Tv Snack Tray Tables

Ever considered buying a snack tray table? If you think this is something for you, feel free to browse through all the photos presented below. Regardless of which style, shape or colour you like, you will surely find something suitable for your house here. But take all the time you need to choose.

Tv snack tray tables

Space saving tray table suitable for TV rooms. It provides space for snacks, TV remote and other items near the sofa or armchair. Its lower part includes a stable rectangular base and a practical magazine rack.

Snack tray table set

Tv snack tray tables 2

Tv snack tray tables 2

Tv snack tray tables

Now you can add convenience and style easily to your household with this versatile snack table that sports the foldable design and comes in a 5-piece set. It offers the attractive walnut wood finished legs and a marble design finish of the top.

Bamboo Snack TV Tray Table (Set of 2)

Bamboo Snack TV Tray Table (Set of 2)
It is a set of two fold-out tables, which are made of bamboo. Tables are ideal for distribution while watching TV. They can show ourselves snacks and drinks. They are practical and handy, and for that very nicely and tort look.

Tv snack tray tables 21

Snack tray table

Oak tray table

Tv snack tray tables 8

Tv snack tray tables 1

What is small is beautiful - and what is portable makes life easier. Portable tv snack tray tables, for the laptop, or even to put a book and coffee on it while resting on your favorite couch. Delicate metal construction in black, and wooden dark brown tops.

Couch snack tables

Something lightweight, portable and foldable. Something that can stand by the couch - hold a pile of books or laptop and coffee. Laser-cut butterfly-shaped wooden tv snack tray deep brown table. Diagonal edges, top resembling a tray, finished in ebony.

Wood snack table

5 piece snack tray table set

Tv snack tray tables 22

Hand painted tv trays

Couch snack table

Folding tray table made of wood and decorated with nature theme. It is mounted on crossed legs. It folds flat for easy storage. Handy gadget for each home. Received positive recommendations from clients.

Folding TV and Snack Tray Table

Folding TV and Snack Tray Table
Utilitarian folding table characterized by high mobility and storage facility. Metal base ensures sturdiness. It may be used for varied applications, whether at home to serve snacks or for special occassions.

Snack sofa table

Tv snack tray tables 1

Oak tv tray set

Tv snack tray tables 5

Sofa snack table plans

Set of four TV snack tables is great solution for long evenings with watching matches or films. Pu there a cup of favorite tea and some cookies and enjoy tv shows in the evening. Made from solid, light wood perfect matches with most room decors.

Tv snack tray tables 7

Snack tray tables

An elegant traditional tray table with a base of black-coated metal. It has sturdy edges, bowed supports and decorative scrolls. It has only 3 walls so its foot can be tucked under e.g. a sofa. A rectangular wooden top in brown hues has raised edges.

Fc93 oak finish table top sports theme desk slide under

Fc93 Oak Finish Table Top Sports Theme Desk Slide Under Sofa Couch Tv Snack Tray
TV snack trays. These little cuties are finished with oak wood. Metal base holds its top and keeps the balance whenever you use it, on any surface. You can easily slide them under sofa/couch and use it later.

Tv snack tray tables 9

Vintage metal tv snack tray table set of 4 gold

Vintage Metal Tv Snack Tray Table Set Of 4 Gold And Ivory With Floral Design
TV snack trays make a nice option if you do not have enough room for a proper coffee table or you simply need a piece of furniture by the sofa. You can put there some snacks, the remote as well as some bits and pieces.

Tv snack tray tables 6

Side sofa snack table

Table slides under couch

Folding tray table in vintage style. It is completely made of wood. Top is finished with interesting pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Perfect for serving snacks, drinks and more.

Lipper international cherry five piece snack table set in cherry

Vintage asian art floral folding tv snack trays tables set

Vintage Asian Art Floral Folding Tv Snack Trays Tables Set 2 Nice Rare Free Ship
TV snack trays? Impossible? Well - yes it's possible! Check out these beauties! Vintage asian art floral folding TV snack trays - a set of two. You can use them in any place you want. Watching tv, eating your dinner, even playing on your laptop.

Tv snack tray tables 18

Vintage metal tv snack trays 1

Vintage Metal Tv Snack Trays
A vintage proposition for all who like to have a bite to eat while watching TV. These simple, metal TV snack trays will guarantee you more stability and sustainability then you might think.

End table side tray metal slide under sofa couch chair

End Table Side Tray Metal Slide Under Sofa Couch Chair Vines Remote Leaves New
Very often in course of watching TV, you feel like eating something. This incredible piece of furniture help you averting mess on your couch. It is vintage under couch snack table with metal ornamental frame and wooden desktop.

Sofa snack tray table

Cool practical folding tray tables crafted of wooden materials with a black finish. A table has 2 pairs of thin angular X-crossed legs and a simple stretcher. A rectangular flip down top is decorated with a licensed logo.

Tv snack

This set of vintage tv snack tray embodies the best features of the 1950's design. Its mid-century design shall enchant especially retro lovers, however it will also fit well into modern living rooms, providing a functional addition.

Lipper International Bamboo Rectangular Snack Table, Set of 2

Minimalistic design for a simple, rectangular snack table with a foldable frame, which makes it easy to store when not in use. The snack table is made out of light oak wood with no paint, which gives it a rustic vibe.

Side sofa end table wood desk tv snack drink book

Diy for my wooden tv trays

Tv snack tray tables 11

Tv snack tray tables 12

Curved sofa tv tray

Tv snack tray tables 13

eHemco Ez Folding Tv Tray Square Top Table - Hard Wood in Black

This simple table is not only very functional, but also super stylish! It will bring a lot of comfort and brand new design to every kind of space. Use it in your bar place or kitchen and enjoy the perfect look.

Tv snack tray tables 14

Lipper international snack table lip set of two bamboo dinner

Vintage tin tray tv tables folding snack tables w retro

Tv snack tray tables 15