Tufted Gray Sofa

Gray is a very popular colour in the interior design nowadays. No wonder. It blends easily with many other colours and introduces a peaceful and elegant look into the interior. Here's a board of inspiration in which I've included tufted gray sofas - they look so chic and luxurious. Have a look at get delighted like me.

Tufted gray sofa 1

This tufted grey sofa enchants with its elegant, neat design and silver trimming. It adds true Hollywood glamour, fitting well into every refined interior. Metal legs provide long-lasting solidness.

Tufted gray sofa 8

Sofa in contemporary form. It is upholstered with nice touch velvet material and finished with decorative quilting. Stylish addition to the living room and others interiors as needed. Traditional form and modern design.

Tufted gray sofa 7

A classy modern couch with a wooden frame and low white turned legs. Its thickly padded seat, same height panel arms and a backrest are deeply button tufted. Upholstery is of soft plain grey fabric with nailhead trims along bottom and arms edges.

Tufted gray sofa 3

A few different takes on contemporary sofa solutions. The top couch has a tufted back with a winged design and a light, cotton-upholstered finish with a smooth touch, while the middle and lower one go slightly darker.

Tufted gray sofa 19

Stylish living room set. It is composed of two white armchairs with pink pattern, brown tufted corner sofa decorated with pillows (made of armchairs' cloth) and cute, pink ottoman, which can be used as a footstool of coffee table.

Villa Valencia Tufted Sofa

Villa Valencia Tufted Sofa
Having such an opulent sofa in your ambiance you probably couldn't help relaxing on it all day! It is really comfy, and it beams with elaborate royal style that can't be overlooked under any circumstances!

Tufted gray couch

Tufted gray sofa

Tufted gray sofa

Hanover Tufted Sofa 90"

Hanover Tufted Sofa 90"

Tufted gray sofa 12

Tufted gray sofa 1

Tufted gray sofa 38

Tufted gray sofa 41

Tufted gray sofa 2

Tufted gray sofa 39

Tufted gray sofa 35

Tufted gray sofa 6

Tufted gray sofa 15

Tufted gray sofa 21

Gray tufted couch

Gray tufted sofa mixed with a traditional, glazed bookcase and the characteristic Moroccan pouf create together a refined decor proposition, that will enchant even the most sophisticated tastes.

Gray tufted couch 2

In spite of its simplicity, this unique piece of furniture is very elegant and you can use it on so many ways! It can be seat, footstool and even coffee table! It has carved legs made of dark wood, and tufted, turquoise top.

Gray tufted couch 3

Glam setup for a shabby living room with a large and long upholstered sofa made out of cotton fabric with a tufted pattern on the back and decorated with a few colorful throw pillows, nicely matching the fuzzy rug.

Gray tufted couch 5

Thanks to the classic tufted couch, you can create a fresh, undisturbed space. Particularly complete with a very bright interior. Delicate quilting in soft material emphasizes fondness for elegance. Bright gray fabric will perfectly reflect the white walls.

Tufted gray sofa 28

LexMod Florence Style Sofa in Black Genuine Leather

With this Contemporary Style Sofa in Black Finish your lounging is going to improve in a second. Upholstered with genuine leather and beautifully button-tufted, the sofa also offers sturdy metal frame with stable legs.

LexMod Empress Sofa and Armchairs, Gray, Set of 3

A set of lounge furniture made classic and contemporary style. It includes a large sofa and two comfortable armchairs. The construction is made of hard wood. Suitable for living room, office and others as needed.

Tufted gray sofa 10

Baxton Studio Eversleigh Linen Modern Banquette Bench, Gray

Beautiful modern style bench with very high back. Great dar grey upholstery, soft removable seat cushion and buttoned back with wings. Delicate rounded arms. Black legs, the front ones are nicely curved.

Tufted gray sofa 4

Sofa III

Sofa III
A magnificent sofa with nicely made, upholstered seats which are soft cushions. It looks very luxurious with a solid and sturdy base that is going to bear a lot of weight and pressure. A backrest included for extra comfort.

Tufted gray sofa 5

Tufted gray sofa 9

Carthusia Tufted Sofa

Carthusia Tufted Sofa
It is a very nice, large and spreading sofa with quilted backrest. Sofa is extremely comfortable and very cozy. Which invites you to be on the rest. It is very stylish and elegant. Perfect for traditional and modern interior.

Barrister Velvet Sofa

Barrister Velvet Sofa
Exquisite Velvet Sofa in Grey Finish for spicing up your living room, or a family room. A wooden frame carries upholstery designed of a soft velvet fabric. The back is beautifully tufted, and arms gorgeously curved. Seat cushions are very soft and extremely comfy.

Tufted sofa living room

Living room stylization with a comfortable, durable and attractive sofa. It offers a relaxing cushioned seat and a very attractive, supportive backrest with button tufting for additional aesthetics and style.

Tufted gray sofa 25

Tufted gray sofa 26

Tufted gray sofa 27

Tufted gray sofa 29

Amazing sofa oh how i wish i had an extra

Tufted gray sofa 30

Tufted gray sofa 31

Oxford Sofa

Oxford Sofa

Hathaway Sofa

Hathaway Sofa

Tufted gray sofa 32

Tufted gray sofa 33

Patric tufted fabric damask sofa grey linen and rolled arms

LexMod Empress Upholstered Sofa, Light Gray