Topiary Trees For Sale

This will be a treat for all those who like plants and green decorative elements. If you feel like you are one of them, feel free to browse through all the offers that have been prepared below for people like you. There is really no need to rush with making the choice since there are a lot of inspiring solutions.

Live topiary trees for sale

Beautiful cupressus topiary trees pruned in a pompom design. They have tall straight stems with thin twigs. Such a tree is sold in a round brown plant pot of plastic with a vertically slatted pattern and filled with fertile soil.

Topiary trees for sale 2

Create an amazing sculptures in the garden with this wonderful topiary trees. Even when they are small, they are very impressive and looking interesting. They are very easy to care, just water it everyday.

Live topiary plants for sale

If you simply want to accent your interior or garden a bit more then what better way than to add a nice plant like this Cupressus topiary pom pom tree? It offers a beautiful shape and stunning, vibrant green color.

Topiary trees for sale 6

Such a beautiful garden display, I absolutely adore this. A wonderful, carefully trimmed Japanese Cloud Tree, surrounded by a zen-garden. The bamboo fence fits in perfectly with the Asian design. Amazing!

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A lovely addition to your garden, which will enchant your family and friends with its original shape. A Topiary tree adds much charm and warmth to the surroundings, providing a pleasing shadow during hot days.

Live topiaries for sale

A natural display of topiary trees in a backyard garden. The display is placed in rows, with the front trees being planted in large buckets made out of metal in a black color, with the ones in the back surrounded by a fence.

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Topiary trees for sale

Decorative topiary olive trees. They look very natural and attractive among many different indoor and outdoor stylizations. These green trees are able to decorate almost any interior stylization without problems.

Live topiary trees

Cupressus Goldcrest Topiary Spirals also known as Lemon Cypress or Goldcrest Wilma, for sale from Paramount nursery UK

Topiary for sale

Associated with the most refined gardens in the classic French style, topiaries are beautiful monuments, which catch the attention of everyone entering the space. Enhance your outdoor parties with this beautiful figure of a dancing ballerina.

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Where to buy topiary trees

Cryptomeria Japonica or Japanese Cedar topiary full standard tree for sale at Paramount Plants - London

Artificial Double Ball Topiary in Pot I

Artificial Double Ball Topiary in Pot I

Topiary trees for sale

ATELIER DE CAMPAGNE: It's coming along... One more day for the event...

Topiary trees for sale 4

Welcome to Topiary House

Topiary for sale

A funny contemporary topiary manufactured of mosslike or lichenlike faux silk in greenish-grey shades. It has the form of Mickey Mouse figurine standing on a square postument adorned with small balls of bluish resin.

Topiary for sale

... these are larger trees and many of them have multiple trunks or tops

SPJPLANTS Box of Two Artificial Outdoor Indoor Potted 4 foot 6 inch Boxwood Round Cone Topiary Trees

Topiary for sale 31

Topiaries can be a valuable enhancement of many refined gardens. Smooth pruning allows to create stunning, artistic forms, like in the case of this wonderful butterfly.

Topiary for sale 1

Faux topiary in the shape of rabbit. It is covered with resin. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Received many very good recommendations from customers for modern look and high quality.

Topiary trees live

Ficus Topiary for sale All types of flowers and trees are available. For more details:

Detached house for sale in keats grove hampstead village london

Detached house for sale in Keats Grove, Hampstead Village, London NW3 - 30904995

Topiary for sale 32

Adorable topiary frame, made out of iron wire with a solid, rectangular stand so it does not fall over. The statue is made to resemble a squirrel and makes for a perfect table or desk decoration in a living room or a study room.

Topiary trees for sale 13

Giant Sequoia Trees | California Coastal Redwoods For Sale by

Topiary for sale 2

Beautiful ingenious topiary forms modelled on size and height-varied toadstools and edible mushrooms. They are created from shape-varied clear glass salat bowls and vases with charming textured designs.

Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter

Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter
This is decorative, decorative tree, which looks very nice both in the living room, as well as in any other place. Of course, the tree is the perfect solution for those who do not always remember about watering your plants, but want a little green at home.

