Top Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath

Maximize the living space in your kid's room with a bunk bed. With the bed placed above and a desk underneath you'll use the available space well and create some more room for play. Browse the top bunk beds with desk underneath we present in the collection below.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Top bunk bed with desk underneath
Joanna Richardson

This bedroom set displays many benefits that are both practical and fashionable. The bunk bed is on the top of the set, secured by fixed rails. The bottom part has a convenient ladder, open shelves, storage drawers, and a vanity set with a 3-panel mirror.

Bunk beds with desk
Jenna Daviesful

Furnish your kids room with this new Fergie's stairway loft bed with a lot of spaces for toys, clothes, books and much much more! It features the a full length desk, melamine finish and engineered wood construction.

Top bunk bed
Catherine Bry

A comfortable bunk bed construction that includes an upper bed with a ladder and a lower bed. Both beds are soft and ergonomic. The lower area also includes a storage compartment and a functional desk.

Top bunk bed with desk underneath 2
Jessica Gra

If you are a fan of space-saver furniture, you have to choose this DIY loft bed with desk underneath. The natural wooden construction and pink mattresses brings comfort and fun to your little princess bedroom.

Bunk bed with only top bunk
Victoria Wats

A durable loft bed with a ladder that provides access to an upper area with a comfortable bed. The lower part of this wooden construction includes a desk and plenty of space in storage drawers, shelves and compartments.

Top bunk bed with desk underneath 1
Coupe Andrea

A functional and cozy set for a kids' room, crafted from sturdy wood, with few quality metal additions. The bed is situated on the top, secured by rails, and has a built-in ladder. The bottom part has a spacious closet with doors, open storage compartments, and a desk with 3 drawers.

Bunk bed with desk underneath
Thompson Alyssa

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality loft bunk bed? We suggest you to choose this one! It creates the fun sleeping space, that can be used as a cozy study or play area!

Living spaces bunk beds
Angela Pric

A very functional construction that includes plenty of storage space in special compartments. It also includes a small, spiral staircase. The upper level features a comfortable bed and a functional and ergonomic desk.

Bunk beds with desks
Wright Stacy

A very comfortable and space-saving solution for small bedrooms. This L-shaped construction includes two comfortable upper beds and a lower area with a desk and spacious storage drawers. The whole wooden construction is durable and reliable.

Bunk bed with desk plans
Elizabeth Coupe

Bunk bed fitted with desk on the base. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Great for space saving in teenager's room.

Bunkbed with desk

This loft bed is ideal for girls' rooms. It includes a twin bed located over a full-sized bed. Its organic engineered wood construction resists different forms of wear and damage. It also includes a desk with a chair and three storage drawers.

Top bunk bed with desk underneath 5
Robinson Layla

A functional and stylish proposition for contemporary children bedrooms. This bunk bed smoothly comprises a space to rest and work in one place. It offers two beds, juxtaposed perpendicularly, along with a small desk on the one side and some stairs on the other.

Double loft beds for small rooms
Joanna Russ

A cool practical bunk bed for kids. It's of wood finished in white. It has simple panel headboards and footboards, horizontal side rails. It's equipped with an upright but angled corner ladder and a shelved desk lapping a part of a lower bed.

Bunk beds with desk underneath
Ward Denise

I need to furnish my kids room, so I decide to bought this top bunk bed with desk underneath. It features the white color, which is suitable with any other, and enough spaces for books and toys.

Bunk beds with desks underneath

Presented here top bunk bed with desk underneath can look a bit overpowering.But if you need to save a space, you would like to keep the teenager bedroom in classic style - this bed made of ash wood with desk, additional bed and storage place will be perfect.

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk
Bianca Noorda

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk
When living space is somewhat limited, this loft bed including desk on bottom will perfectly meet your needs. Heavy duty metal frame ensures robustness, while the solid black finish accentuates the modern looks of this functional piece.

