Twig Floor Lamp

Living our hectic lifestyles, we are getting fewer and fewer chances to be in touch with nature. Wondering how you could bring the essence of the outdoors into your home? Check out this gallery and get inspired! A twig floor lamp is one of the easiest ways to bring natural warmth and rustic appeal to your place. And there’s even no need to drain your savings because there are tens of super easy DIY projects out there to copy.

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This twig floor lamp creates an elegant, refined proposition, which will fit into all sophisticated interiors. It brings natural warmth and rustic appeal to both traditional and modern decors.

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An eye-catching rustic style floor lamp featuring a base modelled on a leafless branched gnarled twig bent atop at the angle of about 90 degrees. It's of textured metal in browns. A conical lampshade in beige hues has decorative stitches on edges.

Twig floor lamp

Original floor lamp consisting of twigs. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Simple form and elegant design.

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With the twig-like base this floor lamp will prove to be an immensely suitable addition to your home decor and a sure way of elevating the interior, keeping in line with its natural appeal and simple looks of class.

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Cal lighting twig floor lamp in willow

Cal Lighting Twig Floor Lamp In Willow
Floor lamp with durable and decorative iron construction. It offers a three way mechanism for optimal control of light. Its shade features a traditional finish and shape. It provides good level of light and decorates indoors.

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If you dream about original, but not sophisticated lamp, this set of floor lamp is dedicated special of you. It is composed of three lamps in different sizes - They have cylinder lampshade and kickstands made of undressed branches.

Twig Floor Lamp

Twig Floor Lamp
This 61-inch height floor lamp in a bronze finish features a detailed wrought iron base, equipped with tree limbs, pine needles and cones. The lamp also includes a white fabric shade, beautifully contrasting with the dark color base.

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Twigs Floor Lamp

Twigs Floor Lamp
A gorgeous piece for both modern and contemporary décor. This floor lamp in a white finish stands 72 inches tall, with 3 tubular steel legs, and stainless steel hardware. The drum shade is designed of premium fabric. Accommodates one 60 Watt bulb. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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