Unique Bird Feeders

Bird feeders? Well, this site offers an insight into a very rich compilation of bird feeders, all of which look well. This is quite a rare opportunity so make sure to check out all these designs and tell us what you like most. There is no need to rush so take all the time that you want.

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Unusual bird feeder

This lovely little construction is actually a charming porch swing bird feeder, which will delight not the birds, but also anyone entering your porch or veranda. A unique project made of solid poplar wood.

Unique bird feeders 1

Unique bird house for each outdoor place as needed. It is completely made of wood. Dedicated to small birds.

Unique birdhouses and feeders

I've lately came acroos this rustic apple bird feeder while searching for unique bird feeders. Must be crafted out of an old window frame or the like. The apples are placed on a metal rod piercing the frame.

Unique bird feeder

Is it a house for fairies in your garden? No, it's unique and beautiful bird feeder, create in fantasy style will turn your garden into magical place from fantasy novels. Different levels of windows and shelves allows to feed many birds.

Unique bird feeders 7

A unique look for an unusual, self-made birdhouse mounted on a tree. The birdhouse is made out of an old guitar which was filled with seeds, and its strings have been removed to make the piece safe to use for birds.

Unique bird feeders 5

Birdseed Wedding Favor Hearts can be a lovely shabby chic inspiration for one's wedding party. This idea is inexpensive and easy to prepare, you can do it smoothly on your own. An adorable, eco-friendly way to thank your guests – and the birds.

Unique bird feeder 6

This budget-friendly bird feeder comprises an alternative for classic bird feeders - definitely worth to be considered! A black metal spring is affixed to a hanging circular frame, and you can put bird food inside the spring.

Unique bird feeders 9

This adorable birdhouse is made of a metal funnel, a tin of coffee and a vegetable steamer. A great example of upcycling will enchant both the fans of DIY projects as well those, who are looking for intriuging outdoor adornments.

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Bird house designs design and diy magazine

If you like DIY projects, this beautiful multi-level bird feeder shall appeal to you. It comprises multiple vibrantly painted small houses, directed towards different sides of the world.

Interesting bird feeders
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This is a beautiful unique and rustic one of a
Unique bird feeders 2

Unique birdhouse for feeding birds and providing them shelter. It looks like a train so it is a perfect outdoor decoration for all people who love trains. It is finished in black, red and green colors.

Unique bird feeders 6
Unique bird feeder designs
Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

Unique bird feeders 21
Unusual bird feeders
Decorative Bird Feeder I

Decorative Bird Feeder I
Feed the birds with style! This extraordinary bird feeder will for sure enhance the looks of your exterior decor. Comes with a chain, ready to be hanged on a tree twig or window! Made of metal, with blue inserts!

Cool birdhouse 22 gorgeous and unique birdhouse designs
Unique birdfeeders
Unique bird feeders 2
Verdant Pavilion Gazebo Bird Feeder

Verdant Pavilion Gazebo Bird Feeder
Charming rich ornamented standing bird feeder. It is made of durable lightweight plastic with an old copper finish. It has a round openwork base, a sleek fluted column and a round top with a beauiful summerhouse-like feeder.

Platform Bird Feeder

Platform Bird Feeder

Cat Decorative Bird Feeder

Cat Decorative Bird Feeder

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Unique bird feeders 26
Unique bird feeders

A great proposition for all, who love birds. This whole collection comprises 22 gorgeous and unique birdhouses, ready to enhance every garden, veranda or balcony. Available in different colors and designs.

Unique bird feeders and houses
Unique bird feeders 11
Unique bird feeders 3
Tree stump bird house

A simple, DIY bird feeder that you can make with your kids. Just take two small wicker baskets and join them together with some old strap. Hang it in your garden on a tree branch, put there some grains and observe the birds.

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Hes for real fat cat birdhouse hand carved with clean
Bird farm but to me it is a bird farm
PetsN'all Clear Window Family Diner, Four-Bird Capacity Small Bird Feeder
Perky-Pet 110 Evenseed Silo Wild Bird Feeder
Unique bird feeders 24
Unique bird feeders 25
Rebeccas bird gardens blog diy mason or jelly jar suet
Feed this birds this winter easy bird feeder crafts for
I love how mine turned out not pictured but words
Unique bird feeders 4
Naturalyards Pagoda Bird Feeder 3-Level Tall, Cedar
Unique bird feeders 27
Diy wine bottle bird feeders
Good Directions Good Directions Venetian Bronze Crescent Moon Bird Feeder
Dragonfly bird feeder