Unique Kitchen Canisters Sets

Kitchen canisters have both a useful and decorative potential. You can keep cooking ingredients in them but also decorate the countertop with a splash of colour and a nice design. Check out my list of suggestions below for more inspiration.

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
Unique kitchen canisters sets
Peyton Donaldson

This charming set of containers is a charming way to make functional and beautiful decorations. Interesting decorative details are associated with a rural French idyll. Beautiful materials and colors add to the subtlety.

Unique kitchen canisters sets

Set of 4 richly decorated kitchens canisters with lids. It is completely made of earthenware. Suitable for storing food. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Unique kitchen canisters sets 1
Colleen Gree

These enchanting metal kitchen containers with lids are a perfect combination of functionality and exceptional design. Beautiful coloring and floral motifs will give you an interior of the spring climate.

Unique kitchen canisters
Cassandra All

Astounding canister set with three pots of different sizes and a matching saltcellar and pepper pot. Dark red glossy finish of the pots matches the elaborate anodised metal bases boasting ornamental design.

Kitchen decorative canisters
Shannon Wil

Very elegant set of three unique kitchen canisters. Each of them is made of glass and has beautiful sculptural lid made of metal. They are inserted in carved wooden rack. It can be used to storage spices, flour or snacks.

Blue canister set

Beautiful functional size-varied ceramic canisters for e.g. dry food. They're hand-painted in floral and bird motifs in a restful colour scheme. They have cubical flared up bodies and pagoda-like lids with ornate flowers and bird figurines as grips.

Unique tea coffee sugar canisters

Classic and useful canister set suitable for kitchen applications. This set features three elements made of blue glass. They also feature metal lids with some decorative accents, so they look great in any kitchen design.

Unusual tea coffee sugar canisters
Jillian Wrig

An antique set of unique kitchen canisters with adorable stands made out of wrought iron in a Baroque fashion. The canisters themselves are made out of white ceramic with iron handles, giving them a classic look.

Purple canister set
Robinson Layla

Make your kitchen a bit scarier with those 4 different size sugar canisters. Each of those morbid beauties has a painted black body with a matching lid, and a large, white skull print in the front.

Ooooo these might be the canisters ive been looking for
Erika Young

Ooooo, these might be the canisters I've been looking for. Prettttty! Arthur Court Designs Grape Tuscan Canisters - Bed Bath & Beyond

Unique canister sets

Set of 3 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of glass and fitted with wooden lids. Suitable for storing food. Functional addition for each kitchen.

Blue canister sets
Roberts Isabelle

Spice jars are needed in every kitchen, and these here are just great. Old-fashioned, simple and with nice images of grapes, they will add a relaxed, French or Italian vibe to your kitchen. Such canisters never go out of fashion!

Unusual tea and coffee canisters
Rachel Massonable

Set of 3 unique kitchen canisters in various sizes. Suitable for storing food. It is made of combination of metal and glass. Modern and functional design for each kitchen.

Unusual tea coffee sugar sets
Theresa Phil

As it is commonly known, ceramic containers give us at least 2 options - kitchen countertop decorations and product freshness for a long time. These 2 things they combine in these ceramic unique kitchen canisters set with oat color and brass stands.

Unique kitchen canister sets
Evans Karen

3 piece canisters set for storing spices, food and more. It is made of ceramic and fitted with lids. Front is decorated with floral theme. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Unusual kitchen canisters
Mendes Natasha

A well-designed canister set always enhances interior decor with attractive accents. This one is a vintage set of 4 blue glass canisters of different shapes and sizes, with amazingly designed body and decorative lids.

Purple tea and coffee canisters set

A vintage set of old-fashioned kitchen canisters made out of stained ceramic with wooden covers on top. The canisters are painted with a distressed and weathered coat of pastel blue paint, giving them a nice finish.

Set of three classy glass polystone fleur de lis decorative
Olivia Smithist

Set of Three Classy Glass Polystone Fleur De Lis Decorative Canisters

Flour sugar canister set

Those charming canisters are going to enhance you kitchen in a blink of an eye. With their lovely design, beautiful lids, and chalkboards labels, you are gaining a truly vintage as well as practical decoration.

Purple kitchen canisters
Rachel Massonable

Set of 4 kitchen canisters made of ceramic and finished with interesting ornament. Includes lids fitted with comfortable grip. Stylish accent for each kitchen. Received a lot of great reviews from customers.

Yellow canister sets

This clear glass kitchen canister set enchants with its ornate, detailed finishing. Each of the items is finished with a wonderful, detailedly crafted rooster. A good proposition for all shabby chic or classic kitchens.

