Unique Kitchen Wall Clocks

Time flies and it's good to keep an eye on it! In the collection below I've gathered some unique kitchen wall clocks which are not only functional but also introduce an eye-catching element to the interior. Check them out and find your favourite. Here's my selection.

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Kitchen Wall Clock
Kristina Robinson

Kitchen Wall Clock
If you are looking for original and beautiful detail of the decor, this unique kitchen clock on the wall is an excellent choice. Beautiful golden motifs of kitchenware, large clock face with Arabic numerals and beautiful designs delight.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 3

Imagine a water drop leaking from your sink, that will tell you the current hour? Sounds irrational? This unique, designer clock doesn't. With its smooth design, it imitates well a water drop, while at the same time its big silver hands will display the time.

Unique kitchen wall clocks

Sparkling with a unique design and modern appearance, this awesome wall clock is a perfect fit for both - homes and offices. It has a round white dial with metal black hands along with a matching second hand, and Arabic digits that surround the whole mechanism.

15" Kitchen Wall Clock

15" Kitchen Wall Clock
What suits better for kitchen than the cutlery? You may type food or pots alternatively, but this quaint clock is embellished with forks, spoons and sieves that comprise its frame. Silvery finish adds a modern vibe to its looks.

Modern kitchen clock in vintage style contemporary kitchen furniture
Ashley Coop

Modern kitchen clock in vintage style, contemporary kitchen furniture

Unique kitchen wall clocks 1
Alexis Millerism

A unique wall clock, designed to add an eclectic appeal to any kitchen. Its unique design features a set of spoons and forks, orbiting around the clock face. One of the hands has the form of a knife, the other one is a fork.

Unusual kitchen wall clocks

Charming wall clock with round shield in the shape of watermelon. It is fitted with quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Positive accent for the kitchen, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 2
Thomson Marisa

Not only will fit into the industrial interior thanks to artificially stylized rust with a characteristic red color. It also fits into the Marianist climate thanks to the blue color of this circular simple dial of unique kitchen wall clock.

Unique kitchen wall clocks

Unique kitchen wall clock made from little cups, normally used for tea. We advise such a clock especially for English-style houses – maybe set yours to always point five o’clock?

Unique kitchen wall clocks 4
Adriana Andersson

Cool clock! Not only it's unique - it's also self-made at near-to-zero cost! Gold coloured numerals are attached to a bike chain that hangs freely from a bicycle bell. The chain rotates slowly on a gear, and the current hour is shown by a numeral on top.

Unique kitchen wall clocks

Charming collection of kitche clocks, uniquely made of dinner plates. Each clock sports different pattern: with birds, vintage cars and trucks, Polka dots or vintage signs. Definitely fit for rustic and cottage farmhouse layout.

Unique kitchen clocks 1

The unique and exclusive wall clock for the kitchen makes the interior a unique climate. Oval shape in retro styling brings a unique atmosphere thanks to the beautiful red frame and roman numerals on the clock face.

Unique kitchen wall clocks
Brittany Ros

You think now - what a great wall rack for kitchen utensils! But it is not just that, first of all it is designer unique kitchen wall clock, with plastic colored cutlery, that is attached to a metal, round clock face.

Unique kitchen wall clocks
Natasha Tur

This amazing kitchen wall clock will work wonders for your dining area thanks to the charming pot in the middle of its face and the unassuming yet fun design with quirky lettering and contrasting finish.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 8
Nelson Rachel

Peacocks, crystal eyes with a cobalt shade mixed with emerald, bronze, and gold, make their heads spiral and change the perspective of looking. The gold trim of the line, along with the unique tips make it a unique glass unique kitchen wall clock.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 7
Gray Amy

And what if our time measured out cups of tea? They do not even have to be full, although repairs green Japanese tea is good for health. This porcelain, pastel cups with stands attached to the wall, form a unique kitchen wall clock, with black clock hands.

Unique kitchen wall clocks

Wall clock in vintage style. Shield consists of wooden strips arranged horizontally. It contains quartz movement and Arabic numeral. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and neutral design.

Barcelona daily photo

barcelona daily photo

Unique kitchen wall clocks
Thompson Alyssa

If you are unique person with own style or just tea's lower, this clock will be good idea to your kitchen. Instead of numbers, there are little cups with little plates. Hands are made of antique, carved brass.

Cool kitchen clocks
Elizabeth John

A fancy wall clock that can also be a gorgeous decoration for kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants, and rooms adorned with oceanic themes. The clock is shaped like a red crab with a red fish pendulum, holding a pair of metal black hands.

