Tin Furniture

Your home needs more character? Choose furniture and accessories wisely. Sometimes it's just an accent chair or a patterned ottoman or a piece of tin furniture that can change the look of the interior. Here are some good examples to choose from.

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Tin furniture 1
Smith Jamie

If you are looking for interesting kitchen solutions, this idea of using countertops with epoxy painted is an incredibly original and glamorous way to decorate. The elements used in the garage are stable, and the kitchen takes on a new style.

Tin furniture
Rivera Lindsay

Spice up your cottage house with this vintage table with rustic accents. The table is crafted from wood, along with its thick legs, fixed stretchers, and a rectangle plank top. The sides are covered by sheet metal panels, hiding everything that's underneath the table.

Tin furniture
Kristen Adam

Wood works are an art too! Look on these bookshelves and imagine them in your home library. They add an industrial style to any home. They are made of barn wood and corrugated metal.

Tin furniture 1
Rachel Howard

If you looking for extra ordinary ideas for your apartment, you have to choose this cabinet. It's handmade of pallets, so it has a rustic or vintage look. everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Tin furniture 21
Stone Caroline

Set of two old-fashioned headboards in rural style. Both elements have frame made of cherry wood and are decorated of little different woods' pieces. It will be fit perfectly to bedroom in cottage, spacious house.

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Are you searching for a rustic pieces of furniture? The amazing rustic vanity is made of reclaimed barn wood and has got barn tin. It's a special product for kitchen or drawing room.

Tin furniture 3
Megan Barnes

This hall tree is a functional element that features a rustic stylization in the house. Its reclaimed wood construction includes a lower shelf and bench. Upper area features a mirror and hooks for hats and coats.

Tin furniture
Courtney John

This weathered bookshelf with cabinet, can do a big difference in the appearance of your room. The whole is assembled of durable wood, with a wood plank back panel, and two cabinets concealed by the doors with wood plank panels.

Tin furniture 2
Jessica Zernike

The eclectic outdoor barbecue is galvanized and made of wood. It has got a top for preparing food and very stylish finish. If you want to add something interesting to your outdoor space, you need to choose this product.

Tin furniture 7
Sara Ross

This element of furniture is a shelving unit that represents a rustic style. Its shelves provide space for decorations, books, plants, etc. Its galvanized steel back looks very nice and features resistance to damage.

Tin furniture 6
Stacy Tor

Wooden bench with metal elements. Its sitting space is solid and paired with vertical backrest slats and durable arms. Its lower part includes three capacious compartments that can be used as storage areas.

Tin furniture
Colleen Griffin

A nice idea for an outdoor fireplace construction. Its corrugated metal ceiling with brick walls provides solidity, safety and comfort of users. The lower area includes a solid table with wooden legs and marble top. It also includes comfortable outdoor armchairs.

Tin furniture
Craven Zoe

A very original stylization of a cabinet. This old-styled element of furniture features a light blue color with some brown decorative elements with stars. Solid doors of this cabinet hide a very spacious compartment.

Tin furniture 9
Liliana Gadjus

Rustic approach to an old-fashioned and unfinished linen cabinet made out of rough barn wood with no paint and varnish. The linen cabinet provides a unique, countryside vibe with its austere and primitive appearance.

Tin furniture 19
Lambert Abbey

Processing may not be a difficult process at all and the effect may be delightful. Look with your creative eye on this metal sheet tin furniture, damaged industrial bookshelf with a gray color, add a new spray and create a trendy regal room.

Tin furniture 16
Martinez Marisa

Cooler stand mounted on wooden frame. Suitable for cooling drinks, bottles and more. Designed for outdoor use. Great addition for the garden, patio, porch and more.

Tin furniture 1

A great example of upcycling. If you don't know what to do with some old tins, make a virtue of it and create some unique ottomans. A lovely idea for the garden or patio decor.

Tin furniture 9
Lily Cravenable

Tall rack mounted on metal frame with pipes theme. Includes 5 wooden shelves in various sizes. Perfect for storing books, display decorations, plants and more. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

Tin furniture 10
Wesson Jessica

A chic vintage a bit shabby white woody end table. Legs, aprons, edges have curved lines, drawers - ornate metal pendant C-pulls. A DIY top, looking like carved wood, is of textured black and silver stained wallpaper under layers of clear acrylic.

Tin furniture 5
Kristina Tho

This construction is an attractive and functional shed with a durable construction on the basis of pallets. It features doors, windows and quite spacious indoors that provide comfort or storage space.

Tin furniture 7
Esther Smith

Middle Eastern, oriental patterns enjoy a good reputation-because of they present traditions, colors and interesting patterns.Just like this tin furniture cabinet with a dark green color finish in wood and fronts of silvery aluminum that have been embroidered.

Tin furniture 5
Jessica Zernike
Tin furniture 25

This small rustic kitchen set will add some unique charm and warmth to the space, providing unusual appeal. Being also a good example of repurposing upcycling, it shall also appeal to those, who particularly value nature.

Tin furniture 3
Thompson Alyssa

Why not choose a truly unique alternative for the furniture in your household with this tin-made pieces? They offer a modern and contemporary-styled look and the silver or golden finishes to accent your decor.

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Mendes Natasha
Tin furniture 23
Stephanie Rod

If you are looking for a more original and utterly unique headboard for your master suite and are a fan of the oriental designs then this piece will surely catch your attention, since it not only comes with the beautiful patterns but also the stunning steel structure.

Tin furniture 4
Alexis Hallify

A solid and simple stylization of a functional shelf for plants, decorations and other items. Its wooden frame is durable and stable. This shelf includes a solid and stylish galvanized back for more support and aesthetics.

Tin furniture 1
Veronica Bailey

Incredibly beautiful, finished with love - white wooden armoir - is perfect as your new coffee station! Equipped with additional drawers and shelves to keep your favourite stuff, is also a great spot to keep your china (additional hangers).

Tin furniture 13
Patricia Barnes
Tin furniture 6

This stylization looks very attractive with a neutral white color of a wall. A wall mounted shelf is functional and features antique stylization. The lower decorative figure is durable and also stylish.

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Tin furniture
Tin furniture 11
Lauren Martinezify
Tin furniture 4

Decorative and spacious storage chest with a very durable frame that includes some attractive carvings. This rectangular chest includes double doors that provide protection for a large storage compartment.

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Antique 1850s southern primitive farm made punch tin pie safe
Tin furniture 15
Alexis Gri

This bedroom brings together the best of the old and the new. This standout headboard is fashioned from distressed white tin ceiling tiles. The antique look is contrasted by bright green and pinks that act as accent colors throughout the room.

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Brittany Henderson
Tin furniture
Isabella Martinable
Accent storage bench 1
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Tin Tissue Box Cover
Angela King

Tin Tissue Box Cover
This is a very solid tissue box cover that has got a rustic tin metal construction with a stylish silver finish. Its top area includes a round opening for tissue. The size of this cover is 5.5" H x 4.75" W x 4.75" D.

Tin furniture
Michele Phillips
I had a whole plan drawn up to make a
Yulia Thompson
Tin furniture 1
Jessica Zernike
Antique leather armchairs 1

A gorgeous piece for homes that need a bit of vintage touch. This antique armchair is covered with an elegantly distressed leather, offering a large back with diamond button tufting, a deep seat, rolled arms and sturdy wood legs.

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Tin furniture 24
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