Unique Vinyl Flooring

How about having such vinyl flooring at home ? This is probably the first time that you can see such an impressive collection of such solutions so it might be wise to browse through all of these photos and try to pick the best one for yourself. Are you ready?

Abigail Wright Interior Design Expert
French vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has plenty of assets – it’s durable, quite cheap and it’s not very hard to replace. Oh, and it also comes in a lot of different styles, as you can see here!

Unusual vinyl flooring
Alexis Hallify

A great choice of various embellishments to accentuate your bathroom's or kitchen's floor. Those vinyl floorings are durable, easy to clean, and adorned with a lovely mix of black and white combined with geometric patterns.

Unique vinyl flooring

Unique and very stylish vinyl flooring is an excellent combination of beautiful color and design that brings to mind retro design. The floor in conjunction with the rest of the decor is a very stylish detail.

Unique vinyl flooring 1

Tile-effect vinyl flooring | Kitchen flooring | PHOTO GALLERY | Beautiful Kitchens |

Photo album custom vinyl chip flooring samples
Jasmine Clar

photo album: custom vinyl chip flooring samples

Unique vinyl flooring 2
Alyssa Wilsonify

Vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because they are resistant to all kinds of damage. This unique vinyl flooring is a peel-and stick, is imitating wood, in a gray shade. Perfect for your foyer!

Unusual kitchen flooring
Jennifer Edwards

Now you can effectively transform your home by using this fashionable flooring. Created in French retro style, those tiny tiles form an eye-catching pattern consisted of white circles and dots and red stars - all made of easy-to-clean vinyl.

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring
These elegant tiles in aqua turquoise coloring, with a subtle distressed-like pattern, work great both for interior and exterior installations, and thanks to sturdy make they will for sure stand the test of time.

Unique vinyl flooring 4

Featuring small lozenges, this unique vinyl flooring constitutes a stylish, contemporary proposition for one's decor. This set of tiles will look good both in a bathroom or kitchen, as well as in the hallway or corridor.

Unique vinyl flooring
Aloma Garcia

If you are looking for some unique vinyl flooring, check out these beautiful geometric patterns. They will add a contemporary appeal to your kitchen or bathroom, being durable and easy to clean.

Unique vinyl flooring 21
Sarah Ashleyist

Get enchanted with the fantastic Azujelos and incorporate a bit of the sunny, Portuguese climate straight into your house! Being a characteristic element of the Portuguese design, this white and blue ceramic mosaic will truly distinguish your floors.

Retro vinyl tile
Robinson Layla

Looking for the interesting design ideas? The floor which is made of many vinyls is the awesome one! Old gramophone plates will help you to create the disco look in any room in home or commercial place.

Unique kitchen floors
Stacey Hughes

Now you can transform your floor into a blooming meadow of red, pink and yellow flowers with a bunch of blue leaves that form an eye-catching, geometric design. The whole is designed of brown vinyl - long-lasting and easy to clean.

Retro floor tiles vinyl
Krystle Reed

Oh,what's a lovely floral decor on the late seventies vinyl wallcovering! The etno style wallpapers are great, but very decorative, so should be mixed with simple and plain elements of interior to show their natural beauty.

Unique bathroom flooring
Erica White

If you value original details inside, they delight and provide a unique atmosphere, so this unique vinyl flooring captivates. The whole is made in the interesting color of blue, grayscale and graphite delights.

Loving this bubble pattern vinyl flooring i can envision it
Natalie Car

Loving this bubble pattern vinyl flooring - I can envision it in my guest bathroom

Check out this fun take on vinyl floors for the

Check out this fun take on vinyl floors for the kids' rooms! Atlantic Water 18" x 18" from LSI vinyl.

Unusual flooring
Caitlin Camp

Vinyl panels to the absolute novelty of the market. For flooring with a very versatile application and practically trouble-free. Unique vinyl flooring here has at least 50 shades of grey.Resembles a delicate, matt stained glass, made of small decorative tiles.

Retro vinyl floor tiles
Jamie Fost

Made of vinyl flooring is a great combination of attractive design and colors. The interesting interweave of the beads captivates and brings to the decor an exciting atmosphere. It perfectly matches the modern interior design.

Unique kitchen flooring
Patterson Esther

Mannington Commercial Flooring - Amtico - Abstract (unique building entry? then the leasing office has solid of one color? )

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Kathryn Smit

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Unique vinyl flooring 3
Danielle Robi

Why not actually choose the floor of dreams for your kid's room with this amazing vinyl flooring? It offers plenty of pastel colors and a charming star pattern and looks like a real, charming rainbow.