Neat wall clocks

Are you a fan of unique and extraordinary wall clocks or wall decorations? Well, we've got something what you need. It has the red finish and the frame, which is made of forks and spoons.

Unusual kitchen clocks
Price Stephanie

Original wall clock in contemporary style. It is mounted on resin shield and finished with gold tips. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Modern design for each room.

Ok but i want this really bad it would be
Wilson Gabrielle

ok, but I want this really bad! It would be so cute for a kitchen!

Unique kitchen wall clocks 12
Hilton Emily

The neat, unique kitchen clock. Made of wood and glass with printed numbers on it. Its simplicity guarantees that it could be a part of each kitchen, no matter how you decided to organize it. My number one.

Kitchen wall clocks contemporary 9

I am definitely an enthusiast of the modern style clocks, which also catch some tradition of its roots. Made of stainless steel and glass. This wallclock flirts with steampunk style, but it is style elegant and not weird.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 1

Cutlery, although it has not been appreciated for many centuries, is today the most elementary part of our kitchen, not only in the form of usability but also in decorative form as the metal frame of this unique kitchen wall clock.

Unique kitchen clocks
Kristen Coll

The beautiful form of this stylish wall clock with a pendulum in the shape of a star makes the whole look incredibly impressive. A unique combination makes the whole look exquisitely in the kitchen or another interior.

Unique kitchen wall clocks

Apple Kitchen Clock Sale: $19.95

Tin wall clocks 6
Brown Jenna

Vintage organization

Midcentury modern starburst clock 24 teak rays atomic wall clock
Jamie Taylor

Midcentury Modern Starburst Clock, 24 Teak Rays, Atomic Wall Clock, Sunburst Design. $225.00

Unique kitchen wall clocks 11
Abbey Kowalski

Love the arched window over the sink, the vaulted ceiling painted sky blue, the gas stove...the entire space is a dream!

Oversized Wall Clock
Carmen Milani

Oversized Wall Clock

Cool clock gray tree house design in sunkist yellow walls
Cassandra Hil

cool clock gray tree house design in sunkist yellow walls nature ...

Western wall decor barn star wood wall clock country or
Patterson Gracie

Western Wall Decor | Barn Star Wood Wall Clock Country or Western Wall Decor New | eBay

Unique kitchen wall clocks 3
Lauren Martinezify

Wisteria - Mirrors & Wall Decor - Shop by Category - Wall Art - Distressed European Wall Clock - $59.00

Unique kitchen wall clocks 8
Chloe Hughesful

A modern interpretation of the sunburst wall clock. FInished in teal, it will add a unique look to any room. Made of plastic, features quartz movement and tick hour markers. It has the size of 15.55 x 15.55 x 1.5".

Square Glass Wall Clock

Square Glass Wall Clock
Extremely Aesthetic Square Glass Stripe Wall Clock can be used as a beautiful decoration for pubs, bars, game rooms, and bachelor pads. Designed in slightest details, the clock provides a hand-made glass frame, and German-made quartz movement.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 10
Jenna Edward

Sophia Clock. Laser Cut Wood Wall Clock. by SarahMimoClocks, $160.00

Unique kitchen wall clocks 2

Cool for a dorm room! New Art Design Home Room Decor Number Wall Clock Clocks Black Red White Color | eBay

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Alexis Hallify

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Homemade wall clock
Karen Wilson

Happy people do not count the time? Why not! With such a unique kitchen wall clock! This oversized clock has a huge dial in beige tinted shades, and black Roman numbers and black clockwises. It brings a bit rustic character.

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Simmons Margaret

Modern Kitchen Wall Clocks Pictures

Original jpg 46
Krystal Smi


PI:P Clock
Jenkins Katie

PI:P Clock

Kitchen clock unique grey wall clock with 3 green pears
Jenna Daviesful

Kitchen clock- Unique Grey wall clock with 3 green pears white numbers ...

Kitchen Wall Clock

Kitchen Wall Clock

This custom made personalized kitchen wall clock features a coffee

This custom made personalized kitchen wall clock features a coffee cup ...

The echo wall clock from urban barn is a unique
Roberts Isabelle

The Echo Wall Clock from Urban Barn is a unique home décor item. Urban Barn carries a variety of New Accents and other New furnishings.

Fine looking decorative wall clocks kitchen decorative large
Emily Rivera

Fine Looking Decorative Wall Clocks Kitchen Decorative Large

Howard Miller 625-313 Pisces Wall Clock by
Brittany Peterson

A very reliable, convenient and attractive element. It is a wall clock that has got a round shape. Its case is made of solid metal with a burnished nickel finish, so it also looks very attractive in any decor.