Unique Paper Towel Holders

The collection you can see below consists of innovative designs for a thing of everyday use - paper towel holders. Perhaps you thought that such holders cannot be pieces of art. In case you did, then take at look below where you can see that you were wrong. There are totally different ideas and you might find an inspiration for yourself even here.

Alyssa Cole Interior Design Expert
Rustic paper towel holder
Brooks Christina

The unique paper towel holder, which has got a ceramic construction and amazing shape. It can be used as a gift too! Try it at your toilet or kitchen.

Classic Paper Towel Holder

Classic Paper Towel Holder
Made of aluminum decorative paper towel rack is a wonderful detail for each type of interior. Classic Floral details captivate style and timeless character. Beautifully presented both in the kitchen and in the dining room stle.

Pipe paper towel holder

Do you need to refresh the toilet, bathroom or kitchen? You will do that with the unique paper towel holder! It features the ceramic construction and light blue color, which fits to any style.

Unique paper towel holders 1
Vanessa Hen

This paper towel holder is a nice and practical decoration for any kitchen. Hand crafted from sturdy materials, the holder as well as its lattice design brings rustic accents, and a helping hand in case of a spill.

Unique paper towel holders 1

Add a modern or industrial style to your bathroom or toilet with this unique paper towel holder. It has got the simple, iron construction, which fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Wire paper towel holder

This gadget is must-have in every minimalistic and modern kitchen. It is automatic, electric paper towel dispenser. This gadget is very useful, especially if you have problem with keeping order in your house.

Paper towel holders for bathroom
Zernike Laetitia

Very original hand-styled holder for towels and toilet paper. These white hands hold a horizontal element made of metal. They are not only practical, but they also decorate bathrooms and other indoors.

Decorative paper towel holders
Mackenzie Poly

A simple and functional element of kitchen equipment. This paper towel holder is suitable for using inside and outside kitchen cabinets. Its stainless steel construction is attractive and long lasting.

Country paper towel holders
Tiffany Alle

A unique look for a funky and cute paper towel holder with a round, wooden base made out of a piece of walnut wood. The frame of the holder is made to resemble a knife sticking out of the base, giving the piece an unusual vibe.

Unique paper towel holders
Laetitia Kloss

This unique paper towel holder brings the exclusive touch to any interior. It has got the bronze finish , glass base and beautiful decoration. Everyone will be impressed how fab this product is.

Paxis place unique to paxis place paper towel holder 1
Christine Youn
Unique hand towel holders

In a unique way, you can pay attention to the passion for industrial elements at home. Surprisingly, instead of a traditional toilet paper rack - in the bathroom, there appears industrial pipes finished in a dark color as a unique 2-paper towel holder.

Paxis place unique to paxis place paper towel holder 2
Hilton Emily
Unique paper towel holders
Kimberly Pat

Here is something truly unique that can be an original decoration for your master bathroom. This toilet paper holder is designed from horseshoes, and two pieces of material that resembles horse legs. A great addition, especially, for country interiors.

Zebra toilet paper holder
Rachel Miller

Original toilet paper holder in the shape of photo camera. It is made of plastic and finished with pastel colors. Adds freshness and modernity to any bathroom.

Designer paper towel dispenser
Theresa Evan

A funky addition to a kitchen in an industrial style – an unusual and unique paper towel holder made out of wrought iron and meant to resemble a faucet with a valve, giving the piece a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Unusual towel racks
Kristina Ram

A unique proposition for the fans of nautical wildlife. This unique brass paper towel holder is a unique construction, comprising all the nautical wildlife in one place - including turtles, dolphins, fishes etc.

How to make a wooden paper towel holder
Hilton Emily

Set of 4 towel holders in various sizes. It is made of copper with antique finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Great addition for any bathroom as needed.

Unique towel holders
Heather Russ

A funny eye-catching contemporary toilet paper holder in the form of ... a female clothes dummy. It's dressed in black shoes, beige shorts and a blouse. A roll of toilet paper is put on a rod in the place where a neck is.

