Tent Bunk Beds

Children love playing and they love tents. So here's a collection of tent bunk beds for you little one's room. Great designs which not only provide a sleeping zone but also have an awesome playing potential. Check them out!

Eliza Bush Interior Design Expert
Tent bunk beds
Harris Jaclyn

This sleek bunk bed is an excellent way to arrange a baby room. Simple construction with a ladder and logs under the bottom of the bed create a functional whole. Lovely decorations give the beds a sense of intimacy and charming atmosphere.

Tent bunk beds

This charming bunk bed with curtains is a great way to have a stylish baby room. Beautiful coloring, the possibility of numerous arrangements and the robust design of the whole makes it a very functional piece of furniture.

Bunk bed tent
Robinson Layla

Bunk bed made of wood and fitted with canopy. Includes railings and ladder for added safety. Provides saving space in each kid's room. Classic form and careful execution.

Bunk bed canopy
Alicia Lee

Thanks to this sturdy and well-crafted bunk bed, your little ones will be fully protected, while asleep. The top bunk is surrounded by protective railings, while the bottom one has a large, red curtain, transforming the whole bed into a cozy fort.

Tent bunk beds 1

Bunk bed designed for kids. Construction is made of wood. Includes ladder and railings for added safety. Provides saving space in each kid's room as needed. Traditional form and neutral design.

Ikea bunk bed tent
Watson Cynthia

Oh my god, it is so cute! This simple loft bed with built-in desk and bookcase is stylised on little princess castle - it is decorated of pink drapes. This set will play its role perfectly in little girl's bedroom.

Tents for beds
Peyton Donaldson

An adorable addition to every little girl's room. It's a bunk bed in shape of a beautiful, white and pink house with a high-pitched roof, a built-in ladder, protective railings on the top bunk, and small windows with lovely curtains.

Bunk bed tents
Jenna Delicata

A pretty contemporary bunk bed for kids. It's screened with white fabric curtains. Wooden beds are finished in blue and white, have full headboards and footboards. An upper bed has a ladder and slatted up sides. Bottom drawers have metal handles.

Bed tent ikea

Designing a room for your little girl? Just look at this solution. Suddenly, it's no longer an ordinary room, but a fairyland instead. Pastel colours, mainly pink, work great in girl's room, and cute images are what kids just can't get enough of.

Loft bed tent
Wesson Jessica

An out-and-outer bunk bed with a hideout. A front panel looks like a starboard of a pirate ship. Bed is of wood with a brown and black finish, white skull and crossbones motifs, greyish bubbling breakers, a grey anchor, a red ladder and doors.

Ikea loft bed with tent
Reed Jamie

Bunk bed for children. Its tent stylization looks like a small house. Durable construction of this bed is made of solid birch hardwood and veneers in natural finish. The upper sleeping space includes protective rails and an access ladder.

Tent for loft bed
Moore Angela

Cute and adorable setup for a boy’s bedroom with a loft bed made out of white-painted plywood. The loft bed has a set of stairs leading up to it with a set of cupboards and drawers beneath and a desk on the side.

Twin bed canopy tent
Courtney Phil

Deciding on this loft bed you can successfully mix comfortability with practical solutions. The bunk bed has a fixed staircase leading on top, with several different size storage compartments built-in inside of each step.

Twin bed tent ikea
Walker Christina

This kids room loft bed goes pink but in a different way - subtle powder pink curtains do the talking, and there's a built-in white ladder that leads to the bunk bed, and wildlife wall art. A fine idea for children's room. Girls power!

Bunk bed forts
Yulia Thompson

Children always need regular and sufficiently long sleep. That is why it is so important to choose the right bed - for example in the form of a tent bunk white bed with a canopy in the form of a tent. This is how a white oasis of a small girl is created.

Loft bed tent only

Bunk bed for kid's room, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste and need. Wooden frame is reinforced with solid supports. It is fitted with ladder and railings for added safety.