Queen loft bed with desk

The top area of this room includes a bed accessible thanks to the ladder. Lower area is quite spacious and good for toys, chairs, etc. It also includes some storage shelves with working space for a computer, etc.

Bunk desk bed
Harris Kelly

When choosing a top bunk bed with desk underneath for a child, it is necessary to pay attention to safety considerations.It is best that it is made of wood (especially the pine tree visible here) and painted with ecological paints and varnishes, like this one.

Bunk bed top only
Leah Bai

Adding the room a lively and subtle character, this pink bunk bed with desk underneath constitutes a practical solution for a girl's bedroom. It features two perpendicularly combined beds.

Single bunk bed with desk
Dominique Brooks

If you are looking for a way to keep your kid's room fully functional and with plenty of space in it then this bedroom design with a workspace beneath the bunk bed will allow you to do just that.

Bunk bed with desk on bottom
Mackenzie Poly

For when you want your kid to simply enjoy their space this top bunk bed with a desk and working area underneath is just the most fitting option for any smaller room, combining the functionality in one space.

Bunk beds desk
Elizabeth Coupe

When you have limited space in your kid's room organising the loft bed is a good solution. Simple wooden design and form make it fit to many types of interior. Such a type of furniture will be appropriate for a boy and a girl.

Bunk beds with a desk

This well-designed bunk bed with built-in desk is the perfect solution for a children's room. It works great in small interiors, and robust wood-based construction allows for convenient use. The practical solution allows you to maximize space.

Queen bunk bed desk

These bunk beds with lots of built-in storages constitute a cool bedroom combo, being fully safe and practical. It combines a sleeping place with working and entertainment one, creating a space for books and toys.

Bunk bed with desk underneath options
Wilson Gabrielle
Bunk beds with desk underneath

Built-up to the ceiling, this room decor is a proposition for those, who have really high interiors. The bunk bed features a working desk underneath, allowing to save precious floor space. There is also plenty of storage space among the various drawers and nooks.

Bunk with desk
Mary Woo
Bunk desk
Carter Julia

A comfortable and solid bunk bed for children. This wooden construction includes an upper bed with comfortable and ergonomic mattress. The lower part includes storage shelves, one chair and one working space for a computer and notebooks.

Top bunk bed only

This wonderfully designed bunk bed with desk and resting place is a fresh way for a practical teen room arrangement. Beautiful colors and interesting solutions make the interior cozy and very functional.

Loft beds with desks underneath 5
Watson Colleen
Bed above desk
Young Jacqueline
Bunk bed with desk under
April Collins
Bunk bed desks
Thompson Alyssa
Loft bunk bed with desk
Jennifer Cox

Brilliant combination of a high loft bed with a huge wardrobe full of storage space is a complete solution for small interiors. Interesting design with numerous built-in elements is very functional and practical.

Diy loft bed with desk
Queen size bunk beds with desk
Jackson Alexandra
And for more desktop area the length of the bed
Yulia Thompson
How to build a loft bed with desk
Carmen Kowalski

Everything your kid needs in one corner. An elegant bunk bed with a full size bed at the top and a twin underneath. It features a cabinet for a small TV set and a laptop desk with chair. Made of wood and in a white color it has a rustic feel.

Sleep and study loft bed plans
Anderson Marisa
Bunk bed with desk under
Lambert Abbey
Cabin loft beds strong strong strong are ultra compact cabin
Patricia Riv
Childrens bunk beds with desk
Laetitia Kloss
Loft bed desk interior decor
How to build a loft bed with desk underneath with
Mega Leahbrown
Top bunk bed with desk underneath
L1000 jpg 156
Stephanie Sanders
Cool kids room with reading desk and shelves under the
Wilson Gabrielle
Bunk bed with desk underneath ideas bunk bed xl twin
Alicia Robe
Loft beds with desk underneath images
Laetitia Kloss
Full size loft beds with desk underneath

Full size loft bed in white, with desk underneath and simple ladder leaning against the top railing. The desk features some drawers and on-top display shelves - nice, economic use of bedroom space. Kids room idea.