Toddler Step Stools

To help your kid reach higher opt for toddler step stools. They are a simple and clever idea to aid kids around the house. Browse the collection below to choose the best type for your child.

Marisa Martinez Interior Design Expert
Toddler step stools

This smart piece of furnishing is a DIY toddler step stool inspired by so-called "learning towers". It's made out of standard wooden stool available in popular furniture high-street shops and painted mint teal.

White wooden step stool
Wesson Jessica

Traditional wooden construction, yet finished in smooth white adds a fresh, modern appeal to the space. This toddler step stool will be a lovely addition to any contemporary baby's room.

The Growing Step Stool by Little Partners Ð 3 Position Adjustable Height Kids Step Stool - Perfect Bathroom, Nursery or Kitchen Stool - 100% Solid Wood Construction WILL NOT TIP OVER - Supports Both Children & Adults - Help Your Child Feel Independent, t

Tall, solid wood step stool that guarantees perfect stability, it won't tip over. Made from quality wood with beautiful finish, it includes adjustable platform to set a right height. This stool can support the weight of adults and children.

Kitchen helper toddler stool it folds
Roberts Isabelle
Toddler step stools 1
Gray Amy
Step-Up Kitchen Helper Stools, White
Martinez Marisa

This kind of product is a step-up stool designed for young users. It is good for use in a bathroom or kitchen to reach higher areas like table tops, etc. The product is made of wood and it measures 17"W x 20.5"D x 36"H.

Step up stool ikea
Mackenzie Poly

Featuring safety guard rails, this step stool would be a perfect solution for toddlers. It will allow them easy access to various counters and sinks, providing an entertaining and safe solution.

Commercial step stools
Smith Nicole

A step stool that provides possibility of accessing kitchen tops and other areas that are too high for children. These are fully enclosed items, so they provide comfort and safety. Their durable constructions are based on MDF materials.

Toddler step stool for sink

If your kid is too small to reach a countertop, maybe it's time to invest in a kid tower. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe, as it's covered from all sides. This one here is light blue, which makes it a nice addition to any house.

Step stool for toddlers with railing
Davis Courtney

You see this little man, who bypasses the whole world from the kitchen cupboard up - you have to help him, thanks to a two-step toddler step stool and a safety railing. It is made of hardwood, has grades without slip and is very safe.

Kids can cook too kitchen helper stools
Toddler stepping stool
Wright Stacy

Designed for toddlers to help them learn their first steps, this learning tower oozes a warm, charming appeal, thanks to its bright wood finish. Made from layered Birch & Poplar with a non-toxic, lead-free finish, which cleans easily.

Toddler step stool 3
Stacey Camp

This hack learning tower is an toddler step stool for basement, kitchen, bedroom and more. The durable, solid and natural wooden construction brings the solidity to any home.

Cheap stools for kids
Carter Erica

When you would like to teach your toddler some independence, you have to provide him all needed equipment to penetrate the new space safety. The wooden rail step stool help him to reach the sink, even it is to high for two-year-old.

Step stool with rails
Lauren Martinezify

A beautiful step stools for toddlers that are going to work as a useful learning tower during various activities. The whole thing is crafted of wood in a yellow finish. Plus, it's very stable and properly secured.

Guidecraft G97016 High Rise Step-Up Stool
Peyton Marthy

This piece of equipment is a step up stool created for the youngest users who want to reach high areas like kitchen table, sink, etc. Sometimes it is also useful for adults. It is made of solid materials resistant to damage and wear.

Step stools for toddlers

This simple step stool/tower, a perfect combination of the functional and reliable embodiment of timber. Beautiful color and design delight. Ideal for children who can reach higher shelves or tables. Also, the child learns many practical skills.

Step stool plans patterns

If you need your littlest ones to also be able to reach all those higher surfaces then this step stool is the best option, especially since it comes with the rails to ensure utmost safety and a strong, stable choice.

My life of travels and adventures kitchen helper toddler step
Melissa Allen
Toddler kitchen stool

A cool protective step stool for toddlers. It's of wood with a natural lacquered finish. It has a cross-like foot and upright walls with 2 cutout grips. A baby stands on a removable board adjustable to child's height thanks to cutouts in 2 walls.

