Telesonic Wall Clocks

Take a look below if you're looking for a wall clock to complement the look of your home. In my collection you'll find a number of designs which combine practicality with great design. Find out more about their styles and prices in the board below.

Water Resistant Wall Clock with Quiet Sweep Movement

With the decorative silver and polished frame and the water-resistant design, this wall clock that comes with the quiet sweep movement will offer the amazing convenience, making this piece perfect for bathrooms, patios or spas.

Telesonic wall clocks

Any fans of simple design here? I usually like my wall clock to be readable, characterized by clean modern design. This round telesonic wall clock is all but sophistication, but it's FUNCTIONAL and it delivers a hint of blue indoors.

Water Resistant Wall Clock with Quiet Sweep Movement

Wall clock featuring sweep movement and durable case, which is also steamproof and water resistant. This makes it a perfect addition to bathroom patio or spa. Additionally, case of the clock has appealing cream finish.

Vintage telesonic quartz musical wall clock bird grapes

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This retro style wall clock evokes memories of the 60's or 70's. It's traditional design embodies class, while chrome frame delights with its attention to details. Can be used in all kind of rooms.

Telesonic Silver Wall Clock w/ Quiet Sweep Second Hand

It is a simple wall clock that has got a silver finish, quiet sweep second hand and plastic case. This product is nicely finished, high quality and it fits perfectly to any style and décor in your home.

Telesonic wall clocks

Everyone knows, that classic style is always in fashion. This old-fashioned wall clock is very elegant, so it will be fit only to sophisticated interior, especially vintage living room in family property.

Water resistant clock

It can be said that it is classic,modern telesonic wall clock.It is not extravagant,which can be an advantage - for people enjoying minimalism. It has white aluminum frame and white dial. Consistently connected with black simple clock hands and black numbers.

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Telesonic wall clocks

The effective clock face and beautiful craft make this telescopic wall clock with chrome frame delight in detail and beautifully presented in the interior. The large Arabic numerals on the clock face make the whole clear.

Silver Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock by Telesonic

It is a silver quartz wall. Its shape resembles the former, polygonal watches that were once extremely popular. It's an interesting reference to a bygone style, but also a great idea to decorate living room.

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Water Resistant Wall Clock with Quiet Sweep Movement and Wood Frame

A functional wall clock that is water resistant and steamproof so it's a top choice for bathrooms, patio, or spa. It features quiet sweep movement and durable case design. It has a simple, wooden frame.

Telesonic silver quartz wall clock w quiet sweep second hand

Telesonic Silver Quartz Wall Clock W Quiet Sweep Second Hand
Decorative quiet sweep quartz wall clock. Plastic case in silver metallic finish and glass face. Runs on one "AA" battery. Clock has quiet sweep second hand and arabic numerals. Diameter 13 3/8 inches.

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Radio Controlled Wood Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring classic design, frame made of solid wood, mahogany finish, large numbers and bezel made of brushed aluminum. Additionally, the clock is radio controlled and requires one AA battery for operation.

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New seiko battery powered wall clock with quiet sweep second

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Silver Quartz Wall Clock with Quiet Sweep Second Hand

It is a very elegant wall clock, which in addition to its obvious practical function also serves as a decoration. The clock is equipped with a special mechanism that provides smooth, noiseless moving tips.

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Request a custom order and have something made just for

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White Quartz Wall Clock w/ Quiet Sweep Second Hand

With the quartz mechanism for a more precise time telling and the decorative round design in white finish this wall clock will offer some great functionality in your household, while still looking simple and elegant enough to upgrade the look of any setting.

Black Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock by Telesonic

It is quite original wall clock, which is also a quartz clock. It has a very modern design, which causes the clock to check perfectly in any modern interior. It is minimalist and simple, but very nice. Perfect for the livingroom.

Telesonic quartz wall clock

Telesonic Quartz Wall Clock
This retro wall clock is characterized by an accurate quartz mechanism and boasts of its old-fashioned silhouette. The round metal case hold a brown dial - covered with a clear glass front and equipped with Arabic numbers and 3 metal hands (a second hand included).

Telesonic clock

A pretty contemporary battery-powered wall clock having a sturdy round metal frame. Its glazed dial is white and has large black Arabic numerals. Thin hands with decorative drop-like elements are of black-coated metal.

Brown Quartz Wall Clock by Telesonic

It is extremely easy, in a sense, an ordinary wall clock. However, it is this simplicity and ordinariness cause that is so elegant and pretty. Ideally suited to a modern interior. At the same time we will also fit inside a classic and traditional.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Classic Colorado 16" Wall Clock

Classic Colorado 16" Wall Clock
Wall clock with antique finish. It contains Arabic numeral and quartz mechanism. Shield is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated accent for all kinds of interior.

Sunny Safari Wall Clock

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Charming clock on the wall in the shape of a monkey. It is made of recycled MDF. Battery powered. Positive accent for a child's room, and more.

Lucite wall clock telesonic brand f aux walnut battery operated

Black Quartz Wall Clock w/ Quiet Sweep Second Hand

This wall clock comes with the quiet sweep second hand and Arabic numerals, making for a truly functional piece and easy to read by everyone. The simple design will work in any setting and the structure will prove utmost durable.

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Blue Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock by Telesonic

This is a very interesting wall clock quartz. It has original shape, although the shield is traditionally round. The clock will work in both modern interior and one that only slightly to the modernity refers.

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Brown Marble Design Quartz Wall Clock by Telesonic

This is a very nice and extremely elegant wall clock. It is a quartz clock. Its uniqueness and elegance is further emphasized by the material from which it was made, namely marble. As a result, it is also very luxurious clock.

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Telesonic silver quartz wall clock w quiet sweep second hand

Brown Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock by Telesonic

This is a very nice, sober and simple quartz wall. Despite its simplicity it is very elegant and beautiful. Perfectly fits equally subdued and quiet interior. It was made in warm brown colors. It is extremely elegant.

Vintage telesonic quartz wall clock in gold trim ebay

New telesonic uranus 35 cm diameter circle 14 inches mute

Telesonic 7 bathroom wall clock 8347s

Digital Atomic Wall Clock

Digital Atomic Wall Clock
Atomic wall clack with large display. Exposed in an elegant silvery case with matte finish, it will let you know what time it is so that you could keep up to your schedule with no hassle. It shows moon phase, temperature and week day too.

Seiko wall clock quiet sweep second hand white quartz time