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This shuffleboard table sports a lodge design that simply oozes modern appeal and charm and offers a truly remarkable choice for your inteiror. It is built with hand-peeled wood logs using a drawknife.

Used shuffleboard table

Elegant and functional shuffleboard table with curved legs. This unique design is based on durable hardwood, so it is resistant to wear, stable and strong. It also looks very nice in different interior stylizations.

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Shuffleboard table with a solid wooden construction and rectangular shape. This practical element of furniture is not only very solid, but it also looks very stylish in different commercial and home indoors.

Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table
Recycled hardwood frame construction provides a solid and fashionable item. Features cast iron legs and steel rods. Can be moved by 2- 4 persons. It measures 28.75'' H x 29.25'' W x 13' D.

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Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table
This high quality solid and durable shuffleboard table is a great piece of furniture to any interior. Covered by a polyurethane finish and built on a solid base of hardwoods will provide front fun.

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Being a modern representation of the popular in 1930s shuffleboard tables, this model honors the history of Amercian gaming. It reflects the vintage design and unwavering attention to detail.

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Bar shuffleboard table
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If you have a lot of free time and you want make fun with you friends, you should buy this incredible set intended to play shuffleboard. Set is composed of metal, magnetic board and eight disc (four red and four blue).

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Used shuffleboard
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Shuffleboard Table Cover

Shuffleboard Table Cover
A wonderful shuffleboard table cover that will allow you for a more secure and hassle-free use of your table and let you keep it safe at every time. It sports a black finish, making it look elegant and classy.

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Playcraft Georgetown Cherry Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Georgetown Cherry Shuffleboard Table
This type of element is a shuffleboard table with a very solid playfield made of hardwood. Its whole construction is based on hardwood, so it is durable and stable during the game. Its stylish cherry finish looks very nice in any decor.

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Cardinalandgold mancave state cyclones shuffleboard table
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Custom shuffleboard table mcclure tables
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Venture Classic 22 Foot Coin-Operated Shuffleboard Table
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Following a lodge design the montana shuffleboard table is built