 1

These modern bar chairs are upholstered of the soft velvet with many color options to choose. They have got the solid legs with footrest. They add a luxury touch to any interior.

Vintage tufted stool

Vintage Tufted Stool
The seat nad upholstery of this vintage stool is soft and beautiful like velvet. The wonderful shade of blue, mixed with gray - make up a very sophisticated, precise quilt. It has a gold-plated metal frame in very intresting form and good condition.

Azucena stool velvet brass

Azucena Stool Velvet Brass
This Azucena Stool has a velvet upholstery and brass finish, which provides an artistic and tasteful style. If you want to have a modern accent, try this one.

Velvet stools

Those refined barstools fit not only clubs and restaurants, but they are also a nice addition for home bar areas and game rooms. Each barstool rests on a sculpted, 3-legged, wooden base, and has a round seat upholstered in a reddish fabric.

Pink velvet stool

Upholstered velvet counter stool eanda counter stool brabbu 2

Brass detailed opulent velvet bar stool 1

Velvet stools 2

A little retro glam dressing table

Velvet stools

Stool with velvet finish in classical light grey color will fit most room decors. It will be very practical furniture in your living room as an extra seat or dressing room. Small size makes it easy to hide.

Velvet stools 4

Vintage hollywood regency 50s vanity 1

Vintage Hollywood Regency 50s Vanity

Office star chairs

The round velvet ottoman for a princess. Tufted with the shiny hobnails with Swarovski crystals. Mixed with a golden additions will be perfect for 100% girlish. It could be the rest place for your bedroom or dressing-room.

Velvet footstools 18

A nice foot stool that sports the beautiful blend of metal of the frame and the velvet upholstery that makes it more comfortable and soft to the touch, while at the same time looking utmost beautiful.

Velvet stools

Velvet stools 4

Velvet footstools

Velvet stools 2

Kai velvet stool

Leopard print bench

A stool that will give your space a wild touch. The piece features a traditional X structure, which is fully covered with fabrics with an exotic leopard print. The stool might be a funky accent of every room.

Bed stools 1

Entry suzie tiffany eastman interiors amazing foyer with acrylic console

Velvet stools 1

Velvet stools 3

Velvet stools 6

Velvet stools 5

Tres Chic Velvet Ottoman

Tres Chic Velvet Ottoman
This amazing ottoman is not only functional, but also very stylish! If you're looking for interesting and original solutions for your house, this piece of furniture might be a perfect choice. Check it out!

Velvet stools 3

Vinyl quatrefoil design

Velvet Ottoman

Velvet Ottoman
Simple square ottoman constructed of wood, padded with mist gray velvet fabric and embellished with nostalgic nailheads trim on all its sides. This nice piece will enhance the comfort of your indoor setting with a touch of classic style.

Green garden stool

Velvet stools

Velvet stool

Why only opt for style, if you can get storage as well? This storage stool sports the amazing velvet green finish of the soft upholstery and is large enough to provide comfort for sitting, while you can rest your feet on it as well.

Purple stools 1

A distinguished purple ottoman, which will add eclectism to your interiors. Its velvet, tufted upholstery with massive, ornate legs create an exquisitely elegant combination, ideal for sophisticated spaces.

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Bathroom vanity chairs and stools

A, simply, exquisite accessory that you can easily surprise your little princess with. This adorable vanity stool oozes with cuteness and feminine accents, offering a softly-padded round seat with pink upholstery and pretty decorations in shape of pink velvet ribbons, roses and lovely skirt.

Velvet stools fitting room seating

Brass detailed opulent velvet bar stool 2

Tufted velvet stool in teal features clear acrylic base round

Black round ottoman 3

If you need just a touch of class and elegance for your interior then this ottoman will prove to be the most suitable option, especially with its black velvet finish and Victorian design, making for a fancy choice for any home decor.

Chairs footstools

Base round brass stool with green velvet seat

Plush velvet brass base stool

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Velvet stools 7

Brass detailed opulent velvet bar stool

Velvet pleated ottoman stool aubergine purple ottomans add color