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Shower caddies by daya design

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Octopus shower caddy

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Unique shower caddy

Shower caddy for hand held shower head

Unique shower caddy 1

A decorative shower caddy made out of durable bamboo wood, which makes it sturdy and gives it an exotic look. The caddy has a few shelves with stainless steel railing, which gives plenty of room to hold shower necessities.

Unique shower caddy 2

A funny innovative shower rack crafted of yellow elasticised waterproof synthetic materials with black accents. It has the form of a simplified octopus hanging on a cord, having a hemispherical head and 8 eight arms with loops on ends.

Extra soar age shower caddy

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When you don't have too much room for creativity and yet want your bathroom accessories to be nicely organized in your shower then this men shower caddy will do the trick, letting you hang it from the shower handle and use to your liking.

Shower squid octopus shower caddy

Unique shower caddy 7

Wooden shower caddy 1

Unique and durable shower caddy made of wood. This element of bathroom furniture matches modern indoors. Its oval frame includes storage shelves based on horizontal slats. This element is resistant to wear caused by water and moisture.

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Shower caddy designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of metal and plastic. Includes 4 compartments for storing cosmetics, toiletries and more. Functional addition for any bathroom.

Unique shower caddy 31

Bathroom accessory: a storage shower caddy, hourglass shaped, with two shelves, soap tier, bath sponge racks and quaint wire detailing shaped as flower. Kept simple in general, but showing off a unique style.

Unique shower caddy

Unique shower caddy 30

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Unique shower caddy 25

Cora Shower Caddy

Cora Shower Caddy

Unique shower caddy 21

Unique shower caddy 17

Unique shower caddy

Unique shower caddy 12

Pole Shower Caddy in Chrome

Pole Shower Caddy in Chrome
Pole shower caddy. This simple bathroom caddy is a great and functional solution for your storage needs. It features adjustable, self draining shelves, which will help you organize your beauty products. Extremely easy to maintain.

Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy
If you're dreaming of a perfect order in your bathroom, this simple and practical shower caddy is a perfect solution for you! Check it out now and bring some extraordinary functionality to your house.

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Octopus shower caddy

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Shamboo shower caddy

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Bird Bath Molded Shower Caddy in White

Bird Bath Molded Shower Caddy in White

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Shower caddy octopus from sleek identity 35

Wood shower caddy 1

Unique shower caddy 28

InterDesign Rain Wide Shower Caddy, Clear

Twigz Shower Caddy in Bronze

Unique shower caddy 29

Zenith E2130NN Premium Tub and Shower Pole L-Caddy

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