Time Zone Wall Clocks

Time zone wall clocks are a nice alternative to the typical pieces. They comprise multiple clock faces and inform about the time in the biggest cities worldwide. See the designs and choose one that matches the decor of the room.

Caroline Patterson Interior Design Expert
Karlsson Wall Clock Worldtime Aluminum
Carmen Kowalski

Wall clock featuring aluminum construction and dial with map of the world. Additionally, it has five small dials for displaying time in five different time zones. The clock requires five AA batteries for operation.

Time zone wall clocks 1
Julie Ben

This original, decorative and functional construction includes five round clocks that show time in different time zones. They hang from a solid rod made of wrought iron. The central clock is the largest one and it shows local time.

Time zone wall clocks
Patterson Gracie

Round wall clocks with white dials, black hands and Arabic numerals. Labels with names of cities or countries indicate a time zone. Some clocks have cases and labels of aluminium and glass lenses, the others - black cases and clear lenses of plastic.

Karlsson Wall Clock Timezone Magnet Aluminum, Black
Aloma Garcia

Designed of durable aluminum, this black wall clock includes 4 dials for different time zones. You can choose the time zone by using interchangeable magnets. Each clock has a silver frame, a round black face, and Arabic numerals. Requires 4 AA batteries.


High gloss metal wall clock with traditional black Arabic numerals dial and three additional dials showing the time of three different time zones. The clock is coloured white, black and silver, and this defines the elegant look.

World clocks for sale
Simmons Cynthia

If you spend a lot of time travelling, work with the foreigners all over the world or have family on the halfway around the world - this solution will be helpful for you. And the design...I love it!!!

World time wall clock

Four wall clocks with magnets. These elements of equipment are suitable for showing time in different time zones. Durable, rectangular frame is finished in white color and it includes four round clock faces in black color.

Time Zones Rhythm Clock
Julia Lambertify

It is a clock with time zones and classic design. It is a fantastic addition for your office space, living room, bedroom and family room. It is a great choice.

Model wl custom time zone wall clock
Time zone wall clock

A very functional wall clock that includes four clocks. Each one is for different city located in different time zone. These black, round clocks feature round frames, hands and Arabic numbers in white color.

Time zone wall clocks 3

Antique setup for a rustic and old-fashioned hobby room with two desks made out of worn-off, weathered wood with a fitting cross-back chair. The brass display of decorative wall clocks provides a unique touch to the room.

World Time Clock
Powell Leah

With this clock you'll ALWAYS know what time it is in ANY time zone in the world thanks to colorful map incorporated in the middle of the clock's dial. Without leaving your bedroom, you can read time for any time zone, and express your travel passion, all in one.

World Time Wall Clock /w 3 Time Zones
Jessica Zernike

Rectangular, vertically oriented wall clock with three ivory dials displaying three time zones time (Hong Kong, New York, Paris). The dials are enclosed in a multitone gray case that looks like made of stone.

Three time zone clock
Holly Kelly

That way you know what the time is - all over the world. And you do not have to wonder if you can call a friend on the other side of the Earth's hemisphere. Four small metal time zone wall clocks have black dials and signed places to match them.

Ideas for office series of different clocks with different important
Ambient Weather 12118BW Executive Radio Controlled Analog Wall Clock with Month, Day, Day of Week, Temperature and Humidity, 17-Inch

Precise high-tech wall clock with radio controlled mechanism, featuring separate analog dials for time, month, weekday and month day. Elegant black design enhances your ambiance with a desirable dose of sleekness.

Time zone clocks for billiards wall
Erin Perr
Salzburg Three Time Zone Clock in Silver

Elegant silver analog clock (polished chrome finish) with 3 dials displaying time of three different time zones. Each dial has black hands and black Roman numerals, which adds an interesting traditional accent to a bold contemporary look.

Multiple time zone wall clock
Hilton Emily
Retro black time zones wall clock with multi dials blair
Coupe Andrea
Karlsson aluminium world time zone wall clock on ebay 117
Mackenzie Poly
Clocks with different time zones
Jacqueline Davis

Funky and clever design for a large wall clock made out of stainless steel with a galvanized frame and four screws in the corners for mounting. The clock has a map in the background with a few time zone clocks, providing a unique look.

