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Looking for a unique topiary for sale? The collection below features quite a large selection of offers, as well as tutorials for those who don’t want to take shortcuts and plan to engage in a rewarding DIY project. Feel like having your shrubs clipped to the shape of an elephant or a horse? No problem!

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Topiary for sale 38
Topiary for sale

A funny contemporary topiary manufactured of mosslike or lichenlike faux silk in greenish-grey shades. It has the form of Mickey Mouse figurine standing on a square postument adorned with small balls of bluish resin.

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Topiaries can be a valuable enhancement of many refined gardens. Smooth pruning allows to create stunning, artistic forms, like in the case of this wonderful butterfly.

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Topiary for sale 1
Topiary for sale 1

Faux topiary in the shape of rabbit. It is covered with resin. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Received many very good recommendations from customers for modern look and high quality.

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Adorable topiary frame, made out of iron wire with a solid, rectangular stand so it does not fall over. The statue is made to resemble a squirrel and makes for a perfect table or desk decoration in a living room or a study room.

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Beautiful ingenious topiary forms modelled on size and height-varied toadstools and edible mushrooms. They are created from shape-varied clear glass salat bowls and vases with charming textured designs.

Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter

Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter
This is decorative, decorative tree, which looks very nice both in the living room, as well as in any other place. Of course, the tree is the perfect solution for those who do not always remember about watering your plants, but want a little green at home.

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Topiary for sale
Topiaries for sale
Brown Cedar Spiral Topiary in Pot

Brown Cedar Spiral Topiary in Pot
This plant is a very attractive faux topiary that has got an interesting spiral shape. It doesn't require watering and it can be used as indoor or outdoor decoration. It requires simple assembly and it is very solid.

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Curily Plant Ivy Round Tree in Pot

Curily Plant Ivy Round Tree in Pot

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Topiary elephant 100cm high ligustrum delavayanum
And animal shaped topiaries from sk topiary sk topiary showcase
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Single rosemary topiary
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Topiary wire frames for sale
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Michael Stars 4x1 Rib Supima Modal Racerback Tank
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Vintage handmade topiaries set of 3 for sale