Learning tower step stool kitchen safety baby proofing products totsafe
Andrea Park
Roughneck 1-Step Step Stool
Olivia Smithist

Roughneck 1-Step Step Stool
It is a very practical stool, which mainly serves as a platform. It may be useful for a small child that in the bathroom does not reach the sink or for an adult, so she lub he can reach something from the higher shelves, which normally can not reach.

Personalized Classic Step Stool Chair
Jacqueline Edwards

It is a classic step stool chair that is a fantastic addition for your kids room. It has got a solid cherry wood construction and colorful back. You will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Ikea step up stool
Diaz Mary

DIY kitchen helper: stepstool kitchenhelp and toddler step stool combination. Child kitchen / bathroom helper. It's quite big, adjustable, and enclosed for maximum safety; finished all plain white for clean looks.

Toddler step stools

This small but very handy toddler step stool is the perfect solution for any home where children are. The simple design allows the toddler to reach higher shelves or kitchen counters. Beautiful finish in white makes a universal furniture.

kidkraft large flip stool

This compact size and space saving piece is a lovely choice for kindergartens, nurseries, and kids' rooms. The step stool is crafted from durable MDF, and offers a functional bottom step that flips up vertically, serving as a seat back.

Personalized childrens chairs 1
Chloe Hughesful
Home-it Folding Childeren Step Stool and for Adults 13 In. White Holds up to 300 LBS
Abbey Kowalski

This piece of furniture is a high quality step stool created for children who want to reach high areas in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is a foldable product that allows for a space-saving storage and it has got a very convenient handle.

Step stool toddler
Tara Lew
Chefcoo™ Folding Step Stool - Strong and Stable for Adults - Portable and Lightweight for Children - Built-in Handles for Kids and Toddlers to Carry Easily - Non-skid Top - For Use in the Kitchen, Bathroom and RV's - Extended One Year Unconditional Warr
Peyton Donaldson

Practical, lightweight, foldable, and easy to store - this step stool is constructed of durable materials, offering a stable and durable piece for your children. The step stool includes a non-skid top, built-in handles, while also providing a long-lasting usage.

2-Step Solid Wood Step Stool
Jillian Bake

2-Step Solid Wood Step Stool
It is a very practical step stool that checks especially in high-ceilinged rooms, where you can take advantage of the space and bury some of its things placed on high shelves. It is kind of practical equipment.

Ikea step stool kid
Bryant Veronica

A sturdy toddler step stools that can be quitet a useful helper for your little ones. It has wood construction with a white finish, stable legs and secured top to protect your kids from falling.

KidKraft Two Step Stool - White

White step stool with clear lacquer finish, appropriate for kids. Constructed in wide shape with a low center of gravity to prevent toppling. Convenient cutout handles make the piece portable. The metal joinery is visible.

Home-it Folding Childeren Step Stool and for Adults 13 In. (Blue) Holds up to 300 LBS

This type of product is a step stool designed for children and adults who want to reach high areas in the house. The product has got a special handle and its surface protects from slipping. It has got a blue color.

Pottery barn step stool
Samantha Ale
Teamson Design Kids The Windsor Collection Step Stool, Large, White
Bryant Michelle

This practical and beautiful piece can be quite useful around your kids' room. Characterized by sturdy wood construction, the step stool is non-toxic, and offers a non-slip surface and 100 lbs. weight capacity.

Toddler step stool with rails
2-Step Storage Step Stool

2-Step Storage Step Stool
A practical step stool with additional drawer for storage. Sturdy wooden construction. Side handles make it easy to navigate. Includes 2 steps. Suitable for each type of the interior as required.

Bird in hand toddler secure step stool
Abigail Wrightful
Teamson Kids Wooden Step Stool with Storage - Froggy Collection
Katherine Rog

It is an adorable froggy step stool that has got a storage for storing toys, safe wood construction and beautiful blue color. Your kids will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Kids kitchen helper safety tower step stool 149 95 our
Crystal Ste
Guidecraft classic kids storage step up stool 1
Bianca Weberable
Toilet stools 10
Toddler step stool with rail choozone
Mackenzie Poly
Toddler stool for kitchen
Kids kitchen helper safety tower step stool 5
Platform for reaching the kitchen counter
Mackenzie Poly
Ikea hack two step stools to create a cute toddler
Carmen Milani
Guidecraft kids kitchen helper safety tower step stool cherry
Step2 Art Master Activity Desk
Anderson Marisa

A very interesting product created for children. It has got an educational character and it also assures a good fun. This type of desk has got a large top surface and plenty of room for the storage of books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.