Unique Spice Racks

How about having a spice rack? It is possible that you’ve been on the lookout for such spice racks as the ones that are presented down here so why don’t you browse through this collection more carefully? Actually, you can take all the time that you want to spend here.

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Spice rack made of wood and metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes a lot of compartments in various sizes. Functional design for each kitchen according to taste and need.

Spice rack idea

Spice rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with glass jars. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Simple form and functional design.

Featured in real simple march 2011

Featured In Real Simple March 2011
The smart, wall-mounted spice rack embodies chic, style, and functionality. With their modern design and use of chrome, they fit greatly into almost every contemporary interior.

Magnetic spice rack for compact living

Magnetic Spice Rack For Compact Living
This wall hanging unique spice rack jar is such a piece of art. Glass jars filled with spices, ended with metal lids could be placed on stainless stell wall rack or on your fridge in your kitchen. Great idea for cooking lovers.

Modern spice racks

This smooth little spice rack constitutes a perfect proposition for one's kitchen, especially if you like to have every organized around you. Each of the racks features a shelf, dividing the space into the two pieces. It will accommodate 10 small bottles.

A classy really unique spice rack for the kitchen photo

Mushrooms truffles spice collections rubs essential oils extracts

Rustic custom magnetic spice rack set of

Rustic Custom Magnetic Spice Rack Set Of
The amazing rustic, magnetic space rack inspired with the honeycomb. The set contains 24 individual mini jars, which could be filled with all the spices you use in the kitchen. The jars configuration could be easily changed.

Unique spice rack

Spices arranged alphabetically, or according to the most commonly used-is the dream of not one housekeeper. Thanks to this sliding wooden rack, it is possible. It is hidden in white cabinets everyday, but whenever it is needed - it appears at the right angle.

Unique spice racks 2

This unique spice rack includes 10 empty hand stamped glass jars. Custom-made, this wall-mounted construction constitutes an ideal space-saver, helping your organize your herbs and spices.

Unique spice storage ideas

<3! Why go for a dull spice rack when one can have THIS gorgeous herb wall? Personally I'd receive this kitchen beauty with open arms! Black shelves are fully occupied with assorted green herbs. Decoration merged with function.

Diy kitchen pantry cabinet plans

Seems that all jars with spices may be organized neatly without occupying much space in a pantry, all thanks to this unique sliding rack in white, efficiently providing storage maximization even in narrow rooms.

Unique spice racks 4

This unique copper hanging pot rack enchants with its shiny, coppery finishing and solidness. It provides a functional storage space for your pots and other kitchen accessories, being a convenient addition to your kitchen space.

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Wooden spice rack plans

Cool spice racks

Cool spice rack ideas

Don't even dare to throw old palletes to a trash bin! Let them gain new life after some smart recycling! From many ideas on how to use old palletes, you may be willing to choose: a unique spice rack, a rack to stack wine bottles... And many more!

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Unique spice racks 2

Unique spice racks 17

Unique wooden mid century modern spice

Unique Wooden Mid Century Modern Spice
Spice rack consisting of 8 glass jars. Frame is made of wood. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from customers for high quality and elegant design.

Unique spice racks 7

Spectrum 28710 Countertop 2-Tier Spice Rack, Black

Unique rack

Countertop Spice Rack

Countertop Spice Rack
This fashionable space rack adds a modern twist to your kitchen decor. It will effortlessly accommodate all your jars and spices with its three wired shelves. It may be hanged on a wall or used as a freestand.

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Amazing spice racks

Suzie traditional home de giulio kitchen design spice rack hidden

Beautiful spice rack

Compact Spice Rack (Set of 6)

Compact Spice Rack (Set of 6)

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Ideas for spice racks

Unique spice racks 3

Unique spice racks

Unusual spice rack

Unique spice racks

Industrial rustic kitchen wall shelf 1

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf
Unique and practical kitchen racks for spices, decorations and kitchen accessories. These racks include two wooden shelves and metal handle for accessories. This handmade item looks nice in rustic and modern indoors.

12 Jar Extra Drawer Spice Organizer

12 Jar Extra Drawer Spice Organizer
It is an extra drawer spice organizer that includes twelve bottles of spices. It has got a white color and it fits to any kitchen. If you looking for a perfect spice organizer, you need to choose this one.

Love the way they used that little bit of a

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Mason jar spice rack

Spices 8 1

Spice rack inside pantry door

Kamenstein 16-Cube Bamboo Inspirations Spice Rack with Leaf Labels

Everything but thespice kit includes 24 organic by gneissspice 125

Cork Expandable Triple Step Spice Shelf Cork

Cork Expandable Triple Step Spice Shelf Cork

Unique storage cabinets

This window cabinet made from recycled wood makes a fantastic proposition for your bathroom walls. It creates a clever storage space for medicines, as well as bahtroom supplies and accessories

Vintage red metal spice rack w milk glass jars

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