Unique Fruit Bowl

Unique fruit bowl 4

Unique fruit bowl 10

Unique fruit bowl 24

Unique fruit bowl 21

MoMa Satellite Fruit Bowl in Black

Porcelain fruit bowl 1

Unique fruit bowl 6

Römer Drop Fruit Bowl

Römer Drop Fruit Bowl
Wonderful contemporary bowl for fruit. It's round, has a flared top part and features a beautiful edge looking like milk sloshing out of a pot when something plunges into it. It's manufactured of white glazed ceramic.

Unique fruit bowl 3

White porcelain berry bowl 2

White Porcelain Berry Bowl
A nice choice for when you need or simply want to display your fruit for your guests and would want a beautiful and fashionable piece to help you do that. This fruit bowl sports the porcelain structure and comes with individually drilled holes.

Unique fruit bowl 23

Porcelain fruit bowl 2

Fruit bowl that plays practical and decorative roles in dining and other indoors. This original bowl provides space for fruits and its porcelain construction includes an attractive, multi-color theme.

Fruit bowls and baskets

Unique fruit bowl 18

Wire fruit bowl

Fruit bowl arrangements

Unique fruit bowl 31

Unique fruit bowl 9

Baskets for fruits

Porcelain fruit bowl

Wire fruit bowl 3

A wire fruit bowl in a vibrant, yellow color with a minimalistic design. The frame is made out of metal with a soft, plastic coating and would look nice in a mid-century, modern dining room with its simple design.

Unique bowl

Wire fruit bowl 17

A pretty-looking traditional fruit bowl manufactured of metal wires with a vibrant yellow coating. Its round tapered up base and quite spacious hemispherical bowl feature right-angled triangles patterns.

Wire fruit bowl 8

The black mesh bins perfect for your pantry. The fruits and vegetables should be organized in a good way to prevent putrefing themselves. The bins made of wire delivers enough air to stop rotting and keep your veggies fresh longer.

Wire fruit bowl

2 tier fruit basket consisting of metal wires and finished with openwork pattern. Suitable for serving fruit, cookies and more. Handy accent for each home.

Bukran unique arts and crafts bowl 9

Bukran Unique Arts And Crafts Bowl 9
A pretty traditional bowl for fruit or sweets. It's handmade of glazed ceramic, has a wavy top edge and features various designs e.g. waves, dots, scrolls in prevalent restful blues, oranges and creams.

Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl
Richly decorated fruit bowl for residential and commercial premises. It is made of durable material and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Stylish addition for all kinds of interior.

Vintage Decorative Fruit Bowl

Vintage Decorative Fruit Bowl
This piece is the authentic representation of the typical basin used in China, making for a truly original addition to your home. It comes with ample functionality, letting you keep your fruits beautifully displayed.

Decorative fruit bowl

This unique fruit bowl shall enchant both the parents and the children, motivating them to eat more fruits and veggies. It resembles a large, soft drop of paint, frozen at the precise moment it hits the table and breaks into a colourful spray.

Unique fruit bowl 16

Unique fruit bowl 32

If you are eccentric, original person, who loves unique decor's element, this bowl will be fit to your kitchen or dining room. This bowl is intended to bowl and woven of different colorful cloths' pieces.

Purple fiesta ware

Coming from around 1936, this vintage salad bowl measures over 11" across the top. Embossed marked bottoms, with the more delicate hand attached foot will amaze any collectors or enthusiasts of this style.

Unique fruit bowl 17

Fiestaware salad bowl 15

Simple bowls for salads and other types of food. Each bowl of this type features a pedestal base that provides good support and stability on the table. Bowls are available in yellow, orange and red colors.

Unique fruit bowl 20

Rare fiestaware giant yellow fruit or

Rare Fiestaware Giant Yellow Fruit Or
Vintage take on a minimalistic salad bowl made out of painted ceramic. The oversized, giant bowl has a vibrant coat of yellow paint, giving it a retro tint, and makes for a perfect dish to serve fruit or salad in during parties.

Vintage fiesta ware 4 34 fruit bowls

Vintage Fiesta Ware 4 34 Fruit Bowls
Simple salad bowls with durable bases that provide good stability and support. They are available in green, dark blue and light blue colors with some white accents. They are durable, so they will serve their users for a very long time.

Unique fruit bowl 22

Fruit bowls and baskets 1

Vintage classic fiesta ware harlequin

Vintage Classic Fiesta Ware Harlequin
Minimalistic and simple design for a vintage salad bowl with a classic look. The bowl is made out of yellow ceramics, which provides a vibrant contrast to the wooden table with a traditional, white cloth on it.

Unique fruit bowl 25

Fiestaware salad bowl 1

Simple and durable salad bowl finished in nice light blue color. It provides quite large space for salads and other meals. This bowl features a durable, round support that provides additional stability on flat surface.

Individual Salad Bowl

Individual Salad Bowl
It is a salad bowl that is made of acacia wood and has got a casual design and is easy to care for. If you looking for a classic salad bowl, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

Unique fruit bowl 26

Cherry Salad Bowl 7 Piece Set

Cherry Salad Bowl 7 Piece Set
It is a 7-piece set that includes a serving bowl, salad bowls, and serving utensils. They are easy to care for and they have got a deep rich cherry finish and casual design. This set is great as a gift.

Unusual decorative accessories vases fruit bowls 10

Cherry Salad Bowl (Set of 4)

Cherry Salad Bowl (Set of 4)
This Set of 4 Salad Bowls in Cherry Finish is crafted from sturdy wood, making each bowl easy to clean with mild soap. Bowls should be stored in a dark, well-ventilated place. Do not use in dishwashers or refrigerators.

Unique fruit bowl

Unique fruit bowl 27

Impressions 15 oz. Watercolors Soup / Salad Bowl

Impressions 15 oz. Watercolors Soup / Salad Bowl
Designed of glass for stylish appearance, this Soup/Salad Bowl is characterized by a stackable and chip/scratch-resistant design. You can use the bowl in your dishwasher, microwave and oven.