Tiffany Window Panel

There are many people who have been inspired by the window panels that are depicted at these photos. This is quite normal since those panels are incredibly charming and quite functional. What will you decide to pick after a thoughtful consideration? Perhaps you want to have more time so do not rush.

Tiffany window panel 5

Wall hanging decoration in rectangular shape. It features very attractive glass accents based on bottle bottoms. Multiple-color finish is able to decorate different types of indoors. This decoration is also resistant to wear or damage.

Tiffany window panel 4

It is part of the historic, unique collection of Tiffany's stained glass window panel. In this case, it represents a land of a sea full of biblical fish - thus creating a mystical atmosphere with beautiful handmade blue, green and rose colors.

Tiffany window panel 9

Avant-garde design for an abstract decorative window panel made out of stained glass with a variety of vibrant blue and green colors, making for a unique and stunning replacement to a picture or a photo on a living room wall.

Tiffany window panel 20

Stained glass was associated with the church.Old stained now gets a modern look, definitely layered designs and colors that don't look so historic - invest in them at home, the example of these two delicate stained glass window panels with geometric forms.

Stained glass hummingbird and flower panel window

Stained Glass Hummingbird And Flower Panel Window
With a beautiful hummingbird and flower mosaic, this stained glass window constitutes a marvelous proposition for all fans of Tiffany style. High-quality, solid finishing will make it enchant for years.

Tiffany window panel 3

Want to be in this landscape. Right. This. Minute. STAINED GLASS WINDOW PANELS ~ Wildlife and Nature

Tiffany window panel

A stunning Tiffany rainbow window. Perhaps not unlike the one at the Gosfroth Academy. Is that Bifrost in the distance...?

Tiffany window panel 15

Fragments: Stained Glass Panel with Abstract Splashes of Color - 13" x 21"

Tiffany window panel 19

Clear arch panel. . I NEED all of my arch windows to have these!

Tiffany Window Panel

Tiffany Window Panel

Tiffany window panel 1

Tiffany Rainbow Window Westminster Presbyterian Church, Auburn, NY

Tiffany window panel 26

Stained Glass Window Tropical Starfish Sea Shell Beach Agate Suncatcher Panel | eBay

Tiffany Victorian Window Panel

Tiffany Victorian Window Panel

Tiffany window panel 1

Wonderful Stained Glass - Tiffany ? by catchesthelight, via Flickr

Tiffany window panel 1

From Louis Comfort Tiffany's Laurelton Hall Living Room (Long Island Sound) ~ Four Seasons - SUMMER

Tiffany window panel

Tiffany window panel

Tiffany window panel 2

Stained Glass Panel Crossing Paths

Tiffany window panel 2

Tiffany window located at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Tiffany window panel 2

Chicago - Architecture & Cityscape: Tiffany Studio: Agnes F. Northrop [Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows]

Tiffany window panel 3

LOVE the beautiful paneling details and this color in particular! the Xmas tree is nice too:)

Tiffany window panel 6

Layering your window coverings helps you regulate your room temperature without adjusting the thermostat. Sheer panels allow the sun to shine in during the day, while closing heavier panels at night helps to insulate.

Tiffany window panel 3

Four Seasons Stained Glass Panel Pearl by dreamglasscreations, $375.00

Tiffany window panel 4

RACKS and Mooby: How to clean in between the 2 glass panels on your oven door windows This REALLY is the best tip EVER!!!!

Tiffany window panel 7

Commissioned restoration of original display panel, 800mm x 650mm, October 2005. Abstract landscape made with Bullseye fusible, Urobouros, English Antique streaky, Wissmach cathedral, Specrtum baroque and antique reamy.

Tiffany window panel 5

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Tiffany window panel 6

gorgeous way to frame out your pictures with layers in this old window - by The Vintage Bag Lady

Tiffany window panel 7

Abstract picture window:

Tiffany window panel 8

Glass panel by Amy Keith Barney

Tiffany window panel 8

Window Panel: Vase with Flowers. c. 1885. Designer: Louis Comfort Tiffany. Manufacturer: Tiffany Glass Company. Corona, New York, United States. The Baltimore Museum of Art, BMA 1979.175

Tiffany window panel 9

Butterfly Floral Faux Stained Glass Window by Colorfulimpressions, $39.99

Tiffany window panel 10

Faking the Funk: Adding Stained Glass to Your Windows

Tiffany window panel 10

Tiffany Stained Glass 3 in St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Dubuque, Iowa. The church has 95 windows and panels; of these, 94 are by Tiffany. It's truly a treasure chest of stained glass. tjn

Tiffany window panel 11

Abstract Stained Glass Transom Window Contemporary Nuggets Suncatcher Panel

Tiffany window panel 12

Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass

Tiffany window panel 13

gorgeous antiqued wood washing accented with tiffany blue

Tiffany window panel 14


Tiffany window panel 16

best-window-displays_tiffanys_2009_christmas_paper-art_01.jpg (567×850)

Tiffany window panel 17

Twisted Sheer in pool for the window covering. This will add some color. teen

Tiffany window panel 18

Tiffany Stained Glass Angels | tiffany_the_resurrection_angel_stained_glass_panel_glassmasters.jpg

Tiffany window panel 21

lots of light coming through clear glass; vines and greenery.

Tiffany window panel 22

House of Turquoise: Whitewashed Tiffany Bedroom. Benjamin Moore. palladian blue

Tiffany window panel 23

Will be great pattern for Faux Stainglass

Tiffany window panel 24

vivid monochrome #windows #aqua #turquoise

Tiffany window panel 25

Study in Textured Clears -- Medium Stained Glass Panel. $200.00, 14 by 14

Tiffany window panel 27

Tiffany-style Peacock Window Panel

Tiffany window panel 28

Great Blue Heron Bird Window- combines my favorite bird and favorite flower!!

Tiffany window panel 29

Stained Glass Window Panel Basketweave 12 x 22

Tiffany window panel 30

Abstract Stained Glass Transom Panel Window Suncatcher Divider Agates Nuggets | eBay

Tiffany window panel 31

Antique American Victorian Stained Glass Window AE486

Tiffany window panel 5306 1

Tiffany window panel 5306