Travertine Border Tile

Well, here you will have a rare chance to choose from among so many elegant tiles. Those who have decided on buying any of these, are really satisfied with their choice. You can become one of them – you only need to pick the style, size and pattern you find most appealing.

Bathroom tile patterns

Bathroom Tile Patterns
These beautiful and stylish travertine border tiles are the perfect choice for a bathroom or any other interior decoration. Made of high-quality material of light brown color is very fashionable and would please any design taste.

Convert shower to closet

Convert Shower To Closet
With such a lovely set of border tiles, you can truly improve your walk-in shower with elegance and captivating appearance. The tiles differ in finish from one another, forming a beautiful, easy to clean mosaic.

Travertine border tile 25

Rustic kitchen - still surprisingly elegant! Love the combination of rustic wooden cabinets, stone slab counter tops and beige tiles with travertine border. Not a usual backsplash - a true style statement!

Travertine border tile 9

This backsplash constitutes a great proposition for those, who want to create a beautiful mosaic in their kitchen. 3x6 antique white tumbled subway tile comes with a stone/glass border.

Travertine border tile 28

Diamond and square tiles kitchen backsplash. Tile accent over stove, using travertine border tiles of assorted shades. Nice warm tones of beige and pale brown. Must consider this for my Tuscany style home.

Travertine border tile 2

These travertine border tiles are elements for covering walls in kitchen or bathroom indoors. Their durable construction is resistant to many negative factors. What is more they look nice, so they decorate indoors.

Travertine border tile 19

Decorative touch in a hallway foyer, filled with beige tiles with diagonal placement. The tiles are surrounded with small, square-shaped pieces of ceramic which resemble stone and provides a mosaic-like look.

Travertine border tile 10

Travertine border tile 16

Shelf 20

Now you can easily beautify your walk in shower or small bathroom by using those gorgeous border tiles. They have different finishes, allowing you to compose a striking mosaic that will make your bathroom even more appealing.

Travertine border tile 3

Travertine border tile in this phenomenal design makes the interior a luxurious dimension. The beautiful details in the form of a sculpted stool, a large window and subtly embedded shelves fascinate.

Gold / Yellow & Ivory Travertine Tumbled Trojan Border / Listello - 6" Sample

Travertine border tile

Ams landscape design studios mediterranean landscape los angeles

Ams Landscape Design Studios Mediterranean Landscape Los Angeles
This shower has the awesome combination of two different tiles on the wall. I like the Wainscot lower portion of the shower including the stone pebbles in the tray. Very nice space.

Travertine border tiles

Beautiful floor tiles can create a feel-good atmosphere throughout the interior. These impressive travertine border tiles captivate. Beautiful combination of colors in nude shades and impressive form create an unusual composition on the floor.

Travertine border tile 24

MS International Noche Chiaro Tumbled Travertine Broken Joint Decorative Border Molding 2 in. x 12 in.

Travertine border 1

Travertine border tile 4

Urban Metals 12" x 2" Spiral Decorative Border Tile in Stainless

Urban Metals 12" x 2" Spiral Decorative Border Tile in Stainless
This decorative border tile finishes the look of a contemporary and industrial themed decor. It features an attractive spiral motif. It is crafted of metal in stainless finish. Use it on floors, walls and backsplashes.

Granite countertops and tile backsplash ideas eclectic kitchen indianapolis

Granite Countertops And Tile Backsplash Ideas Eclectic Kitchen Indianapolis
Travertine is perfect for designing a kitchen backsplash. It’s warm, durable and pleasant to touch. It also has a luxurious, rich vibe to it, which has been introduced in this picture. We think it’s just great.

Travertine border tile 29

Travertine border tile 2

Travertine border tile 14

Travertine border tile 8

Travertine tile trim 2

Travertine tile trim as a fireplace surround - decorative mosaic in a few hues of tan and brown. Contrasts nicely with the white mantel. Column accents accentuate the classic vibe of this indoor decor arrangement.

Shower tile trim ideas

Colonial styled bathroom design with dark oak furniture with marble tops and ceramic, bowl-shaped sinks with iron faucets. The oval mirrors and wrought iron lamps give the room an old-fashioned, vintage look.

ICJ 99206 12-Inch by 12-Inch Glass Mosaic Wall Tile

12" x 1" Honed Dome Molding Tile Trim in Tuscany Classic

12" x 1" Honed Dome Molding Tile Trim in Tuscany Classic
This Honed Dome Molding Tile Trim in Tuscany Classic guarantees a reliable and lasting usage. The tile trim is eco-friendly, and resistant to water, scratch, warp, and weather conditions. Installation required.

Tumbled travertine subway tile backsplas 1

Tumbled Travertine Subway Tile Backsplas
you can easily change the kitchen decor with the travertine border tiles. They have got the creamy color, which help you to create the clean lines, clean look and aesthetic style.

Travertine border tile 21

Travertine border tile 5

Alabastro alabaster travertine stone look porcelain tile traditional bathroom tile

Alabastro Alabaster Travertine Stone Look Porcelain Tile Traditional Bathroom Tile Los Angeles
These traditional bathroom tiles are inspired by Alabaster Travertine stone for original and unique character. Their semi-polished, glazed porcelain surface include some some small indentations for a more authentic look.

Decorative travertine tile

Contemporary bathroom with two sinks, marble vanity top, dark framed mirrors and dark cabinets with silver hardware, all of the above smartly tied together with a mosaic trim of travertine border tiles in mixed earthy hues.

Travertine border tile 30

Decorative travertine tile borders

A wood floor is attractive, warm and resistable. The travertine tile floor with wood border can be also realy dainty. It shows simplicity with a natural brown color but bursting with texture of dark cherish wood.

Aida 12" x 3" Border Tile in Tebe Beige Gray

Aida 12" x 3" Border Tile in Tebe Beige Gray
Subtle, almost angelic like pattern is undoubtedly a great advantage of this stunning border tile. It has a neutral color of beige gray. It is suitable for multipurpose applications, whether it will be bathroom or kitchen.

Travertine border tile 7

Natural Stone 12" x 3" Foggia Travertine Listello

Natural Stone 12" x 3" Foggia Travertine Listello
A piece of travertine tile comprised of mosaic squares set in a row. May be mounted horizontally or vertically. It features multicolored rich earthy hues and honed surface finish. Great to provide some accent on a tile floor or wall.

Backsplash simple over the stove design but i dont like

Travertine floral resin stone border 4 x 12

Castle Metals 12" x 2" Hammered Decorative Border Tile in Wrought Iron

Castle Metals 12" x 2" Hammered Decorative Border Tile in Wrought Iron
Wrought iron construction ensures sturdiness and heavy duty make of this border tile. It is hammered for an attractive texture and finished in bronze. It is almost completely resistant to staining and to rust.

Custom made carved travertine tile border

Mosaic travertine border design 22701

Natural stone mosaics borders borders listellos mouldings

How to cut out a section of carpet and put

Travertine Marble Tumbled Stone Liner Listello Border - Janice

Travertine border tile 3

This backsplash of imperial travertine features tumbled 4x4 inch tiles

Light/Noce Tumbled Travertine Eleganza Floral Border