Tulip Glass Lamp Shades

If you're a fan of traditional glass lamp shades, take a look below. I've gathered tulip style ones in different colours and finishes. They will complement an elegant interior with a touch of the old-time feel.

Tulip glass lamp shades

Charming traditional tulip flower-inspired lampshades made of quality glass in vivid warm colours. They are gently flared towards wavy edges. Some of them are homochromous, some mix 2 colours, the others feature colourful stained glass designs.

Lily pad table lamp

Natural, glazed lampshade intended to table lamp. Lampshade has shape inspired of lily flower and it is available in nine shades (amber, blue, white, green to amber, green, pink, pink to white, lavender and blue to pink).

Meyda Dale Tiffany Style Pond Lily Flower Glass Replacement Lamp Shade Bluish Purple/LiteTurquoise(Very Lt Green) (LARGE Size) 4.5" Wide X 6" Tall X 1.5" Fitter for Pond Lilly Globe Bulb Lamps

Glass lamp shade with a very attractive hand painted finish. This lily flower stylization looks very natural and assures good interior illumination. It also decorates indoors in a very attractive way.

Tulip glass lamp shades 1

Old-fashioned take on an antique hanging old oil lamp made in an ornate, decorative fashion in a large size. The nineteenth-century oil lamp is made out of shiny brass with a carved-out pattern, giving it a fancy finish.

A vintage tulip lamp shade gold or orange and green

A Vintage Tulip Lamp Shade Gold Or Orange And Green Art Glass Art Nouveau
Tulip lamp shade made of thick glass and colored orange, green and gold for extraordinary multitone final effect. Inspired by Art Nouveau findings, it might look at home in vintage stylized interiors.

Gorgeous Table Lamp with Assorted Colors Tulip Shades-432

Tulip glass table lamp with assorted colors- referring to nature, being made of brass perfectly introduces an antique style to the interior. Shades in the form of a tulip flower - they have the colors of orange and green, while the basis is an iron leaf.

Four vintage ruffled tulip glass lamp shades frosted all in

Four Vintage Ruffled Tulip Glass Lamp Shades Frosted All In Good Condition
These wonderfully made glass lampshades are a wonderful tulip motif that will revive the interior, giving it subtlety and elegance. The whole made of fragile glass is very delicate, but it makes it look beautiful.

Tulip lamp vintage 18 globe with lily pad bronze base

Tulip Lamp Vintage 18 Globe With Lily Pad Bronze Base 20 Iridescent Glass
Unique table lamp as additional source of light in any interior according to taste and need. Frame is made of metal. Includes 16 lights in the shape of tulips.

Antique cranberry glass quilted decoration tulip shape oil lamp shade

Antique Cranberry Glass Quilted Decoration Tulip Shape Oil Lamp Shade 4 Fitter
Lampshade in the shape of tulip. It is completely made of glass. It is compatible with standard lamp. Classic form and neutral design.

Lamp brass tulip with white and pink

Lamp Brass Tulip With White And Pink
Brighten up your interior decor with this beautiful lamp with a brass base and a pink glass, tulip shade. The lamp features lovely metalwork and stylishly stained shade, giving you a great decoration even if the light is off.

Standard Specialty 5311 Pretty Tulip Shade - Amber/Green

Soft, yet vibrant, adding a charming radiance to your spaces, this beautiful tulip shade is made from a painted glass. The amber and green composition is not washable, measures .5" Fitter Size x 4.5"D x 6"H.

Tulip lamps

Thanks to this fantastic set of 3 tulip shades, you will be able to really boost the appearance of your lamp. Each shade is crafted in slightest details of quality glass, embellished with eye-catchy, pink patterns.

Glass tulip lamp shades

If you like floral themes, this tulip glass shade is certainly something for you. The tulip image is gentle and neutral and will work great in improving your frame of mind, allowing for peaceful relaxation, no matter in which room you use it.

Tulip trumpet fluted rainfall glass lamp shade white frosted art

Tulip glass lamp shades 5

Set of 5 lampshades in the shape of tulips. Suitable for each standard pendant lamp. It is made of glass and finished with pastel colors. Simple form and elegant design.

Standard Specialty 531L Pretty Tulip Shade - Amber Swirl

A charming traditional lampshade manufactured of quality glass hand-painted in amber-orange shades with red, blue and purple accent lines. It has the form of a tulip flower and gently flares towards wide wavy edges. It can't be washed.