Time zone wall clock 1
Laetitia Anderson

This silver, simplistic set of time zone wall clocks will keep you always up to date. It adds a smooth, urban character to the space, fitting well to both modern and retro interiors.

Cooper Classics 9260 Kenickie Clock, 35-Inch W x 10.5-Inch H
Renee Butl

Classic wall clock, designed with a vintage vibe to its overall look, with four dials that show time of four different time zones. Each clock has a label with city's name, and is enclosed in a sturdy plastic case.

Time zone wall clock 5
Mackenzie Milani

Time zone wall clock fitted with magnet. Functional accent for each place. Simple form and neutral design.

International clocks for the wall

An eye-catching contemporary wall clock having an oval dial in the form of a map of the world in greys. It has grey pointy hands but has no numbers. Three small round clocks in a bottom part show the time in 3 different time zones.

WalterDrake Kincaid 4 Time Zone Wall Clock
Nicole Lee

Modern wall clock displaying time from four time zones at once. Pretty purposeful if you want to know what time it is in London, Sydney, Tokyo and Kincaid simultaneously! Besides this highly useful feature, the clock boast nice, sleek design.

Customizable world time zone wall clock ebay
Kathleen Ross
Ambient Weather 12112BS Executive Radio Controlled Analog Wall Clock with Date and Day of Week, 12-Inch

This is an analog clock that features a round shape. It shows current time, date and day of week. The frame has got a round shape and it is made of brushed aluminum, so it is resistant to damage and wear.

3 time zone clock
Time zone wall clock timezoneclock
Nicole Mar
World wall clocks
Pugg wall clock ikea time zone wall
Abigail Wrightful
Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

Trintec 24 Hour Military Time Zulu Time Wall Clock 14" - ZT24 white
Jacqueline Parker

This piece of equipment is a wall clock that features a military Zulu Time stylization. It is made of materials that are resistant to impacts and other negative factors. The mechanism works reliable and accurate for a long time.

La Crosse Technology 404-1220 20 inch Extra Large Atomic Wall Clock
Esther Smith

Large wall clock with round shield. It is mounted in aluminum frame. It contains Arabic numeral and is powered by 1 battery. Modern and functional design for each interior as needed. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Love this now do you set them all the same
Natalie Bry
World clock wall
Krystle Brya
World clocks wall
Abbey Kowalski
La Crosse Technology WS-8115U-S Digital Wall Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature
Alexis Jam

This digital watch will check you in many different situations. It is practical and very useful. It's a great solution that will serve you when you planned to walk. Watch shows not only time, but also the ambient temperature that prevails in your home and outside.

Bedol Hand Held All-World Timepiece: 18 time zones/Silver, Clock
Liliana Gadjus

Highly purposeful hand held clock displaying time of 22 countries - just select one with a simple spin of the outer dial. The clock is characterized by sturdiness, provided by die-cast metal case, and it comes with a vinyl travel case.

Time zone wall clock where each of our compassion children
Gonzalez Erica
Geneva 4634g silver tone four time zone wall clock wall
Stacey Gray
Karlsson 9 time zones wall clock
Thompson Alyssa
Time zone wall clocks 2
Leah Bai

Large wall clock with five dials showing time for different time zones - each dial has city's name on it. Why not now what time it is in Sydney or Moscow? Its construction is forged metal with plain brown finish.

Time zones wall clock 1
Lauren Martinezify

This very original clock with time zones is the perfect solution for decorative and functional stylish interior. Beautiful finish and sturdy design impress. Roman numerals on the dial and consistent color scheme are ideal for office or living room.

Multiple time zone wall clocks
Present time wall clock time zone
Time zone clocks i just love love love this nh
Cintia Kowalski
La Crosse Technology WS-8115U-B Digital Wall Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature

A very functional technology in the house. This type of device is a digital wall clock that is able to show both indoor and outdoor temperatures. It has got a very high wireless range and three languages of operation: English, French and Spanish.