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Denim
Robinson Layla

Alternatives 12" x 12" x 3.18mm Luxury Vinyl Tile in Denim
Unique vinyl tile in denim blue, with interesting white specks pattern that resembles an irregular texture. One tile is square, measuring 12 inches at width and height. I'd recommend this finding to anyone fishing for an untypical vinyl flooring.

16" x 16" Vinyl Tiles in Paramount Stone
Torres Esther

16" x 16" Vinyl Tiles in Paramount Stone

Custom printed flooring floor murals and bespoke vinyl flooring 1
Carmen Milani

Custom Printed Flooring, Floor Murals and Bespoke Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring retro

A sturdy addition for indoor bars, pubs, and kitchens. This bistro table is entirely crafted of sturdy wood and splashed with aqua blue finish. It rests on 2 neatly turned legs - each with 4 curved feet; while holding an elongated rectangle top.

Unique vinyl flooring 6
Allen Lisa

cute little kitchen via apartment therapy

Vinyle tile patterns diy
Bennett Erin

Vinyle Tile Patterns - DIY

Home & More 12064 Nature Fun Doormat

Home & More 12064 Nature Fun Doormat

Vinyl flooring range
Valerie Broo

Vinyl Flooring Range.

Self-Stick Vinyl Tiles 12 In. X 12 In. (45 Pcs) #VT 15
Cintia Brook

Self-Stick Vinyl Tiles 12 In. X 12 In. (45 Pcs) #VT 15

Exclusive vinyl tile flooring bathroom vinyl flooring bathroom
Karen Grif

Exclusive vinyl tile flooring – Bathroom Vinyl Flooring | Bathroom ...

Unique vinyl flooring 8
Mackenzie Poly

Mannington luxury vinyl plank flooring character from rich weathered graining and planed and glazed edges. Inspired by the lush forests that surround the massive castles in Ireland, Ashford Walnut comes in two colors, chosen to enhance today’s furniture

12" x 12" Vinyl Tiles in Madison Stone

12" x 12" Vinyl Tiles in Madison Stone

Unique vinyl flooring 17
Parker Denise

Painted Concrete Floors. Industrial-looking concrete is softened and personalized with painted vines.

Unique vinyl flooring 22
Adriana Andersson

really like the herringbone pattern - upstairs?!

Unique vinyl flooring 14
Craven Rachel

Do It Yourself: How To Install luxury vinyl tile that you can grout. It looks JUST LIKE CERAMIC tile and can be installed in ONE DAY! Plus it's durable and affordable. #LowesCreator #LowesCreativeIdea @Jenna_Burger via

Unique vinyl flooring 4

floor cubes in paint

Luxury glueless vinyl flooring
Jenna Edward


Linoleum also comes in large sheets that can be laid
Carter Karen

Linoleum also comes in large sheets that can be laid down as a solid color — or you can have a bit of fun with it. A pattern that's bold and bright and unique to your home is something that you'll only be able to achieve with a material like linoleum. J

Unique vinyl flooring 9
Allen Michelle

DIY Paint Projects: Turn a boring concrete patio into something fabulous by painting it with a beautiful design. Not only will it look great, but it could also improve the value of your home. How to Paint Concrete

15 creatively funky floors and flooring designs weburbanist
Nicole Pri

15 Creatively Funky Floors and Flooring Designs | WebUrbanist

Unique vinyl flooring 19
Barnes Stacy

IVC�13.167-ft W Unique 991 Stone Low-Gloss Finish Sheet Vinyl

Decorative vinyl floor cloths from just 42
Allison Davi

Decorative Vinyl Floor Cloths From JUST $42

Dynamix Vinyl Tile 12" x 12" Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Madison Stone
Vanessa Wil

Dynamix Vinyl Tile 12" x 12" Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Madison Stone

Flooring thats wood inspired
Cintia Brook

flooring that's wood inspired

Premium vinyl composition tile vct
Tara Zucker

Premium Vinyl Composition Tile VCT

Floor graphics by superchrome attract customers
Wright Stacy

Floor graphics by Superchrome attract customers

Custom painted digitally printed floor mats you have to go
Kimberly Sanders

Custom painted/digitally printed floor mats! You have to go to the website and see their stuff, this pin photo doesn't do it justice.

Home furniture diy diy materials flooring laminate vinyl
Carmen Kowalski

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