Unique Rocking Chairs

How about buying one of these rocking chairs? Maybe you haven’t thought much about buying one of these models, but you will probably change your mind after visiting this collection. There are really a lot of interesting ideas available down here and what will you do about all these designs?

Madeline Johnson Interior Design Expert
Unique rocking chairs 5
Laetitia Kloss

This unique rocking chair will surely become your favorite seating option in the entire household, while the wide structure and the charming looks provide a nice boost of visual appeal for your stylish home.

Unique rocking chairs
Wilson Christina

Curl up in the scrolled arms of our deep, tufted Grayson Rocker, it's perfect for a satisfying read or a comfortable chat.

Unique rocking chairs 1

Stylish patio chair with a durable construction suitable for outdoor use. This rattan chair is solid and resistant to different weather conditions. It provides comfort and decorates outdoor stylizations.

Unique rocking chairs 2

Doesn't look especially comfortable, but what an intriguing design! (Note the built-in lamp.)

Unique rocking chairs
Jenna Edward

Rocking Chair For Two! Oh my goodness this is awesome!!!! -

Turn chair into rocker
Elizabeth Coupe

This piece of furniture is an interesting addition to the living room. It is a rocking chair that has got a wooden frame that is able to resist a large weight. A soft seat and backrest are elements responsible for providing comfort.

Unique rocking chairs 7
Bell Cassandra

Rocking chair with a very unique frame that includes two circle legs and arms. Its sitting space is made of horizontal wooden slats finished in different colors. This sitting area supports comfortable postures and assures strength.

Unique rocking chairs

The unique modern wood rocking chair. The construction basing on elastic bamboo and teak elements. The seat was made of the soft material, so you can just sit there, but also have a nap in very comfortable atmosphere.

Unique rocking chairs 1

My dream home would have a vertical home library like the one at Jackalope Ranch - with access via bosun's chair: brilliant!

Unique rocking chairs 2

Worrying is like rocking chair, it give you something to do bet gets you no where. #rocking rocking chair

Unique rocking chairs
Alexis Millerism

A concept and a modern interpretation of a rocking chair. The near circular form seen from the side is what makes the design unique. It allows for the rocking motion without being an attachment, but instead flowing into the rest of the chair.

Unique rocking chair
Kristina Tho

this looks like such a comfy perfect book-reading chair and has a great bold pattern with a bright pop of color for the woodwork!

Unique rocking chairs 3
Long Stephanie

Such a richly textured pattern. I would gift this one to the cat so I could simply watch her sleep...

Unique rocking chairs 13

John Deer Chair - have most of the parts, wonder if hubby would........

Unique rocking chairs 4
Carmen Kowalski

NESTREST transforms your typical garden sofa into a small architectural piece, one that offers you a secluded, suspended sanctuary as it gently rocks you and puts you at ease like a warm embrace. It’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and ope

Wood rocking chairs 1
Laetitia Anderson

japanese rocking chair when the time it was build

Unique rocking chairs 2

Rocking Chair with room for a baby! What a sweet way to pass the time.

Unique rocking chairs 3

OMG could this be my next backyard project ? ......

Unique rocking chairs
Kimberly Cam

I adore using dilapidated books for things, this is wonderful, and an ottoman with the same theme would just rock my socks off

Collins Rocking Chair
Elizabeth Mar

Collins Rocking Chair
This is a very nice and extremely comfortable rocking chair that is perfectly suited to the children's room. It has a white frame and skids. On top, there is a very beautiful cape. It is decorated in pink and red flowers on a white background. It is very joyful.

Unique rocking chairs 4
Stone Caroline

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Unique rocking chairs
Lauren Martinezify

Contemporary Chairs and Lamps Made of Felt and Knitted Fabric, Unique Furniture and Lighting Ideas

Unique rocking chairs 14
Bailey Jennifer

My grandfather had large sownoak furniture like this rocking chair. Wrap up in a woolie blanket and you have...... warm and cozy :)

Unique rocking chairs 3
Tara Gosselin

A fabulous rocking chair in a modern style, created for a garden or patio. It features a large size that can easily accomodate two people and it's equipped in a unique canopy that protects you from the sun.

Unique rocking chairs 15
Cintia Brook

Make the most of your money with baby gear that lasts more than a few months. The @Nena Koturanovic . USA Leaf sways back and forth like a leaf and holds up to 130 pounds.

