Unique Curio Cabinets

A curio cabinet is a great piece of storage and display furniture. And as there's never enough of storage space in homes, it's a good investment of money. Here are my favourite designs. They are characterized by eye-catching lines, elaborate designs and finishes which stand out in the interior. Check them out in my inspiring board.

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Unique curio cabinets

With its unique, curved shape, this curio cabinet constitutes an exquisitely stylish proposition for all modern interiors. Glazed fronts along with sleek, ultra thin frames create a minimalistic construction.

Unique curio cabinets

Original curio cabinet mounted on wooden frame and covered with clear glass. It has 3 shelves arranged vertically. Great solution for storing tableware or display decorations. Modern design for each room.

Unique curio cabinets 4
Unique curio cabinets
Shabby chic bookcase uk

This piece is going to bring Mid-century accents straight into your living room. The display cabinet is crafted from Perillo solids and Alder veneer, with 3 adjustable shelves, plate-grooved glass inserts, and rheostat controlled interior lighting.

A very stylish, solid and functional cabinet. It has got a durable frame and solid, attractive glass doors and walls. It includes five glass shelves for storage and display of decorations or functional items.

Unique curio cabinets
Unique curio cabinets 6

Anyone that goes for unique furniture forms just can't miss this extraordinary curio cabinet. It's truly, well, weird, a wooden open display cabinet looking as if it were melting or falling over. Design masterpiece.

Caldwell Curio Cabinet

Caldwell Curio Cabinet
This cabinet assures plenty of display and storage space without taking so much space in the house. It is created for corner placement. Its wooden frame includes glass doors and walls. It also features solid glass shelves.

Unique curio cabinets 2
Unique curio cabinets
Unique curio cabinets 13
Unique curio cabinets 3
Rustic curio cabinets 5

Ideal to embellish some rustic interiors, this curio cabinet will display your favourite belongings in an inimitable way. Adorned with tree branches, it can also appeal to all who love the boho chic style.

Unique curio cabinets 1
Unique curio cabinets 2

This curio cabinet is a valuable collectible itself. Swirls and curls embellish its gold frame creating a harmonious romantic visual composition. Spacious oval capsule contains numerous glass shelves inside.

Unique curio cabinets
Unique curio cabinets 11

Large industrial file cabinet made out of distressed wood, making the piece a unique curio cabinet with display capability provided by the shelf on top. The abundance of drawers makes sure you never run out of space.

Rustic curio cabinets 1

Beautiful rustic furniture, which was born from old wooden pallets and aged window. This curio cabinet is a second life of salvaged barn wood, contains also electric knobs as handles.If you have some old windows, now you know what to do with them.

Unique curio cabinets

When you replace the old wooden windows the the plastic one, you face the problem what you have to do with the old materials. This showcase made of old windows plays its role very well, but the wooden elements should be repainted.

It is a cabinet that has got a glass doors and is perfect to display your favorite accent pieces, bootless of wine, glass and more. It is a beautiful addition to your living room, dining room and other.

Rustic curio cabinets
Unique curio cabinets
Unique curio cabinets 5
Unique medicine cabinets

Unique curio cabinet with antique finish. It is made of wood and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Ideal for display decorations or storing needed items. Stylish accent for each room according to taste.

Unique storage cabinets 5

Curio cabinet with antique finish. Construction is made of wood. Includes 4 shelves in various sizes. Great solution for storing books, display decorations and more. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

French curio cabinets 6

A very nice, functional and decorative cabinet that includes glass doors and shelves for storage and display purposes. Its wooden construction is durable and attractive. The lower storage part has got no glass doors.

Metal display cabinet

A rather simple contemporary standing display unit having a rectilinear frame of metal and low tapered angular legs. A top and a bottom are of metal. Sides, 3 rectangular shelves and 2 doors (with a T-handle) are of clear glass.

Oriental display cabinet

A stunning piece for everyone, who admires antiqued look and distressed finishes. This Chinese apothecary chest is the finest addition to all decors, allowing for both a boost of convenience and of style.

Stainless steel display cabinet

Constructed of durable metal, this curio cabinet is made to last and to splash your home with a touch of industrial elegance. It has 1 cabinet with glass panel doors and 2 glass shelves, 1 glass top, 1 open metal shelf, 3 drawers with stylish pulls, and curvy legs with non-marring caps.

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Unique curio cabinets 14
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Even though i have never been a fan of painting
Unique curio cabinets 1
Curio cabinet custom made by heitzman studios curio cabinet curios
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Custom made gas pump curio cabinet
Unique curio cabinets 2
Vintage curio cabinet 4
Unique curio cabinets 15
Custom curio cabinets 5
Unique curio cabinets 16
Montana Woodworks Curio Cabinet
Unique curio cabinets 3
Unique curio cabinets 1
Can get another small curios cabinet to accommodate your latest

A curio cabinet that will offer you the right amount of extra space to organize your belongings, whether put in your living room or dining area, all the while taking excellent care about your decor with the traditional vibe it gives to the setting.

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