Travertine Accent Tiles

If you fear that plain backsplash tile or countertop for your bathroom might be a little boring, why not incorporate some travertine accent tiles. Just make sure you choose a pattern that won’t go out of fashion in an instant. After all, you don’t change tiling every year, right? Here are some nice options to consider.

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Travertine accent tiles

The mosaic that is mixed of marble and travertine glass. Layering shades of coffee browns creates the striking place. It;s an excellent addition for the bathroom wall. Looks fantastic with neutral color palette in the interior.

Accent tiles for shower

Travertine tiles are great for bathrooms. Travertine is naturally warm, so you won’t have the effect of cold walls under your shower. Pebble shower floor is not slippery at all – and the natural, beachy feeling it gives is truly remarkable.

Travertine accent tile 3

Tuscan style inspired travertine shower with simple rectangular tiles on bottom and diagonal tiles over eye level, the two sections divided with decorative accent liner. An idea for mediterranean style bathroom.

Travertine accent tiles

For anyone, who wants a beautiful and stylish design of their bathroom this is the way to go - it offers a truly sublime level of sophistication and will allow you to bask in complete comfort from now on.

Travertine accent tiles 1

Marble tiles designed for the bathroom. Neutral cream color adds freshness to each bathroom. It is resistant to mildew and mold. Received a lot of great feedback from customers.

Travertine tile shower ideas

Pleasing to the eye contemporary backsplash for protection walls against water and stains. Not very thick quartzite tiles have whitish, creamy and beige tones. They matches cabinets with a light brown finish as well as tops in similar shades.

Travertine accent tiles 4

This picture shows a very attractive and decorative stylization of a shower cabin. It includes marble and glass tiles that are attractive, colorful and resistant to mechanical damage, water and moisture.

Travertine backsplash with glass accents

This beautiful bench embedded in the bathroom wall, allows you to save some space, and at the same time to have a practical shelf for your bath necessities. It's easy to clean, comfy during sitting, and stylishly accentuates the whole interior.

Travertine accent tiles 12

Original set of furniture intended to the bathroom. Set is composed of unique, metal sink in a shape of bowl, simple silver-plated tap, marble desktop, lamps and large mirror with spacious, decorative frame.

Travertine accent tiles 5

This gorgeous walk-in shower is, undoubtedly, a true state of art. The interior is covered by small subway tiles in a dark brown marble, and 12 x 12 tiles in a sandy brown. The doors are made of clear glass, with large, chrome handles.

Travertine accent tiles 2

Elegant fashionable square bathroom tiles of quality ceramic in beige tones. They look especially great when are applied in a diamond pattern and harmonise well with small rectangular horizontally applied accent tiles in creams, beiges and browns.

Shower tile accents

This tasteful but simple design of the bathroom is a combination of sandy beige shades, functionality and modern style. The glass cabin, beautiful chrome accessories and lovely mosaic tiles make up the perfect whole.

Accent tiles in shower

A comfortable and functional shower cabin with glass entrance. Grey tiles look very nice in any bathroom decor. This stylization also includes functional sitting space and space for soap and other shower accessories.

Travertine accent tiles 10

Attractive and neutral bathroom design with durable and stylish tiles. These materials are not only aesthetic, but they are also resistant to mechanical damage and wear caused by moisture and other factors.

Travertine accent tiles 5

Modern setup for a contemporary bathroom with a hexagonal shower tub covered with clear glass walls. The varying shapes and colors of the bathroom tiles provide a unique appearance and an elegant accent.

Travertine accent tiles 23

Ceramic tiles are lined with both walls and floors. It is worth remembering, however, that there are no universal tiles and it is worth choosing, for example, travertine accent tiles if you want a bright classic - and also a modern bathroom in shades of gray.

Travertine accent tiles
Travertine accent tiles 19

Traditional setup for a sophisticated bathroom with a corner shower tub filled with tile walls and a glass door with panels. The bathroom has an additional bathtub in the corner, made on a dark walnut stand.

Travertine accent tiles 4

The glazed tile bath is a solution, which gains more and more popularity, replacing gradually bathtubs and showers with footbaths. The beiges and browns create a cosy, warm appeal.

Travertine accent tiles 18

Accent tiles designed for the bathroom. It is made of high quality porcelain and finished with pastel colors. Adds freshness and elegance to any bathroom. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Traditional elegance bathroom love how the tub is a triangle
Travertine accent tiles 3

An amazing idea for decorating your master bathroom with sand colors. The travertine tiles are here in a perfect combination with the rope deco, forming a truly marvelous design of the whole interior.

Travertine accent tiles 21

Aesthetic contemporary shower tiles manufactured of natural travertine in prevalent beige tones. They're rectangular and rather narrow. They look especially well when are fixed to walls in a herringbone design.

Travertine accent tiles 16

Decorative ceramics has not got a name - it sometimes takes the name of the Tuscan travertine accent tiles in the bathroom. The fantastic arched shower passage is also travertine, combining with the whole in brown and beige shades.

Travertine accent tiles 8

Medium-tinted, balancing in brown shades, travertine accent tiles decorate the whole of a modern bathroom. They have a smooth finish and arrow placement on the shower wall, while traditional ones - from small squares on the floor.

Travertine accent tiles 1

This bathroom set includes a rectangle mirror and a floating shelf with a towel rack. The shelf is made of glass, and the towel rack that's underneath it, is made of tubular metal with a chrome finish.

Travertine accent tiles

Bathroom idea: dark wood of the floor cabinet and separate (one for each of the two sinks) medicine cabinets corresponds harmoniously with dark brown taps and mosaic accents on a tile backsplash wall. Marble top provides a high end completion.

Travertine accent tiles 7
Travertine accent tiles 9
Travertine accent tiles 3
Subway tile travertine accents swc
Love the niche and shower head colors just all of
Travertine accent tiles

This walk-in shower can be the most beautiful thing in your master bathroom. The backs of built-in niches are decorated with glass mosaic, while the floor, walls, and ceiling are covered by travertine tiles.

Travertine accent tiles 14
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Travertine accent tiles 2

These attractive elements are able to decorate walls in the kitchen or bathroom. Glass tiles are available in different colors, so they will meet different requirements of users. They are also very durable.

Travertine accent tiles 15
The tile shop travertine shower with stria boxes
Travertine accent tiles 25
Travertine accent tiles 20
Travertine tile trim 2

The traditional bathroom stylization in sandy colors. It is good to have in the bathroom both the bathtub and the shower. The glass surface is easy to clean, so if you would like to spend time there only relaxing, choose this bathroom.

I like the travertine mosaic tiles behind the vanity
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Travertine accent tile