Vanity Tray Set For Dresser

You finally got a dresser you have been dreaming of for a longer while, but you don’t know how to style it to enhance its beautiful design? The collection below will help you find a perfect vanity tray set for dresser and provide you with some awesome ideas on how to decorate it for a glamorous effect.

Vintage vanity mirror tray

Limoges vanity tray

Vanity tray set for dresser 8

Vanity tray decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of metal with gold finish. Great for storing perfumes, cosmetics and others needed stuff.

Vanity tray set for dresser 5

Vanity tray set for dresser 27

Glass vanity tray dresser

Vanity tray set for dresser 6

Vintage vanity tray

Vanity tray set for dresser 16

Perfume vanity tray sets


Vanity tray set for dresser 20

Vintage vanity trays

Athena Tray

Athena Tray

Vintage Vanity Dresser Tray Bottle Set

Vanity tray set for dresser 15

Vanity tray set 1

Perfume vanity tray sets

Corner vanity tray 12

Vintage apollo dresser vanity set jeweled dresser set with large

Vintage dresser set

Vanity tray set for dresser 12

Vanity tray gold vanity tray home decor

Vanity Tray Gold Vanity Tray Home Decor
A classy traditional vanity tray having an oval handless frame of metal with a golden finish. It features an openwork raised edge with beautiful intricate floral ornaments. It has a mirrored bottom.

Vanity tray set for dresser 7

Mirrored bath accessories

Mirrored Bath Accessories
The elegant vanity tray to but it on the top of dresser. The elements made of stainless steel are really easy to keep then clean, but also looking amazing then you are keeping your cosmetics and accessories in order.

Beautiful bittersweet cfh gda limoges 10 piece vanity set we

Antique perfume tray

Vintage vanity dresser mirrored tray

Vintage Vanity Dresser Mirrored Tray
Round tray covered with mirror. It is finished with decorative crystals. Perfect for displaying perfumes, jewelry and more. It is very well appreciated by customers for elegant design and high quality.

Vanity tray set for dresser 2

Perfume plate

A truly enchanting proposition for every princess. This cut lace white vanity tray will constitute an exquisitely stylish surface to store your perfume collection.

Vanity tray set for dresser 25

This whole vanity set can be a wonderful gift idea. Hand painted porcelain perfume atomizer along with a complimentary vanity tray set for the dresser. The lovely painted finishing presents a warm, charming flower mosaic.

5 pc dresser set amethyst glass art deco perfume bottles

5 Pc Dresser Set Amethyst Glass Art Deco Perfume Bottles Tray Ashtray Trinket
These sublime perfume bottles will ensure that your favorite scent gets the best treatment and is stored with class and charm. It sports the 5-piece set made of amethyst glass of the highest quality.

2-Piece Rose Vanity Tray Set

2-Piece Rose Vanity Tray Set
Vanity trays in round shape. These elements of design are very practical and they include some decorative rose accents on their walls. These elements are not only attractive, but also durable thanks to their metal construction.

Vanity tray set for dresser 22

Colorful and bright setup for a little vanity space on a bedroom cabinet, containing an elegant, curved mirror with a traditional, white frame, and a wicker cosmetics tray to store your makeup amenities.

Vanity tray set

Antique mirrored tray - a perfect backdrop for a meticulously selected collection of perfumes! Classically elegant vanity tray set with elaborately carved frame and feet in old gold. Original vintage item.

Vintage mirrored vanity tray

Romantic vanity setting with a DIY vanity tray made of an old picture frame. Thanks to raised edge with unique carvings, it serves the purpose with style. The bottom was painted hot pink to match the vanity table skirt.

Vanity tray set for dresser 11

White vanity tray, rectangle, with cutout handles on either side. Its outer rim has a tan coloured pattern on it. It looks in fact like a vintage item, but offers a neat, stylish look I'd willingly see on my vanity table top.

Acrylic Cotton Ball and Swab Holder

Holder for storing cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup pads, and other bathroom accessories. Made with crystal-clear, shatter-resistant acrylic. Easily cleaned with soap and water. The two canisters come as a pair connected at the base.

Lauderhill Serving Tray

Lauderhill Serving Tray
A solid, useful and attractive tray for serving snacks and drinks. It has got a round shape and a very solid, protective and decorative metal edge in a red color. The size of this glass-bottom tray is 16'' W x 16'' D x 3.25'' H.

Antique mirrored vanity tray 1

A beautiful, silver tray that may serve as a nice decoration of your vanity table. You can keep your jewellery, perfumes or other cosmetics on it. Display it together with a candle in soft colors and you will get a nice decorative corner.

Formbu Vanity Tray (Set of 6)

Formbu Vanity Tray (Set of 6)
This charming vanity tray is a beautiful design and a wide range of applications. Solid bamboo and transparent casing make the whole perfectly in many types of interiors. Ideal for storing cosmetics and other toiletries.

Gold filigree vanity tray set dresser tray set gold vanity

This antique porcelain vanity ensemble is set apart from others

Vtg hollywood regency vanity dresser perfume tray set box cherub

Godinger Crystal Dublin Vanity Tray

Crystal stylish tray made of crystal glass. Crystal glass is used in the manufacture of decorative items and crystal lens, since it has a high refractive index and a high density. Beautifully presents on the table and in the bathroom, as a holder for luxury cosmetics.

Crystal Mirror Beveled Glass Serving Tray

Crystal Mirror Beveled Glass Serving Tray

Home mirrored vanity trays

Charles Brass / Mirror Tray

Charles Brass / Mirror Tray

Vanity tray set for dresser 19

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