Tiffany Reproduction Lamp Bases

This collection looks like an art gallery or a museum of lamps, doesn’t it? Browsing through these photos, you can find a wide range of sophisticated designs, sizes and colours of Tiffany reproduction lamps. They are not the same but all of them have some charm. Which one would you choose?

Rachel Craven Interior Design Expert
Tiffany lamp replica
Mega Leahbrown

This base is known as a "Twisted Vine" Bronze Lamp Base and it is done in the most sought after Brown/Green Patina. This bronze lamp stands 25" tall to the top of the riser. The foot has a diameter of 9,75 inches.

Tiffany reproduction lamp bases
Catherine Barnes

Comprising a bronzed water lily base from which emanate 18 stems ending in bell shaped lily blossom shade, this Tiffany reproduction lamp enchants with its ornate character, adding antique refinement to any space.

Bamboo sr floor base
Diana Jones
Tiffany lamp base
Laetitia Anderson

Inspired by Tiffany style, this faithful reproduction boasts of a colorful mosaic shade and body, designed in shape of a stylish mushroom. It has a pointy finial on top, and a round, flat base for stability.

Tiffany reproduction lamp bases
Ebony Price

My sister loves the Tiffany's style, so I purchased for her the reproduction of this floor lamp. It has the border heavy oil font base and colorful shade with floral motif. She was so delighted!

Art nouveau lamps reproductions
Jenna Daviesful

With this Tiffany reproduction lamp base your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. The layering shades of blue is so interesting and reminds me of the deep ocean. The shade is made of squares, so it looks a little bit modern for me.

Reproduction art nouveau lamps

A very good reproduction of Tiffany’s “Waterlily” stained glass lamp. The base was made from bronze. The stained glass is green, blue, yellow and with shades of red. A true piece of art, no doubts about it!

Tiffany reproduction lamp bases 1

An interesting stylish base for table lamps. It looks like a squat vase, is crafted of materials finished in green shades and features large textured dragonflies and floral motifs incuse on a surface.

Tiffany lamp bases
Veronica Butler

A chic authentic lamp with a half of acorn-like base of bronze in browns. It stands on 4 curved legs fixed to a squarish foot with rounded corners and concave edges. An umbrella-like lampshade is of stained glass tiles in greens with orange accents.

Dale Tiffany Wisteria Table Lamp

This charming table lamp with a beautiful stained glass shade is a perfect combination of functionality and a spectacular decoration ideal for any interior design. Beautiful coloring and brass design fascinate.

Home garden lamps lighting ceiling fans lamps 149
Bailey Elizabeth
Dale tiffany lamp parts
Anna Rive

Stained glass lamps are a fantastic decoration in the Art Nouveau style.Tiffany reproduction lamp base is a beautiful specimen of a colorful lampshade in the form of an umbrella lampshade and a shaft as a dragonfly.Shades of amber or cobalt perfectly harmonize.

Meyda Tiffany 27812 3 Light Mosaic Dragonfly Table Lamp
Christine Hal

Beautiful Tiffany-style lamp. Stained glass shade not only looks extremely well but will also throw amazing light reflexes. The lamp leg is even better – it’s long since we’ve seen such a detailed and rich finish.

Tiffany wisteria lamp museum quality reproduction bronze tree base
Mega Leahbrown
Tiffany lamp reproductions 1
Thomson Marisa
Tiffany reproduction lamp bases 2
Holly Simmons
Floor lamp bases for stained glass
Danielle Robi

Stained glass standing lamp. It’s a reproduction of Tiffany’s Bamboo lamp. The base was made from bronze, while the shade has original colours. Beautiful light reflexes guaranteed!

Lamp bases for stained glass shades
Erika Young

Inspired by classic Tiffany design, this faithful reproduction is just as lovely as the original itself. Made of a solid brass frame and a stained glass shade, the lamp really knows how to impress with its colorful charm.

Tiffany Jeweled Peacock 27" H Table Lamp with Cone Shade
Liliana Gadjus

Tiffany Jeweled Peacock 27" H Table Lamp with Cone Shade
A class and elegance in its purest form - this Tiffany table lamp with cone shade is a truly breathtaking piece, that was designed for the purpose of keeping your home in line with the best and most appreciated pieces of art, while at the same time adding to its practical side.

