Unusual Wall Clocks

Looking for special wall clocks? In that case it might be worth to take a closer look at the designs, colours and sizes that you can see here. None of them are the same but they all fulfill their functions well and are really elegant. There is no need to rush with the choice.

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Unusual wall clocks

If you are a fan of extra ordinary wall clocks, this one will be perfect for you. The unusual design, industrial style, steel construction and numerals on long chain. Sounds awesome!

Best wall clock design
Veronica Alex

If you are original design lover and you want have unique decoration in your interior, this clock is dedicated special for you. It is made of metal and has shape of spiral. In a place of clock's hands, there are little balls.

Unusual clocks 5
Lauren Rog

Unusual and stylish wall clock with a square shape. It features a durable black surface with white frame. It shows different words that inform about the current time. It doesn't include any Roman or Arabic numbers.

Unusual wall clock 1
Margaret Diaz

Add this unusual piece to your interior decor and enjoy the convenient way of telling time, while the face of the clock resembles a snail to offer a nice upgrade of class and visual appeal for your home.

Roman Numeral Wall Clock Made with Gears and Sprockets. This Hand Painted Art Is Functional and Decorative. Novelty Wall Clocks Make Great Housewarming Gifts.

Stylish wall clock featuring unique design composed of metal gears and sprockets. This clock is functional and highly decorous, it looks great in vintage or steampunk-inspired decor. It grabs the eye effortlessly!

Unique clocks

Original and funny at the same time clock with the motif of a fishing cat in an aquarium, it is an interesting way to revitalize the interior. Robust construction, Arabic numerals on the dial and strong hints are clearly legible.

Wall clock 52

Wall Clock

Unusual wall clocks 1
Gray Allison

Underline your unique, original character with an unusual clock. This wall clock is not something you can find just anywhere. Its modern, interesting design will spark new life in your interior. Not to mention the look on the faces of your guests!

Unusual wall clock design
Anna Howard

Unusual wall clock design

Maple's 6-Inch Dual Use Table/Wall Moving Gear Clock Glass Cover
Laetitia Kloss

A functional and decorative product created for people who love original and unique solutions. It is a round wall clock that has got a moving gear stylization. The moving gears are independent from time showing mechanism.

20 stunning unique handmade wall clocks 18
Wilson Christina

20 Stunning & Unique Handmade Wall Clocks (18)

Wall Clock
Kimberly Hugh

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Newgate Bullitt Eye Shaped Retro Black Wall Clock 17W x 6H

Wall clock with shield in oval shape. It is powered by batteries and has Arabic numeral. Sophisticated decoration for each wall according to taste and need. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Unique wall clocks
Thompson Alyssa

This very untypical clock will surely enhance the interior of your living room, game room, or office. The clock is secured by a clear glass panel that displays the whole mechanism, along with the cogwheels, the black hands, and the red second hand.

Awesome wall clocks

Vintage-themed wall clock with a unique and unusual appearance made with Roman numerals and black hands. The back of the wall clock is made with a vibrant variety of different colors, giving it an unusual vibe.

Weird clocks
Long Renee

The world is divided into those who prefer Star Trek and those who prefer Star Wars. In this case, we have a clock for the first ones.If you need to travel in space, look at this metal unusual wall clock with the characteristic crystal determinants of hours.

CafePress Circle of Fifths Wall Clock - Standard Multi-color
Hilton Emily

It is a fantastic round wall clock that has got a music design and is perfect as a gift for your friends. It has got a standard multi-color finish and gray frame. You need to have it.

Thumbs Up! Melting Clock
Rogers Alexandra

If you are keen on high-end accessories, this unique mantel clock is sure to grab you. It looks like it was melting, just like taken straight from a surrealist Salvador Dali's work of art, yet it is so well-balanced that it sits securely on a mantel or shelf top!

Stylish and unusual wall clocks 3

Stylish and Unusual Wall Clocks

Different shapes of wall clocks
Alexis Millerism

Original wall clock with gears theme. It has quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for the living room, dining room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Shaped clocks

An industrial approach to a unique and unusual wall clock, made out of simple mechanism with one arm, which rotates around as the time passes, providing a one-of-a-kind addition to any room, bound to amaze guests.

Gear wall clocks

This unusual wall clock was designed by Darien Lee. It totally changes the perception of clocks from the traditional, flat to a new, spherical one. Finished in an eye-catching lime-green colour.