Tent bunk bed
Anderson Marisa

Make your home more functional with this set of tent bunk beds. The beds have a sturdy wood frame and a white finish, with a top bunk properly secured with wooden planks. There's also a metal railing on the ceiling that allows you to cover the whole set with 2 stylish fabric curtains.

Ikea tent bed
Jasmine Mar

This tent bed is an ingenuine construction, which will allow your child to camp in his or her own bedroom. Fully safe, designed for children of various age, it fulfills all the safety requirements.

Lea my place twin over twin with blue red tent
Edwards Stephanie
Muldoon Twin Loft Bed with Tent

Muldoon Twin Loft Bed with Tent
This lovely loft bed features a tent and will be a place of entertainment for your little one. It has a metal frame which has been finished in white and the curtains has been made with a pink material.

Bunk bed canopy ideas
Crystal Miller

An interesting novelty twin bed with a truckle bed made of wooden materials finished in off-white. It features a tent-like enclosure (over an upper bed) having triangular openings in shorter walls and a canopy of white fabric in a front wall.

Bunk bed tents and curtains
Jessica Davis

When you see that your little daughter is still hanging on her bunk bed, colorful curtains from her blanket - you come up with the idea to sew a beautiful purple curtain to her tent bunk wooden bed. In the style of a real princess.

Bunk bed with tent
Laura You

Every little man, at some point, dreams about his fortune or tent. In this room, a wooden tent bunk bed with an elbow frame, white boards at the bottom, with the possibility of hanging a white canopy - it will create a favorite place for a child.

Girls bed with tent
Wesson Jessica

Turn your kids' bedroom into a small fortress with this few IKEA hacks. This tent bunk bed is a DIY project, which may inspire parents who look for unique solutions for their kids' room decors.

Bed tents for bunk beds
Mary Roge

Opt for the perfect bunk bed arrangement to ensure that you are saving up as much space as possible, while at the same time using it to the maximum. It will easily hold up to two people and provide additional room for storage.

How to make bunk bed curtains

Provide a boost of both functionality and visual appeal for your kid's bedroom with this amazing bunk bed that sports the bright finish to make the whole room more suitable for little girls and will ensure the much needed comfort.

Cottage Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Tent and Built-In Ladder

Cottage Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Tent and Built-In Ladder

Loft bed playhouse curtains
Bunk beds with curtains
Julie Kel
Tents for bunk beds
Bush Eliza
Top bunk tent
Christina Smith
Bunk bed tent only
Julia Lambertify

If your kids like to sleep in a tent, then why don't surprise them with this stylish bunk bed? The whole is made of wood, has a fixed ladder, protective railings on the top bunk, and a house-themed tent with doors and windows that covers up the lower bunk.

Loft bed with canopy
Terra kids bed
Bailey Elizabeth
Pirate bunk bed
Gina Lewis
Tent for bunk bed
Lindsey Phillips

Bunk bed dedicated to little princess. Construction is made of wood and fitted with ladder and railings for added safety. Base has 2 drawers for storing beddings. Modern design for each kid's room.

Pink mission twin full tent bunk bed by donco kids
Karen Wilson
WOW22 Low Loft Panel Bed with Slide and Top Tent

WOW22 Low Loft Panel Bed with Slide and Top Tent

Top bunk bed tent
Peyton Donaldson
Canopy bunk beds
Bunk bed tent covers
Jenna Edward

A truly nice and fun bunk bed that ensures your children have both an extremely comfortable sleeping space and can have a bit of fun thanks to the amazing slide that makes getting out of bed in the morning much easier.

Mission Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Tent and Built-In Ladder
Theresa Robi

Mission Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Tent and Built-In Ladder

Bunkbed tent
Windsor Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Built-In Ladder

Windsor Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Built-In Ladder

Schoolhouse Twin Princess Loft Bed w/ Slide, Perfect for Your Girls Bedroom Furniture Set
Holly Mit
In tents
Howard Renee
Canopy bunk bed
Wright Stacy
Mission tent kit bunk bed shopping the best deals on
Kura baby kids children bed canopy tent blue white star
Tara Gosselin
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