Unique rocking chairs 1
Hill Vanessa

Daryl McMahon, very nice love the black, you could put this chair in any room of the house,

Unique rocking chairs
Joanna Bennett

A multicolour finish to die for - what a bold but cute alternative for standard rocking chairs! With the unique colourful layout, this rocking chair can kindle conversations and is more than fitting for a kids room.

Unique rocking chairs 6

An interesting practical rocking chair and cot in one. It's made of wooden materials finished in grey. A cushioned seat and a padded halfback are rectangular and covered in white fabric. A cot has a trapezoidal flared headboard and curved sides.

Standish Rocking Chair
Natasha Bak

Standish Rocking Chair
A nice rocking chair, just like this one, will help you relax after a tiring day in a very non-workaday way! It is made of wood and remains unfinished. You can use it outdoor if only the area is covered against rain and other negative weather factors.

Rocking Chair
Mackenzie Milani

Rocking Chair
A touch of comfort and style in the house. It is a rocking chair that features a durable wooden frame in a white color. Its seat is supported by a backrest with vertical slats. The product is also equipped with arms.

Cheap outdoor rocking chairs
Alexis Millerism

An ideal place for rocking, feeding and soothing your baby - this rocking chair is the best choice for any nursery, allowing you to take care of your child with comfort in mind for both of you, while the white finish and simple design make for a fine addition to your decor.

Char-Log Single Rocker with Star
Perez Amber

Ingenious and original rocker chair. It is made of pine and fir round logs finished in glossy brown stain resistant varnish. A backrest is built with flat vertical laths with wider gaps at the top. It is decorated with a 5-arm star in the centre.

Just need cushion you sit on a little cushier 10
Davis Kelly

Just need cushion you sit on a little cushier! 10 DIY Glider Makeovers Apartment Therapy - WE NEED TO DO THIS! lol

Visitor chairs 28

Coastal Cottage Rockers ♥ ♥

Unique rocking chairs 10

Refresh Old Furniture: 11 Painted Furniture DIY Projects With a Contrasting Finish | Apartment Therapy

Unique rocking chairs
Theresa Mart

Custom Wooden Rocking Chairs Dining Chairs Bar Stools and Tables

I was going to yardsale my left over kitchen chairs
Martinez Brittany

I was going to yardsale my left over kitchen chairs, until i saw this! Random colorful chairs hung on the porch.. or on trees through out the yard!

Chair art deco
Vanessa Rivera

I'm a big fan of Art Nouveau style, so I decide to purchase this chair. The organic and floral motifs on it, are delighted and stunning. It's not an usual chair, it's a wonderful piece of art. It features the slender-back and walnut finish.

Rocking Chair
Laetitia Anderson

Rocking Chair
Suitable for contemporary living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. This Rocking Chair in Black Finish is entirely crafted from sturdy wood, offering 224 lbs of weight capacity. The chair is eco-friendly, enhanced with an eye-catching, slat design.

Unique rocking chairs 7
Natalie Edwards

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Roberts Isabelle

Unique rocking chairs

Upholster any old iron chair in Bohemian style! Use cutter quiltls, sweaters, corduroys/jeans, chenille bedspreads...

Custom made scuplted rocking chair 2

Custom Made Scuplted Rocking Chair

Unique rocking chairs 12
Ashley Youn

Unique DIY Home Decor Ideas | Design & DIY Magazine

Custom made custom ranch rocking chair

Custom Made Custom 'Ranch' Rocking Chair

Unique rocking chairs 1
Amanda Bell

Made from reclaimed teak wood and salvaged iron, this western style rocking chair is great for the patio or inside the home. Due to the unique crafting, this item may vary in shape and color.

Custom double rocking chair foot stool
Olivia Smithist

Custom double rocking chair - foot stool

Unusual furniture photos rocking beds of amazing idea by manuel
Lauren Martinezify

unusual furniture photos | Rocking Beds Of Amazing Idea by Manuel Kloker | Home Relation

The rocking chair company

American, Stickley and Brandt rocking chair, carved oak, c,1890s Gilded Age.

ModHaus Mid Century Modern Eames Style RAR Patchwork Fabric Upholstered Rocking Rocker Chair
Wright Stacy

Eames style rocking chair upholstered with playful patchwork fabric bursting with crazy colours and funky patterns. The base is made of beech wood and steel. Well-made, affordable, characterized by high quality and cool looking!