Bronze lamp base
Krystle Kelly

The beautiful reproductions allow you to bring style and nice ambiance to the interior, so this tiffany draginfly lamp base made of bronze will be an excellent way to revitalize the decor in the vintage.

Reproduction tiffany lamps
Weber Lily

Featuring a beautiful blue dragonfly shade on a mosaic base, this Tiffany lamp reproduction will add a focal point to any refined interiors. Recommended for all fans of this style, as well as all vintage or retro design enthusiasts.

Tiffany wisteria lamp reproduction

What does a toadstool have to do with Tiffany's stained glass? The design of this reproduction lamp combines 2 non-detached beings.Colored glass creates a unique lampshade with red toadstools. And the base has green crystals and resembles a mushroom root.

Tiffany reproduction lamp bases 2

A faithful reproduction of a Tiffany style lamp that you can place on your desk to make it even more snazzier. It has a round base displayed with a bunch of small tiles, and a mashroom-like shade designed of little shards of staind glass.

Details about vtg reproduction tiffany bat lamp w mosaic tile
Evans Liliana
Tiffany lamp stand
Roberts Isabelle

Featuring brilliantly painted stained glass, this 16" black-eyed Susan constitutes a beautiful reproduction of a Tiffany lamp base. A great proposition for a classic bedroom or living room.

Tiffany reproduction lamp bases
Bianca Noorda

It is not easy to match the performance of Tiffany's stained glass lamps. However, his spirit and elegance are visible in the example of this stained-glass table Tiffany reproduction lamp shade. It has a shape in the form of a mushroom.

Meyda 7"H 1 Lt Brushed Nickel Wall Sconce Lamp Bases And Fixture Hardware
Caitlin Nel
25.5" H Tiffany Flying Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp

25.5" H Tiffany Flying Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp

Tiffany reproduction lamps

Table lamp with glass shade finished with butterfly theme. It is mounted on metal base. Great addition to the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Tiffany floor lamp base
Jenna Daviesful
Harvard table lamp 30 beautiful reproduction stained glass lamp buy
Gonzalez Natasha
Tiffany lamp reproductions
Tiffany lamp base only
Adriana Andersson
Tiffany stained glass reproduction lamp shade
Bronze lamp bases
Andrea Coo
Tiffany Chastain 22.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Jacqueline Rogers

Tiffany Chastain 22.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This Tiffany 22.5-inch height table lamp features a resin body, finished in black. The multi-colored empire shade is designed of finest glass pieces. The lamp also includes a pull chain on/off switch, and accommodates 60W incandescent bulbs.

Tiffany style lamp base
Alyssa Wilsonify
Tiffany cobweb lamp
Stacy Adams
Mosaic lamp base
Gray Amy

A lovely reproduction of a Tiffany lamp with cobweb and dragonfly design. The 31'' lamp stands proudly on a round marble base attached to a slender pole, holding a stained glass umbrella-like shade.

Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
Rachel Miller

Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
This wonderfully made openwork like a stained glass lamp on the table is a wonderful result for your interior. Beautifully decorated, gives interesting klory of light, making the whole interior looks stunning.

Tiffany Rosebush Gooseneck Accent Lamp
Julie Roge

Tiffany Rosebush Gooseneck Accent Lamp
This beautiful lamp will surely accentuate your personal space. It has an adorned base which is finished in antique bronze and an adorable shade which is apparently made of glass-like shards with flowery motifs.

22 wilkinson base 23 75 miller base handel spelter base
Meyda 4"W 1 Lt Wall Sconce Lamp Bases And Fixture Hardware
Julie Jac
Indus Tiffany 23" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Erika Young

Indus Tiffany 23" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Empire shade of this Tiffany style table lamp has been composed of stained glass in amber and black. The base features meticulous design with elaborate detailing. The lamp is just a stunner in any decor, classically themed in particular.

22 tiffany dragonfly stained glass lamp reproduction displayed on a
Tiffany Victorian 26" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
Laetitia Anderson

Tiffany Victorian 26" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Double sockets for 60 watt bulbs
Home lamps table lamps standard table lamps dale tiffany 1037
Tiffany reproduction apple blossom cobweb on brass mosaic wheat lamp
Samantha Dia
16 tree trunk base