Unique Mini Fridge

Mini fridges that you can have a look at down here, have proved to be an inspiration for a number of people already. Do you think that any of these shapes, sizes and designs would be a good thing for you to have ? Just have a closer look at these models and try to pick one for yourself.

Unique mini fridge 2

A unique-looking mini fridge made to resemble a huge Rubik’s Cube with its structure. The fridge is covered in a variety of colorful shades of paint and provides a handy place to store your excess food.

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If you are the whisky lover and cannot imagine your bar without it - this unique mini fridge will be the perfect gift for you. It guarantees that your favourite drink will be always chill and ready to drink.

Compact car cooler warmer portable dorm home mini fridge refrigerator

Compact Car Cooler Warmer Portable Dorm Home Mini Fridge Refrigerator 16l Yellow
Finished in characteristic vibrant yellow, this unique mini fridge constitutes a brilliant option for any family trip. Its compact size won't take too much space in your carrier, offering thus 16L of capacity.

Unique mini fridge

A real bargain for all music lovers. This unique Marshall amp fridge will delight all, who like to tune up to good vibes. Thanks its compact size, it would be a great for summer houses or outdoor parties

Unique mini fridge 3

This small modular refrigerator constitutes an ingenuine project, that allows large customization with various skins and different add-ons. It comprises a base station and up to 4 stackable modules.

Unique fridge

Unique refrigerators

Refrigerator google branded egg shaped fridge promotes cooler thinking

Fridge unique

Unique mini fridge 7

Vw fridge2

Unique mini fridge 17

Unique refrigerator

Craftworks toolbox garage refrigerator 2

Unique mini fridge 6

Drawer refrigerator norcool fridge lets you organize and cool your

Mini fridge 2

Jack daniels mini fridge

Versonel VSL18RTC3R Portable Garage Toolbox Refrigerator, 1.8 Cubic Feet, Fridge Red

Unique mini fridge 24

Unique bar fridges

Craftworks toolbox garage refrigerator 1

Unique mini fridge 19

Koolatron AC/DC Heat Pipe Fridge

Pink dorm fridge

Classic 9 cu. ft. Built-In Compact Refrigerator

Classic 9 cu. ft. Built-In Compact Refrigerator

Portable mini cooler box factory unique portable mini cooler box

1.7 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

1.7 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

Unique mini fridge 23

Unique fridges

Jack daniels refrigerator

Unique mini fridge 4

0.1428571 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

0.1428571 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator
This small compact refrigerator is a charming accent to any decor. Freestanding device allows you to put your favorite drinks in the cool and have them on hand. It houses four liters, which is graceful and very functional.

Unique mini fridge 18

Unique mini fridge 5

Unique mini fridge

Custom mini fridge iii 1

Unique mini fridge

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Lowpricenice(TM) Fashion Cool Mini USB Cola Drink Fridge Beverage Can Cooler Warmer Freezer Refrigerator

Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

Compact Glass Door Vodka Freezer in Gray

Coca cola 15 can capacity bottle shaped fridge unique mini

Designer mini fridge

If you think, that every fridge look s dull and same, you should buy this unique refrigerator. It is not only stylish and modern but above all, due to diverse compartments and shelves, it is tailored to your individual needs.

Mini fridge photo target 8 mini fridge

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Coca Cola Retro Compact Refrigerator

Coca Cola Retro Compact Refrigerator
Why not get your compact refrigerator but also give your decor a little kick with the amazing design. It features bright, red finish and the Coca Cola theme, while the structure ensures optimum strength and durability.

Marshall fridge this is so cool go check it out

Latest portable custom mini fridge 4l china refrigerators for sale

Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Adaptor

Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Adaptor