Purple kitchen canister sets

Set of 3 canisters set for storing food, cookies and more. Base is made of metal and covered with thick glass. Includes convenient lids decorated with star theme. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Countertop canister sets
Evans Liliana

With this unique canister, your kitchen is going to become much more appealing and elegant. With its floral design, quality materials, and round wooden lid, the canister is dishwasher safe and suitable for enhancing contemporary decor.

Gg collection spoon rest on
Dana Hal

GG Collection Spoon Rest on

Unusual tea coffee sugar jars
Martinez Marisa

A unique set of kitchen decorations, beautifully designed of quality ceramic, with a bit weathered appearance. Canisters have different sizes, eye-catching patterns, and tight lids with lovely finials.

Purple coffee tea sugar canisters
Aloma Garcia

Colour Match Pittsburgh 5 Piece Storage Jars - Purple. | review | Kaboodle

Blue canisters for kitchen

This is a adorable canister set of three created from recycled tins.

Blue kitchen canisters
Laura Jone

Adorable canisters for bring some rustic flavor in to your country kitchen. All pieces are hand-painted, with weathered white finish, weathered pink lids, and lovely floral labels on the front of each can.

Cheap kitchen canister sets
Martinez Marisa

Tooled 3 Piece Canister Set :: Home Decor :: New Arrivals :: FEATURES :: Fort Western Online

Caswell Canisters (Set of 3)
Lindsey Harris

Caswell Canisters (Set of 3)
Sugar, coffee, tea...and you can have your soiree even today. These lovable canisters come in a set of three. They have that rustic feel - they look very classic and a bit old, even if they will arrive in a fresh condition - it is their charm.

Kitchen counter canister sets

Artland Blue Canister with Barrington Lid (Set of 3) | Wayfair

Metal container tray set
Thomson Marisa

Metal Container & Tray Set

3 Piece Canister & Lid Set

3 Piece Canister & Lid Set
These three canisters with matching lids are wonderful decorative pieces. They feature textured details and a crisp white finish. Great for display and storage this set will be a graceful accent in your space.

Kitchen canisters blue
Rachel Massonable

Complete Set of Kromex Turquoise Canisters | Everything Turquoise

Cupcake canister set
Jenna Delicata

Add this decorative canister set to your kitchen for a colorful and functional style update. The earthenware containers feature bright fruit-themed designs. The set includes four canisters with lids, ranging from small to extra-large sizes. h

Decorative glass kitchen canisters
Craven Zoe

Lighthouse Kitchen Decor | Lighthouse Decor Kitchen Canisters from Collections Etc.

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Blue kitchen canister sets
Vanessa Hen

This is a adorable chalkboard labels canister set of four created from recycled tins.

Blue ceramic canister set

Set of Cupcake Mini Canister Jar Jewelry by FakeCupcakeCreations, $22.75

Yellow canisters sets
Coupe Andrea

This is a Adorable canister set of three created from recycled tins.

Unique canisters 1

These are so neat. I would love to have them in my kitchen. If I, you know, decorated anything ever.

Black Marble Kitchen Canister Set - 4 Pc. Stone Kitchen Canisters
Rogers Vanessa

Black Marble Kitchen Canister Set - 4 Pc. Stone Kitchen Canisters

Decorative kitchen canisters sets
Laetitia Zernike

Don't like the chicken too much but LOVE the red canister.

Purple tea sugar coffee canisters
Melanie Ste

If you have room to spare, make your own elaborate hot-drink haven. Carrie from The Vintage Wren filled this handy shelf with cups and uses labeled glass canisters to store coffee, creamers, cocoa, tea and Splenda. To top a setup like this off, use a dual

Kitchen canisters inspiration for unique style contemporary kitchen

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Kitchen canisters glass canister sets coffee canisters canisters
Cintia Kowalski

Kitchen canisters, glass canister sets coffee, Canisters canisters ...

These drake design canister sets are quite lovely and unique
Harris Jaclyn

These Drake Design Canister Sets are quite lovely and unique. They would go great in a traditional kitchen, Victorian kitchen, French country...

Vintage tea coffee and sugar canisters
Olivia Smithist

This set of glass canisters will embellish any kitchen space, adding a bit of the classic ornateness. A distinguished way to store your herbs and spices or tea bags. Thick, crystal finish will provide solidness for years.

Details about tuscan drake design black ceramic kitchen canisters s
Lindsey Bail

Details about Tuscan Drake Design Black Ceramic Kitchen Canisters S/3

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