Topiary trees for sale 3

Historic Hendersonville NC Homes for Sale | Historic Property North Carolina

Infinity Instruments Topiary-14" Glass Wall Clock

Elegant glass wall clock, pretty minimalistic in look with its unique black-on-white tree pattern - perfect for anyone who likes to take inspiration from nature. Hands and Arabic numerals are coloured cream.

Topiary trees for sale 14

Detached house for sale in Gdansk, Poland - 28969514

Spiral topiary trees for sale

nishiki willow tree for sale | Dappled Japanese Willow Salix integra 'Flamingo' from Van Essen ...

Boxwood Topiary in Pot

Boxwood Topiary in Pot
Lovely traditional table or window floral decor of real preserved boxwood. It consists of 3 thin brown stems and 1 round clump of leaves in greens. A square-shaped tapered pot is of whitish textured ceramic.

Thomas kinkade all spruced up for the holiday pre lit

Thomas Kinkade All Spruced Up For The Holiday Pre-Lit Decoration: Topiary Tree - View Sale Price A traditional way to enliven evergreens, topiary can be shaped like spheres, cones, pyramids???even a snowman! Shape up your holiday

Brown Cedar Spiral Topiary in Pot

Brown Cedar Spiral Topiary in Pot
This plant is a very attractive faux topiary that has got an interesting spiral shape. It doesn't require watering and it can be used as indoor or outdoor decoration. It requires simple assembly and it is very solid.

Topiary plants online

Topiary Trees And Shrubs | Taxus Topiary - Yew cone shaped topiary for sale

Boxwood ball topiary 1

Large green vegetable spheres-this is an artificial decoration for any home or garden.Symmetrically shaped from bamboo leaves.They are present in high dark metal pots. Boxwood ball topiary is a perfect way to create a space for bright ideas and conversations.

Boxwood ball topiary 1

Being a statement of elegance, this boxwood ball topiary will enliven your interior a bit, providing a warm, alluring ambiance. Recommended for larger interiors, where it can ideally fill the blank space.

Topiary trees for sale 12

Bulk Plastic Halloween Skulls, 7½" at --- use for skull & crow/raven halloween topiary.

How to make a boxwood topiary

Boxwood ball topiary that looks very attractive in different outdoor stylizations. Attractice outdoor colors are suitable for different garden and other outdoor stylizations. Green white and purple colors look very natural.

Topiary trees for sale 17

love the aged look of the topiaries and hydrangeas are always a beautiful addition

Boxwood ball topiary

If you dream about a luxurious garden, this type of decoration will be perfect for you. This miniature tree is inserted in ceramic, sculptural flower pot inspired by ancient time. It will play its role not only in the garden but on the terrace too.

Cheap topiary balls

A great proposition for all who feel that spring is in the air. These Ballard Designs inspired boxwood topiary domes will enliven your spaces, providing a bit of the neatly-served greenery.

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Boxwood Tree Topiary Set of 3 - 1 each 16", 22" & 30"

Topiary trees for sale 16

Flat for sale in Holland Park, London W11 - 29459229

Boxwood ball topiary 3

Smart indoor decoration for Christmas: boxwood ball topiary with mistletoe. A kissing ball to be hanged below a ceiling on a decorous ribbon (here: golden, so pretty festive). Handmade kissing ball - Christmas décor ideas

Boxwood ball topiary 12

Decorative arrangement for an outdoor garden, filled with greenery and shrubs. The garden is fitted with a bunch of differently shaded boxwood topiary bushed made in a unique, spherical shape, which gives them unique appearance.

Topiary trees for sale

Large trees, plants & topiary

Boxwood ball topiary 8

This collection of ball topiaries evokes associations with the most refined gardens, known from palaces or mansions. Elegant in any decor, they will always add class and chic to your outdoors.

Spiral trees for sale

Viburnum Tinus Eve Price Full Standard Trees for sale UK

Boxwood topiary trees 1

The heavenly mix of topiary and soft planting makes your garden an utterly eye-catching and cozy space. Incorporate yourself a bit of this Mediterranean planting style.

Boxwood ball topiary 2

The set of high pots resembling golden candelabras. Maybe for the modern interior i will look like a little bit kitschy, but when you decide to have the classic one, especially in colonial style - it fits perfectly.