Designer paper towel holder
Amanda Dav

Very useful especially when you are in the heat of cooking, you have dirty hands and you are looking to grab a towel without getting dirty all around. The unique brass paper towel holder can be mounted in the kitchen cabinet.

Country paper towel holder
Natasha Kell

The eternal fight of cats with dogs is really just an expression of perverse friendship. For lovers of both animals, a unique paper towel holder was created. It has a post in the form of a green tree with a cat at the top and a dog at the bottom.

Industrial paper towel holder
Alexis Millerism

A simple item that provides functionality on the highest level in the kitchen. A black steel pipe is a perfect holder for paper towels. Its upper area includes a walnut wood shelf in a small size for spices.

Northwoods Bears Paper Towel Holder
Jenna Daviesful
Chicken paper towel holder
Diana Sco

This cute, little giraffe is made of rustic cast iron, adding a funky accent to your bathroom or kitchen decor. This whimsical paper towel holder has the size of 65 In. L x 3.35 In. W x 18.5 In. H.

Unusual towel bars
Hilton Emily

Why not go for one of those unique kitchen solutions and provide some significant boost of functionality and convenience to your household? These paper towel holders will allow you to actually keep your interior organized and well-styled.

Hummingbird Kitchen Paper Towel Holder
Mud Pie Lobster Paper Towel Holder
Marissa Hugh

A fun take on the traditional paper towel holder - paper towel holder with a small lobster. Features detailed metal lobster icon and mango wood rod and base accented with decorative bronze grommets. Original and unique addition to the kitchen, perfect as a gift for a housewarming.

Paper Towel Holder
Alexis Lope

Paper Towel Holder
It is very useful to have a paper towel holder at home. You can always easily reach it and clean your hands when you need to. It has a light wooden construction so you can try mounting it to the walls.

Paper towel holder ideas
Campbell Vanessa
Turquoise crown paper towel holder
Kathryn Wash
Rustic paper towel holders
Kristina Torres
Cool paper towel holder
Torres Colleen

A functional, country-styled element designed for kitchen use. This paper towel holder features a rooster pattern, so its construction is not only supportive and functional, but it also decorates kitchen indoors.

Primitive paper towel holder
Abbey Kowalski

A small, but useful and aesthetic element of equipment. This toilet paper holder features a metal holding element and a durable wooden construction of the mounting surface. This hand-made product is solid and aesthetic.

Toilet paper towel holder
Monica Perr
Unique towel rack
Isabella Martinable
Unique towel racks
Isabella Martinable

Adorable and very practical so that you can summarize this giraffe paper towel holder. The slim design, the giraffe's long neck, and the stabilizing stand create a neat whole. Perfect for kitchen or dining room.

NEW Red Faucet Paper Towel Holder Green Rusty Garden Green
Unique paper towel holder 2
Kristina Tho

A very original and unique kitchen gadget that features many function. It plays the role of a towel holder, but it also includes four USB ports for charging of tablets, iphones and other electronic devices.

Paxis place unique to paxis place paper towel holder 3
Jenna Delicata
So pretty ballard under cabinet mount paper towel holder
Holly Perez
Zorb ceramic paper towel holder
Melissa Turner
Sea Life Turtle Dolphin Fish Seashell Paper Towel Holder
Anderson Marisa
Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder

Patrice Paper Towel Holder
Lauren Martinezify

Patrice Paper Towel Holder
This is a must-have for every kitchen. This Paper Towel Holder in Venetian Bronze Finish features a weighted bottom for proper stability, heavy duty steel construction for durable usage, and a sturdy screw with a ring-like tip.

Decorative country cow paper towel holder
Craftsman style lighting hardware mission furniture and mirrors
Bianca Noorda
Decorative paper towel holder decorative paper towel holder
Twig collection paper towel holder
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