Unusual wall clocks 2
Rachel Coo

If you've got a penchant for cats, this extravagant and delightfully colorful wall clock can fit your taste. This friendly little tiger shows time; the pendulum is shaped as a bird attached under the cat's belly.

Keep track of time with unusual wall clocks 1
Rachel Massonable

Keep Track of Time with Unusual Wall Clocks~

A&B Home Antiqued Metal Gear Wall Clock, 16.5 by 2-Inch
Alexis Millerism

Wall clock mounted on metal shield with gears theme. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for any interior. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Unusual clocks modern

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks

Unusual clocks 6
Denise You

Amazing and unusual modern wall clock looking like jumble of small square cards of whitish paper which are stuck on the top of the other. The clock has long and narrow black hands but has no numerals.

Unique clock
Patterson Esther

Stylish and Unusual Wall Clocks

Birdcage wall clock ill be on the lookout for just

Birdcage + wall clock...I'll be on the lookout for just the right pieces to make this.

Unusual wall clock 7
Mackenzie Milani

unusual wall clock

Umbra Take 5 Wall Clock

Designers wall clock with translucent dial, accented with big black '5' number (it's quitting time, you know). Black molded polymer construction is accented with white finish of the hands. Humorous and stylish, this wall clock is a great thing to have in office.

Ministry of Silly Walks Pocket Watch Desk/Wall Clock by DollTV (Monty Python)
Mega Leahbrown

This kind of product is a clock that has got a pocket watch stylization. It has got a round shape with some decorative accents. Its face features a Monty Python actor. The size of this clock is 6.2 x 2 x 9 inches.

A fantastic flying flock of a clock
Mega Leahbrown

A fantastic flying flock of a clock

dpp_183700_1 Florene - Steampunk - print of funny cat face drawing with clocks for eyes - Wall Clocks - 10x10 Wall Clock
Aloma Garcia

Artistic wall clock with eye-drawing graphic of a black cat that has clock dials eyes. The design is steampunk-inspired. Quite outstanding, isn't it. The clock is battery-operated, it has gold-colored hands with glossy finish.

Umbra Ribbon Stainless Steel Wall Clock

This modern wall clock characterizes a quite unique steel ribbons design and durable stainless steel construction. The clock features red hands with a white second hand, and ensures quick and easy mounting.

Wall Clock
Jillian Moor

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Scroll Iron Wall Clock with Copper Face, Hand-Forged in the USA

Beautiful, feminine wall clock with copper face and hand-forged iron swirls that bedeck it, giving an artistic feel. Each piece is forged individually, so you won't get two pieces that look exactly the same.

Cool digital wall clocks

Keep track of nap and feeding times with a fun, unusual wall clock that complements your nursery decor

Block Steel Wall Clock, Blue
Edwards Andrea

Contemporary wall clock with surprising updated design: the Arabic numerals have been cut out in solid steel block, and the latter was colored teal. What's funny about this clock is that it uses color to show the time.

Flip Flop / Beach Sandal Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry
Bianca Weberable

Well, ok, the design of this wall clock really stands out. The artist who created it was inspired by... beach sandal. The clock has a cute flower shaped pendulum and it's colored ocean blue! It is made by hand.

Choose cool wall clocks that suit your decor
Lindsey All

Choose Cool Wall Clocks that Suit Your Decor

Moving gear wall clock
Jenna Edward

Unusual Wall Clock made from repurposed Computer by qwirkybydesign

Unusual wall clock

Unusual Wall Clock

Unusual clocks 2
Laetitia Anderson

Unusual Clocks

IMAX Thatcher Vintage Fan Clock

One-of-a-kind fan clock - yes, it's a vintage fan with rust finish, and it has a retro-stylized clock in its centre. Just put it atop your desk to enjoy the effect that immediately grabs dozens of compliments.

Tick tock clocks that are anything but ordinary clocks decor
Aloma Garcia

Tick Tock: Clocks that are anything but ordinary #clocks #decor #ddgd

Fascinations Swing Clock (Colors May Vary)
Christina Ross

This clock is unique not only because of its minimalist pictogram like design, but thanks to a somehow extraordinary feature: it swings from side to side, giving a hypnotic and fun effect that really grabs attention.

Wright Stacy

Cool wall clock designs
Vanessa Powell

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks Image Source

Unusual modern mocap wall clock blurring time
Wright Stacy

Unusual Modern MOCAP Wall Clock: Blurring Time