Tinkerbell Lamp

Would your children like such tinkerball lamps? Why don’t you browse through the photos that are presented down here? Then you might have an idea about how many possible options there are. Which one would fit into your house best? Check out all the offers to find the one that will satisfy your family.

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An ideal addition to your little girl's room - this Tinker Bell figure looks truly sublime and adorable with the colorful finish of the entire piece and the utterly precise detailing that makes it just stand out.

Tinkerbell lamp 35

A chic vintage table lamp featuring a cute base of metal in bronze. It's composed of a round foot and a ribbed stem with fixed Tinkerbell figurine. A Turkish tent roof-like lampshade of stained glass tiles in deep blue has red and green accents.

Tinkerbell lamp

Tinkerbell lamp designed for outdoor use. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with frosted glass. Stylish accent for the garden, porch, patio and more.

Tinkerbell lamp 5

If there's just one detail missing in a Disney theme girl's room, it might be a Tinkerbell lamp. Here the color dominating is lavender purple or lilac. Turned base is semi-transparent for a crystal-like look.

Tinkerbell lamp 6

Ideal for nurseries or kids' bedroom, this Tinkerbell lamp constitutes a lovely example of a Disney themed decor. If you want to bring in some wonderful, fairy climate, check out this collection.

Tinkerbell lamp 30

Make sure your little girl has a nice and beautiful piece like this Tinkerbell lamp in her room. It sports the amazingly detailed base with their favorite character and the traditional style of the shade.

Tinkerbell glass
Tinkerbell lamp 7
Tinkerbell lamp 11
Tinkerbell lamp 8
Tinkerbell lamp 37
Tinkerbell lamp 9
Tinkerbell lamp 10
Tinkerbell lamp 26
Tinkerbell lamp 4
Tinkerbell lamp 29
Tinkerbell lamp 2
Tinkerbell lamp 17
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Curly Torpedo 1 Light Track Head with Bell Shade

Curly Torpedo 1 Light Track Head with Bell Shade

Tinkerbell lamp 36
Tinkerbell lamp 43
Tinkerbell lamp 31
Tinkerbell lamp 16
Tinkerbell lamp 12
Tinkerbell lamp 40
Tinkerbell lamp 18
Tinkerbell lamp 41
Disney tinkerbell 14 table lamp excellent
Curly Torpedo 1 Light Track Head with Tinkerbell Glass

Curly Torpedo 1 Light Track Head with Tinkerbell Glass

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Tinkerbell 10
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