Standard specialty 6439 gorgeous glass hummingbird tulip glass shade lamp

Standard Specialty 6439 Gorgeous Glass Hummingbird Tulip Glass Shade Lamp
The hummingbird is the smallest and fastest bird in the world - it is a symbol of perseverance, which has been fixed in the form of a lamp - brass hummingbird leaning towards a chalice of a violet tulip flower made of glass.

Stunning victorian dancing couple dual light lamp with glass tulip

Welcome to the world of Victorian aristocracy - in the form of this tulip glass lamp dancers from the era of Queen Victoria bow to you, sculpted with a powdery light shade,gilded finishes. Form the base for growing glass bowls in the form of tulips goblets.

Lovely tulip shaped glass shade hummingbird accent table lamp

Lovely Tulip Shaped Glass Shade Hummingbird Accent Table Lamp
Improve your living room with classic lines and floral patterns, using this accent table lamp. Its base is made of quality material with decorative metalwork holding a beautiful, tulip glass shade with blooming flowers and a tiny hummingbird.

Glass tulip shades

With its fabulous tulip shades, this mermaid lamp enchants with its unique form, combining solid brass finish with a subtle appeal. Adorned with a small mermaid figure, it will be a great gift for all, who like nautical stories.

Cherub angel night lamp desk lamp w glass tulip shade

Cherub Angel Night Lamp Desk Lamp W Glass Tulip Shade
With the well-made bronze structure simple packed with adorable details and the glass shade in the shape of a beautiful flower this lamp will work splendidly on your desk or accent table, lighting up the entire room.

Tulip lamp 2

Improve your interior decor with this exquisite Tiffany lamp, straight from the 1900s. Its metal base is beautifully designed, covered in a bronze finish, holding a tulip glass shade, made of small pieces of stained glass.

Tulip glass lamp shades 10

With the sublime, antique design this oil lamp is just the ideal option for your household with its pink milk structure combined beautifully by the golden accents and the tulip shaped shade, creating a look of serene beauty.

Tulip glass lamp shades 15

Beautiful lampshade in Tiffany style. It is made of nontransparent stained glass work and brass frame. Due to its universal built, it can be used not only on the table lamp, but in the floor lamp or as a chandelier too.

Tulip lamp shade replacements

Handmade by talented artisans, this tulip shade is designed of art glass with an iridescent peacock finish. It fits most of lamps, and can be a nice way to refresh your old lamp's appearance, filling up your living room, den, or bedroom with nostalgic atmosphere.

Set of 2 vintage bluewhite slag glass

Set Of 2 Vintage Bluewhite Slag Glass
A highly decorative set of two vintage tulip shades with strong chains to properly secure their position. Each shade is designed of blue and white slag glass that's embedded in a metal frame with stylish beads.

Rejuevenation lighting blown glass tulip art glass shade

Pink glass lamp shade

Tulip 20" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Tulip 20" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Picture-postcard modern table lamp in the shape of a tulip with 6 petals and 2 leaves. Its shade is made of dimmed glass with a distressed white finish and small golden accents. It has golden both a curved pole and a round base. Its cord is black.

Tulip glass lamp shades 6

French glass lampshades

Handmade by talented artisans, this tulip shade is designed of art glass with a gold iridescent finish. It fits most of lamps, and can be a nice way to refresh your old lamp's appearance and put some nostalgic atmosphere into your living room, den, or bedroom..

Tulip lights

Vintage 8 panel green slag glass tulip shaped lamp shade

Tulip glass lamp shades 9

Antique tulip lamp

Tulip lamp shades

An adorable vintage style lampshade in the form of a tulip flower. it's crafted of thick glass. Its major part is opal white but a wavy bottom edge in greenish shades. It has a base with necking and fits most standard lamps.

Tulip glass shades

Tulip glass lamp shades 3

5" Fabric Bell Lamp Shade (Set of 2)

5" Fabric Bell Lamp Shade (Set of 2)

Tulip glass lamp shades 8

Vintage tiffany amber green lily tulip glass lamp shades art

Tulip glass lamp shades 12

Tulip glass shade white gold edge ceiling wall lights clip

Monte Carlo 2-1/4-Inch Fluted Tulip Neckless Glass Shade

7719 frosted pink tulip shade

Kichler Lighting 340133 Decorative Glass Shade for 2- 1/4IN Fitter, Clear/Etched, Pack of Four

Antique french wall hanging bronze lamp sconce by lepapadesmatous

Lamp shades replacement glass lamp shades tulip glass shade

Westinghouse 68396 - 2-1/4" Fitter White Glass Tulip Shade (68396)

Older 12 arm stained glass slag tulip lilly electric table